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How can we give the best experience in travel?  This is a question we ask ourselves every day as we serve our guests. When planning for a Safari, you have in mind a perfect vacation. One that fulfils all your personal comforts and preferences while remaining financially attainable.  However, most times this might not be the case. At Shanjoy Tours and Safaris, we discovered that travel can be perfect and transformative if we shared our destination expertise, local presence and seamless support.

Our mission is to share you the joys of travel. With local offices in Nairobi, Kenya and a group of passionate individuals who genuinely care, travelling with us guarantees you an exclusive, customized Safari experience that is tailored to your personal tastes and preferences.

We all have our own unique travel style. Whether you want to trace the wild through bush tours, climb the East Africa Mountains, relax in the tropical beaches or enjoy a wild drive excursion, Shanjoy Tours and Safaris will be there providing you 24/7 support and expert guidance. We also provide airport and destination transfers, making sure to keep to the schedule so that your safari adventures are exceptionally hassle-free and memorable.

As Shanjoy Tours and Safaris, we are passionate about Africa, its people, its wildlife and our guests. Thus, we believe in ensuring responsible tourism and conservation ethics where you and the local people have rewarding experiences from our activities.

Our mantra is simply ‘Sharing the joy of adventure


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