Company Profile

Wildest Africa Safaris is an actively registered tour operation firm located in Nairobi, Kenya. The firm was created and has been in operation since 2016 . The tour operation firm conducts its services in Kenya and extends the same across East Africa in Uganda and Tanzania as well as South Africa.
 Wildest Africa safaris’ main areas of active business have been accommodation booking, tour-guide services, among other tour operations; with the main services being tour operations. Such operations being in coordination with other stake holders in the tourism industry; targeting domestic and international tourists for destinations in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania and South Africa.
With regard to human resources, Wildest Africa Safaris is run by tour operators, tour guides and financial officers who profess prowess in tourism and hospitality; who foresee and participate in the preparation of itineraries, conducting adventure safaris, hotel bookings and organizing coastal tours, beach and hotel holidays across various destinations.
In the same vein, the firm is in a stable and sound financial health and is able to run its operations and meet its due financial operations without any difficulty or drawbacks. This is also in addition to the fact that the firm is duly and actively registered and certified to be compliant with the requisite terms of qualification that require certification of the local authorities.
With regard to market convenience, Wildest Africa Safaris offers qualitative services at flexible and affordable rates convenient for both regular and high-end customers; taking to account the prevailing market conditions and economic indicators across the region.
As for market strategy, the firm adopts an online marketing strategy through online platforms and social media in addition to advertising our professional services in tourism and hospitality.
It is Wildest Africa Safaris main objective to invite the rest of the world to appreciate attractive destinations in East Africa and Africa at large, while appreciating African Culture and embracing the concept of the word as a global village that enjoys unfettered interaction and exploration.


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