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Wildlife densities in the park are low. Only the Uganda kob is common. Buffalo, elephant and waterbuck are around, but not regularly seen. All wildlife is quite skittish and hard to approach by car. Lion and hyena are around, but are rarely seen; it is much more common to hear them at night. Leopard are sometimes spotted on night drives. Many primate species can be found, including vervet and red-tailed monkey, the beautiful black-and-white colobus and olive baboon.

LionVery Rare

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A troop of chimpanzee can be tracked; however, they haven't become very habituated, so sightings are very hit-and-miss. Their distinctive pant-hooting calls can often be heard from far away. Some of the more unusual primates which inhabit the forest of the reserve include the Central african red colobus, Dent's mona and the De Brazza's monkey. Giant forest hog can sometimes be spotted as well.

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The best time for wildlife viewing in Toro-Semliki Wildlife Reserve is during the Dry season (December to February) when animals are concentrated around predictable water sources. Some of the roads become impassable after heavy rain.

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