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Kimberly Decker   –  
United States US
Visited: July 2013 Reviewed: Dec 26, 2013

Email Kimberly Decker  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Just sit back and let Indigo Safaris take care of--and surprise--you.

I take only one vacation per year, so when I go, I go big and I go far. That makes it imperative that I find a travel advisor who WON'T "screw up," technically speaking, my sole annual chance for adventure.

Fortunately, that's just what I found in Indigo Safaris, which helped me build my last two vacations from start to finish.

That's no mean feat considering that those holidays took me to Papua New Guinea in 2012 and Namibia and South Africa in 2013. The former destination is something of a challenge to navigate even for seasoned travelers, but Christopher Bartlett--the nerve center of Indigo Safaris--knows it inside out. He can rattle off flight schedules as if they were multiplication tables, set you up for scuba certification, send you on cultural adventures, find you a mountain to climb and even direct you to the dive resort with the best margarita--all while nabbing you a great deal in the bargain.

So pleased was I with my PNG vacation--not to mention Christopher's attentiveness and skill in orchestrating it--that I put my adventure in his hands the following year, letting him arrange and guide my two weeks in Namibia and a subsequent two weeks of game driving, backpacking and hiking in South Africa.

The Namibia portion was particularly striking, fully living up to its billing as Christopher's "Hidden Secrets Tour." I can't even begin to tell you all we saw and did during our 14-odd days in country other than to assure you that we covered more than 3,500 km in one of the most rugged, friendly and breathtaking places on earth. Christopher gave us peeks into aspects of Namibian life, history and geography that I don't think are possible to get any other way short of moving there.

And did I say he can cook? Chocolate-covered bananas? Over a fire pit? That was indeed a treat, but not the only one.

Which is why I'm already setting my sites on Uganda and the gorillas in a few years. Or maybe Zimbabwe. Or the Galapagos...In any case, I'll be pounding down Christopher and Indigo Safari's inbox for help. Don't say I didn't warn him.

David Kessel   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: July 2013 Reviewed: Dec 27, 2013

50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Ruaha, Rufiji and Mafia Island Tanzania with Indigo Safaris

Having looked into a family safari holiday using large travel agencies we were troubled by the cost, lack of specific knowledge and inflexibility. We turned to Indigo Safaris, I had met Chris Bartlett on a diving holiday in Raja Ampat and was impressed by his first hand knowledge of the diving and safari world. Chris simply tries out the resorts himself and knows what he is talking about from personal experience.

He very quickly came back to us with suggestions for a tailor made 3 centre holiday at a very reasonable price. He supplied excellent and accurate information and pictures of each resort, what we would expect to find and see, and the logistics of travel.

The holiday was a great success in no small part due to Chris' organisational skills. The staff at the resorts and even the owners of the Safari Camps knew Chris personally which is a testament to his larger than life no nonsense personality and the fact that he has actually visited the places he recommends.

We would definitely use Chris again for another safari (or even a diving) holiday/s.

Penelope   –  
Australia AU
Visited: August 2013 Reviewed: Dec 30, 2013

65+ years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

The Wisdom of Animals

Christopher Bartlett with 7 passengers in 2 4WD's drove to excellent spots for viewing animals in their natural habitat, the amazing arid zones of the Namib. At night we often camped in wondrous solitude with stars and sort animal sounds for company. His cooking was superb and photography tips forever of value.

Chris Hickman   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: August 2013 Reviewed: Dec 31, 2013

35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Absolutely fabulous trip!

I've been on one safari before (Tanzania), which was organised locally and was so so. The trip with Indigo Safaris however completely lived up to my expectations. I intentionally didn't want a "mass market" trip and that's exactly what i got. Christopher paid a lot of attention to making sure all seven of his guest's requirements were catered for before and during the trip and that we got on together (in a small group this could have been a real problem). The trip was organised to a very high standard, using excellent equipment and wasn't at all mass market: our itinerary fitted in an excellent selection of game spotting opportunities, some cultural moments (with a real sense of a relationship between Indigo and the tribes we met) and a lot of fun! I will certainly be going on other trips organised by Indigo and i'm telling all my friends about them, if only so other people can share Christopher's recipe for "plains game bolognese" :D. Overall a fabulous trip and one i'll remember for many years to come!

Sylvie   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: September 2013 Reviewed: Jan 5, 2014

35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris

Unbeatable value for money

I went with Christopher on a safari in Botswana last September. I'd wanted to see the Okavango Delta for, oh at least 15 years, but could never afford the 'better known' travel agency prices... especially with a single supplement on top. Christopher, however, managed to design a fabulous itinerary taking in several national parks and included 3 nights in the much anticipated Delta. The camping on Chief Island in Moremi was very basic to be fair but it still felt awesome to BE there at looong last... there was no one else at all on that island and it made everything more intense.

The game drives were good fun too - like treasure hunts really. I'm an avid photographer, have travelled extensively all over Eastern & Southern Africa but it was refreshing this time to travel with someone who understood that lighting is everything in photography and knew where to position the jeep to avoid shadows or back-lit subjects (if at all possible of course as wildlife is unpredictable).

