Company Profile

Compass Odyssey offers quality travel experiences that provide our travelers with a journey that is both informative and inspiring. Born and bred Australians who have lived and breathed Africa for over 23 years, what sets Compass Odyssey apart from many other Africa-based travel companies is our invaluable knowledge of both the Western and African cultures. We appreciate the expectations and concerns of Western travelers while understanding the needs and opinions of those that live in Africa. Our "Spirit of Travel" ethos includes a commitment to offering freedom and spontaneity during our journeys while also providing an experience that is well organised and efficiently managed by a knowledgeable guide. Compass Odyssey’s committed vision is “to bring greater awareness and understanding of our world’s cultures, environment and people by informing and inspiring in an ethical and responsible manner.” This is particularly evident in the personal and non-intrusive style of our guides, as well as our knowledge of each region’s history and culture and the manner in which we impart it, and our respect and affection for the natural environment and the local people who live within it.
Compass Odyssey has expertise in operating a range of itineraries that have catered for a specific interest (such as cultural, historical, photographical and wildlife), country or region (Southern Africa and Morocco), budget (mid-range up to ultra luxury) and age demographic (such as family friendly and senior). As we are a tour operator, travel agent and provider of multi-media travel content, Compass Odyssey boasts a diverse and current range of contacts and partnerships within many of Africa’s tourism-related industries, as well as subsidiary sectors such as logistics and mechanical support.


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