Malaria & Safety – Ranomafana NP

Philip Briggs
By Philip Briggs

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and author of many guidebooks to African destinations, including the Insight guide to Madagascar.

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and author of the Insight Guide to Madagascar.

Philip is the author of the Insight Guide to Madagascar.

Travel Alert

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Travel Alert


In our opinion Ranomafana is safe to visit. The park is one of the more popular ones in the country and there is no cause for concern.

As anywhere in the world, some crime exists in Madagascar and tends to be in urban centers, so normal safety procedures should be followed when visiting towns and cities. Read ‘Cities & Urban Areas: Safety Precautions’ below for more information.

Malaria & Vaccinations

There are some standard vaccinations that are recommended to anybody travelling to Madagascar. Consult your doctor or travel clinic ahead of time. Also inquire about antimalarials as there are several types on the market. Malaria is a concern in Madagascar and in Ranomafana in particular due to the climate. Aside from taking antimalarials, it pays to bring appropriate clothing to cover up at night when mosquitoes are active. Also bring a good mosquito repellent (those containing DEET are best).

Wildlife Viewing

There are no risks attached to wildlife viewing in Madagascar as there are no dangerous mammals. There are venomous spiders and scorpions but bites are very rare. Unfortunately, leaches are common in all rainforests in Madagascar, including Ranomafana. They are a nuisance, but totally harmless. To limit their ability to attach themselves onto your skin it is recommended to put your trousers inside long socks. For more information, please read the 'Wildlife Viewing Safety Precautions' below.

Further advice on limiting dangers and annoyances when traveling:

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