Company Profile

Hekima Safaris is experienced company that was started by like-minded people. Our passions are nature, history and culture. And we dream to provide wise choices of travel for people that are passionate of similar things. In fact, Hekima is a Swahili word that means “Wise”.

We have extensive knowledge about the places where we operate and also have accumulated a deep experience in providing custom tours for our customers.

Another great aspect that differentiate us from bigger companies is that we are nimble and agile. Tell us what are your ideas and dreams about an African vacation and we will tell you straight forward what is possible and what is not. What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages of a certain options that you are considering. No beating around the bush! Our success is based on being honest and direct with our clients.


  • All corporate and/or tour info is provided by Hekima Safaris, not SafariBookings