Company Profile

Planning a luxury experience?
Famba Famba is inspired by creating unique experiences through exclusive tour design. In fact, to Famba Famba means to "go on a trip" in Tsonga.

Valentino Meirotti, Famba Famba’s owner, is an Italian, Zulu, South African who, true to his roots, has inherited a fondness for – family, good food, better wine, travel, and fast cars! Since 2011, Valentino has been sharing his love for South Africa with discerning international individuals and guests combining Italian charm with South African hospitality.

If you’re looking for vast horizons with molten sunsets, regal comfort to ease weary bones or culturally-rich snapshots; Famba Famba partners closely with you, our guest, to exceed your needs. We design exclusive and personalised experiences for small to mid-size groups looking for a thoroughly unique getaway.

We understand each guest is discerning in their requirements, except for one thing - a relentless pursuit of excellence. Famba Famba has a wealth of experience in executing trips at this standard and we truly look forward to accompanying you on your personalised African getaway. Contact bookings today and let’s get started.


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