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Kenya Family Safaris

4.6/5  –  1,319 Kenya Reviews

If you are able to travel with your kids, you should do it. There is no better way to bring a family together during precious holiday time. As family vacations go, a Kenyan safari is hard to beat. The country’s big wildlife densities and varied landscapes make it perfect for first-time visitors. And why not end the holiday with some time on one of Kenya’s picture-perfect beaches. Your kids will love you for it.

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5 Questions About Kenya Family Safaris


5 Questions About Kenya Family Safaris

Answered by Ariadne van Zandbergen

Is a Kenyan family safari recommended?

“Of course, it’s a privilege for children to be able to go on safari. When planned carefully, you’ll find that a safari with kids is an enriching experience for both them and you. Nothing stimulates the senses more than spending time in the bush and children, with their inquiring minds, possibly benefit most. Kenya’s wilderness, in particular, is the perfect choice for a family safari. And the high density of animals makes wildlife viewing easy and accessible for young ones with shorter attention spans. There are plenty of child-friendly accommodation options, and camping is a big winner too. There is no better way to introduce your kids to a bush holiday.”


Where should I go in Kenya with kids?

“Wherever you go in Kenya will be interesting and exciting for your children. Top of the list is the Masai Mara National Reserve. You can time your visit to catch the annual wildebeest migration, when millions of hoofed animals migrate towards greener pastures. Seeing the wildebeest and zebras cross the Mara River is one of the most thrilling wildlife encounters ever. There is lots of predator action at this time too. You’ll definitely see four of the Big Five here, but rhino, although present, is not always easy to find. Therefore, you should make a stop at Lake Nakuru National Park. The park is centered around the scenic Rift Valley lake, and both white and black rhino are common here. Most kids love elephants and there is no better place to see these giants in big numbers than at Amboseli National Park. You’ll see some seriously big tuskers here, and if you’re lucky the sky might open up to create that picture-perfect moment of elephants in front of Mt Kilimanjaro. Slightly more off the beaten track is Samburu National Reserve. This is the place to see dry-country animals, such as gerenuk, Beisa oryx and the handsome reticulated giraffe. You’ll see local people herding their cattle on the outskirts of the reserve, and a visit to a traditional Samburu homestead is always a big hit with kids.”


Is it safe to go to Kenya with children?

“Kenya is generally a very safe country. This is the case too when traveling with children. As long as you book with a reputable company, there is no need for any concerns. Note though that for safety reasons there are age limits for certain activities, such as walking safaris. Your guide will look out for your family’s safety, but parents obviously have a responsibility to keep a close eye on their children too. Therefore it is a good idea to choose your accommodation carefully; some places are more child-friendly than others. Things to look out for include whether the accommodation is fenced or not and whether there is direct river access. As anywhere in the world, there is crime in Kenya’s big cities, and Nairobi in particular has a bad reputation. Walking around the city unguided with your children is not recommended. However, an overnight stay and a guided city tour or excursion to one of the city’s many attractions is totally fine. Otherwise, you can safely get around with a registered taxi.”

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How old should the children be to go on a safari?

“Compared to some other safari destinations, there are not many limitations on traveling with children in Kenya. Some lodges and hotels have age restrictions, and there might be age limits on tours. Always check with operators before booking. All packages on SafariBookings indicate applicable age limits. Group tours usually have a minimum age, but when booking a private tour, most operators are flexible. These limitations aside, you should also consider whether your children are ready for a safari in Kenya. There is no point paying a lot of money for a holiday that your children are too young to appreciate. Most safaris entail sitting in the car quite a lot. Therefore, I wouldn’t recommend taking toddlers on a safari in Kenya. Children should have quite a mature attention span and ideally a pre-existing interest in nature. As a rule, children that have been exposed to and enjoy bush camping and other such outdoor activities will be ready for a Kenyan safari at a younger age than children without any such experience or interest. Most children over about eight years old will gain a lot from a Kenyan safari if planned carefully.”


Are there special activities for children on a Kenyan family safari?

“A game drive is the ultimate activity on a safari in Kenya with kids. Giving kids a pair of binoculars or a little camera to use all helps to engage them. While game drives are most productive in seeing lots of wildlife, it can get a bit monotonous for children after a while. Ideally, you should break up your time with some other activities. A nature walk is ideal to stretch the legs and focus on small things that are easily overlooked on drives, such as animal tracks and insects. A real highlight for old and young alike is a balloon safari. Toddlers aren’t allowed, but for kids over three years old, a flight over the wide-open savannah of the Masai Mara is an unforgettable experience. Some lodges offer star-gazing after dinner. To look at the star-studded sky with the sounds of the African bush around you is pure magic. There are some great activities for kids in Nairobi too. A trip to the David Sheldrick Trust/Elephant Orphanage is always a winner. But be warned, your little ones might convince you to adopt an elephant before you leave. For a small fee, you’ll get an adoption certificate and regular updates on the calf you’ve sponsored. Equally entertaining for kids is a visit to the Giraffe Centre. The center is a breeding place for endangered Rothschild giraffes. It’s great for conservation and lots of fun too. Imagine the look on your child’s face when standing on a platform and feeding a full-sized giraffe at eye level.”


Kenya Reviews

4.6/5 1319 Reviews
Stuart Butler  –  
United Kingdom UK

Stuart is a travel writer and author of numerous Lonely Planet guidebooks, including 'Kenya', 'Rwanda' and 'Tanzania'.

East Africa’s Most varied Nation

Kenya is the original home of the safari. This is the land of the world renowned Masai Mara National Reserve where tawny coloured lions feast off the hundreds of thousands of wildebeest that annually migrate into the country from...

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Mark Eveleigh  –  
United Kingdom UK

Mark is a travel writer who grew up in Africa and has written over 700 titles for Condé Nast Traveller, Travel Africa, BBC Wildlife and others.

Home to ‘the greatest wildlife real-estate on Earth’

The Masai Mara has been called ‘the greatest wildlife real-estate on Earth’ and for the sheer density of its wildlife it probably as no competition anywhere in the world. For a first time safari these days you probably still can’t...

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Mara  –  
Spain ES
Reviewed: Feb 25, 2024
Beautiful nature and wildlife

We did a 4-day safari tour and it was incredible! We visited Amboseli and Tsavo East and West. We absolutely loved Amboseli and in hindsight would prefer to spend 2 days instead of 1. We booked with Explorer Kenya and we can only...

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Momchil Iskrenov  –  
Bulgaria BG
Reviewed: Feb 25, 2024
Amazing place with kind people

Masai Mara is magnificent place, where you can feel atmosphere like nowhere else. Masai people are hospitable with philosophy of life as example to the world. Ukunda and Diani beach is paradise of the world, one of the most beautiful place...

Full Review

Flore  –  
Netherlands NL
Reviewed: Feb 25, 2024
Beautiful wildlife in an amazing environment

We loved doing the Safari tour, everything was arranged so good so you didn’t have to think about anything. It was nice to do the early tours so you had the late afternoon and evening off. The Amboseli national park was very big with a...

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Ingrid Webster  –  
South Africa ZA
Reviewed: Feb 22, 2024
Vibrant, diverse and beautiful, a land of sun and smiles that you have to visit.

What an awesome experience!!! I was travelling on a budget and this tour was everything i could have hoped for. They made it so easy for me - everything was included (besides the things they tell you about, and SOME activities if they are...

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