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Margaret Lamont Visited: November 2013 Reviewed: Apr 16, 2015

Exciting, beautiful, fulfilling and peaceful
Overall rating

I have visited Samburu on more than one occasion. It is scenically outstanding, the wildlife is varied and prolific, the people are very welcoming and the lodges I have frequented are all excellent. This is my favorite safari destination in Kenya.

LilyM Visited: February 2006 Reviewed: Apr 9, 2015

Very scenic, huge variety of wildlife, comfortable accommodations, good food.
Overall rating

Samburu National Reserve was a great park to visit. It's a little off the beaten path so we had the scenary and wildlife viewing more to ourselves. I saw a greater variety of wildlife in this park than in any other I visited. The accommodations at Samburu were comfortable, the food in the lodge was very good and overall, from my experience, I would highly recommend it as a place to visit.

Mn Reddy Visited: August 2014 Reviewed: Apr 9, 2015

Kenya is the best wild life reserves on earth
Overall rating

Yes i love Samburu National park a lot, bcz its having a unique semiarid weather conditions. I love there is abundant Bird life is there. The great big cats you will not miss anything, particularly the elephants due to its dusty conditions the back drop of Elephant shots will come out amazingly.
If any one will ask me do you recommend Samburu park, with out any hesitation i will vote to it.

Sue Visited: January 2015 Reviewed: Mar 24, 2015

Overall rating

I loved Samburu National Reserve for my first view of animals I have never seen before, Grevy's Zebra, Gerenuk, and the Somali Ostrich.

florette kingston Visited: February 2009 Reviewed: May 24, 2014

Overall rating

we saw huge herds of elephant up very close .The Samburu National Reserve is located on the banks of the Ewaso Ng'iro river in Kenya. We stayed at Larsens tented camp here and we extremely happy with the whole experience

Tom Vohya Visited: April 2014 Reviewed: Apr 25, 2014

Overall rating

We went to Samburu for an early morning game drive with a guide. We drove for quite a while without seeing much, but then saw a lion just as we were leaving the park.

glynis2   –  
Kenya KE
Visited: March 2012 Reviewed: Dec 16, 2012

20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Great Safari Destination!
Overall rating

My entire safari tour took me to 3 different reserves/parks in Kenya, but overall I think I enjoyed Samburu National Reserve the most. The landscape is beautiful and we saw a wide variety of wildlife; lots of elephants, many types of antelopes, giraffes, buffalo, warthogs, crocodiles, lions, cheetahs, ostriches, grevy's zebra (different from a regular zebra, and this type is only found on Samburu if I remember my safari guide correctly). Samburu is particularly great for elephant viewing (they are my favorite animals). We saw many herds on our game drives and my personal highlight was the morning they took us to watch all the elephants trek to the river for their morning drink/bath. We parked our jeep and watched as an endless number of elephants (including some adorable little babies) passed in front of us probably less than 20 yards from our vehicle! Our safari guide was fantastic; incredibly knowledgeable about all the wildlife and had reference books to consult when unsure of the names of some of the many types of antelope or birds we saw. The lodges we stayed in were wonderful. I was really expecting to "rough it" so I was pleasantly surprised by the lovely upscale tents on raised wooden floors we got to stay in complete with all the amenities of a nice hotel room. There were lots of baboons wandering around the camp and just outside our tents, which provided fun viewing from the decks. The food provided was pretty good and all the bottled water we needed was always available. The dirt roads throughout the park were in much better condition than I was expecting, but the roads throughout Kenya which you need to drive on to reach the reserve are pretty bad (important to note if you get motion sick like I do- make sure to bring motion sickness remedy with you.) The weather in March was fantastic, being the end of the dry/hot season and just before the cold/rainy season. It was sunny and 80-90F the entire time! Not very many mosquitos at that time either. The entire experience exceeded my expectations. I highly recommend making Samburu National Reserve a stop on your safari!

JerseyMolly   –  
United States US
Visited: August 2012 Reviewed: Aug 26, 2012

Email JerseyMolly  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

A truly unforgettable experience
Overall rating

I never imagined it was possible to get so close to wild animals! Elephants were crossing the road right in front of our vehicle, a leopard was enjoying a meal of an impala under an acacia tree, a cheetah was taking a siesta in the bush right by the side of the road and a lioness was taking her three young cubs for an afternoon stroll. There were reticulated giraffe, Grevy's zebra, gerenuk, dik dik, oryx, and lots and lots of birds! Our guide knew all about these animals, and also knew just where to find them. We stayed at the Samburu Game Lodge, which was very charming, if a bit run down. The food was mediocre, but there were several vegetarian selections, so no one went hungry. Samburu is hot, so bring light clothing, sunscreen and bug spray, and prepare to be amazed!

Ronald Vriesema Visited: December 2010 Reviewed: Aug 21, 2012

Overall rating

Easy to travel around. Lots of wildlife. Samburu people in the area are good to visit.

Mark Hancock   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: July 2011 Reviewed: Aug 13, 2012

Email Mark Hancock  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Fanstastic experience which exceeded our expectations.
Overall rating

My wife, 14 year old son and I stayed at Samburu Intrepids camp and were treated like royalty from the moment we arrived to the moment we boarded our safari plane to leave. I cannot think of anything we didn't like about the camp. We had a safari jeep and a guide, whose name was Jelly, all to ourselves. Jelly was excellent and went out of his way to find the animals for us. Before every game drive he would ask if there was any particular animal we wanted to see and he never failed to find the animals we mentioned. The scenery was beautiful with hills and escarpments and the wildlife was plentiful but we often felt like we were the only people on safari there. Usually only when there was a 'special' sighting would we see other safari vehicles and we sometimes had these special sightings all to ourselves. Like the time we watched 3 cheetahs from the same family behaving aggresively towards another lone cheetach, a video of which is on YouTube. I have rated every aspect of the safari as 5 stars apart from the wildlife which I gave 4 and that is only because we also went to the Masai Mara where the wildlife was even more plentiful.

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