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The ocean is harsh and beautiful here—watch out for fog!

The cape seal colony is an incredible sight!

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Dunes run to the ocean. Cooler than inland. Seal colony a big hit, but smelly!

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Miles of mist covered coast with nothing to see. Terrible weather. Boring

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The Skeleton Coast Park is flat, stark, desolate, but has a fascination of its own.

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Absolute great experience. A lot of wildlife there, despite the dry area. Desert adapted lion and elephants are there. And lots of Flamingos and Seals at the coast. Like to drive in the dry river bed of Hoanib.

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Bogged boats, huge population of sea lions, a place unique in the world, amazing proximity between sea and dessert...

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Isolation, and solitude, perfect for looking for wildlife.

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The beauty of the dunes and the Kunene River and the well adapted wildlife, as well as a superb camp at Serra Cafema

Remote Beauty
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Once you enter the National Park, Skeleton Coast reveals a stunning beauty. You may not expect spectacular wildlife sights. We spotted only few animals – jackals, cormorants and a dead hyena. But if you stop and linger you experience the exceptional mixture of ocean, desert and history in form of shipwrecks and abandoned mining facilities. And in the northern part of the Park many plants like welwitchias colorize the desert dunes.

Endless Scenic Skeleton Coas.
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The Skeleton Coast National Park is probably one of the most scenic places in the world. (That is if you like deserts).
But, this one is exceptional.
Depending on the weather... this can be one of the most awesome photographic experiences you have ever had. Where else can you see a desert with massive sand dunes slipping into the endless deep blue ocean while the sun is setting over the ocean. The shadows cast by the dunes, eery early morning fog and late afternoon colours are such that you just don't know when to stop photographing the scenery in any direction.
This is a National Park and you cannot enter the area on your own without a permit.
Being a desert, here is not much wildlife. But you will see Gemsbok (Oryx) and probably some elephant on your way there.
There are some excellent tour operators in Namibia that can take you anywhere and also give you some interesting stories about the history of the area while you are driving.
The best way to see the area is by one of 3 ways.
1) Join a self drive tag along 4x4 safari tour operator. For this you would have to a rent a 4x4 vehicle. There are a few companies renting out very well equipped 4x4 vehicles in Namibia. For us this is the most exciting option. Or, if you have your own vehicle, it's even better. Just join the group.
2) Book with a safari operator that has larger 4x4 vehicles that can accommodate larger groups of people. Here you would be a passenger and don't have to do any driving yourself. Just enjoy the ride and scenery, use your camera and relax.
3) If time is a limiting factor, then you can fly over the desert. There are a few companies that would take you on either day trips or fly you between different lodges in the area.
With the first 2 options you have the choice of doing the camping thing or staying overnight in luxury lodges.
We ourselves like to go camping and then spend the last night in a luxury lodge, to spoil ourselves and get rid of all the dust and dirt.
Whichever option you choose, the Skeleton Coast is an experience you cannot afford not to do. It is stunning.
The Namibian people are very friendly. Most of the safari operators speak English, German and Afrikaans. (Afrikaans is very similar to Flemish).
Go an enjoy it!

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