The Backpackers place he'd booked us in Maun was an absolute gem, with a en-suite permanent tent. The owner knew him well and it could be why we secured one of the very best tents, right by the river. When you think of what the top luxury lodges charge in this part of the world... the whole trip was amazing value for money.

I enjoyed it so much in fact that I'll be doing another TWO safaris with Christopher in 2014. The first one in Zambia over Easter. I'd mentioned when we were in Botswana that I'd always wanted to go to South Luangwa and within weeks he came back to me saying he would organise something there ! Can't beat that kind of service ;) He really listens and is a Maker of Dreams Come True as far as I'm concerned... after that I'll join his South Tanzania tour in Selous & Ruaha early Nov 2014... and I'm also hoping to go to Papua New Guinea with Indigo Safari, probably in 2015...

Too many places, too little time, too little money... but at least with Christopher one can easily get "4 trips for the price of 1.5" elsewhere ! For those of us who have more sense than money Indigo Safari is a real godsend...

Thanks again for everything Christopher and for all the thorough & well illustrated notes before we go away too. Keep on living your life to the full.... 'Travel like there's no tomorrow'....

Colleen   –  
Australia AU
Visited: March 2012 Reviewed: Jan 18, 2014

20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris

Southeast Africa at your fingertips

I was looking to travel to Tanzania with my mum in 2012 and had decided to visit a game park and Pemba (Zanzibar), but had no idea of how to go about organising travel to get there or where to stay.
Chris at Indigo Safaris was a wealth of information, helping us to choose places that would suit us best, and then helping us to book our accomodation and organise domestic flights. This was particularly important as it is difficult to liase/book with small companies like the boutique airlines when you are overseas.
Chris has always come across as friendly, knowledgeable, reliable and,most importantly, someone who loves Africa.
Since our trip I have enjoyed hearing about his other planned safaris, even thought I have been unable to participate, and also hearing about his personal adventures and viewing some stunning photographs.
I would highly recommend Chris and Indigo Safaris to anyone planning a trip to SouthEast Africa, whether looking to join a safari group or obtain information about self-travel.

Susan Elliott, a Golden Oldie   –  
Australia AU
Visited: July 2013 Reviewed: Jan 26, 2014

Email Susan Elliott, a Golden Oldie  |  65+ years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

A Namibian trip of a lifetime, Indigo Safaris totally gave me the complete package.

The whole itinerary ran smoothly. Christopher was an excellent, trustworthy field guide. His extensive knowledge about animals, plants, geography and local history, imparted with great enthusiasm, humour and his love for nature, made our safari an experience I’ll never forget. I loved the variety of camping spots, and the tents on the top of the vehicles were quickly-erected and efficient accommodation. I discovered that Christopher makes a mean camp cook and we shared some great meals and fireside chats. When looking for the perfect shot, Christopher’s patience was endless and his tips were very useful – I came back with some of the best photos I have ever taken. I had an absolutely fantastic time and completely recommend Indigo Safaris to those who want to see the real Namibia.

Arlène and Jerzy   –  
France FR
Visited: February 2012 Reviewed: Mar 3, 2014

Email Arlène and Jerzy  |  65+ years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Really being in Africa

For the beginning of 2012 we had signed up for a trip through Botswana and Namibia with Indigo Safaris. We were thoroughly satisfied with the way everything was organised and with what we saw and there is very little we can add to the laudatory enthusiasm of the other reviews, but we particularly and unforgettably remember - from Namibia - the long, steep sweaty climb in the deep, hot, sifting, flowing sand of the dark-orange dunes, and driving up the long, dry, sandy bed of the Hoanib River in its remote valley and, sitting still in the infinitely silent midday heat under the endless deep blue sky, watching a group of dusty desert elephants clustered around their young ones, lazily fanning their ears as they eyed us from under a spreading canopy of acacias.
Christopher Bartlett knows Africa well, is a very competent and resourceful guide and inspires total confidence. Do not hesitate. No problem with the five stars.

Tara   –  
Thailand TH
Visited: July 2014 Reviewed: Jul 10, 2014

20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Wonderful Service & Holiday

The trip was amazing! Thank You so much for you help!!! From the initial planning to the end, it was easy and efficient with Chris. We loved it.
Unfortunately no bait balls or much action at all down in Port St. Johns. The diving at Aliwoal Shoal was great though, and we enjoyed the time with the whales and dolphins.
The SAFARI however was INCREDIBLE!!!! The lodge was spectacular and we saw everything we hoped to see and more... the best part of the trip for sure.. Amazing place!
We got heaps of great photos and endless memories :-)
We had so much fun and already ready to go away again...hahaha

So happy we found your website as your knowledge helped us plan a trip we'll never forget.. Would recommend your service to friends and family, and already thinking about our next trip.

Christiane and Herbert   –  
United Arab Emirates AE
Visited: June 2014 Reviewed: Aug 23, 2014

50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Easy going, personal, perfectly organized

Thanks for organizing this amazing trip! Dinner at Emerson Spice was exceptional. Pemba very personal and friendly. Safari was perfect. Nice and knowledgeable guide, marvellous lodges, and the animals were our friends. We could take some exceptional pictures. Lions, cheetahs, leopards, elephants, ...... everybody was around, and paid us a visit just beside our car.

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