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Botswana Family Safaris

A family safari in Botswana, a true wilderness destination, ticks all the right boxes. Nothing you can give your family has more value than life experiences. And what an experience a safari in Botswana is! This is where memories are made. Once home, your children may think back to what they witnessed on safari: from a pride of lion hunting, or an amazing sunset in the middle of nowhere; to a San Bushman teaching them to find water in the desert, or a dung beetle rolling a ball of poo. Your children will love it, but there are a few things to consider when planning a holiday to Botswana with kids. Below, you’ll find answers to some frequently asked questions that may help you with your holiday planning.

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6 Questions About Botswana Family Safaris


6 Questions About Botswana Family Safaris

Answered by Ariadne van Zandbergen

Is Botswana recommended for a family safari?

“Botswana can be an excellent choice for a family safari when planned carefully. Taking your children on safari is endlessly rewarding. Children have a unique way of looking at the world, and a safari is bound to be inspiring and educational at the same time. Botswana offers a very pristine wilderness experience – the perfect environment for a family adventure. The rustic camps and campsites are ideal for immersing the family in nature, away from the hustle and bustle of life back home. This is the kind of experience that brings families closer together.”


How old should my children be to go on safari in Botswana?

“Botswana is perhaps best suited to children above eight years of age. This is the minimum age requirement at many lodges. You can take younger kids, but this might require more planning and your options will be fewer. Botswana is a relatively expensive safari destination and the high cost might be wasted on children too young to appreciate the experience. With the right preparation, many kids above eight years old will be fascinated and eager to learn on a safari. Note, however, that walking safaris are not permitted for children under 12.”


What is the recommended length of time for a family safari in Botswana?

“Depending on your children’s ages, I would recommend a safari in Botswana of about six to eight days. When going on safari, it takes a few days to get in the rhythm. There are the early morning wake-up calls, driving around most of the day, looking out for animals, etc. As your kids learn more, their interest will grow. The same is true for adults of course. Therefore, I would recommend a minimum time in the bush of six days. Longer is better, but you don’t want it to become stale either. Children often have a short attention span and can easily get bored. Ideally, you’ll leave while they are still loving it. It will make the memory a positive one and they’ll be keen to do something similar again.”


How much does it cost to take the family on safari in Botswana?

“There are many variables that determine the price of Botswana family safari packages. A 7-day budget camping safari for a family of four starts at around US$6000. A 7-day mid-range lodge tour for a family of four costs around US$10,000, but luxury tours are priced higher. Some group safaris allow older children, but in most cases it is recommended to book a private safari for your family. To keep down costs, a camping safari could be a great option. Camping adds to the sense of adventure and most kids love it. If you and your kids prefer more luxury, you can also opt for a lodge safari. Make sure to check the minimum age restrictions though. Ask your operator about child-friendly camps and family specials. Some lodges will let children sharing a room with the parents stay at a reduced rate or even for free. For the best value, I suggest getting more than one quote from tour operators before booking your family safari. ”


What should we pack for our children for a family safari in Botswana?

“Unless you have a lot of experience, you should put some extra thought into what to pack for your safari. Even more so for your children. They might want to take lots of stuff, but you obviously need to limit your luggage. Aside from luggage restrictions on your international flight, you should check the restrictions on domestic flights or bush flights if that is part of your itinerary. Even if you don’t have any local flights, the space in the vehicle for a road trip is also limited. You might be doing some wildlife viewing en route, so you don’t want suitcases on the back seats. Having said that, packing wisely for your kids will help to make the trip a success. Keep in mind that there will be a lot of time to kill on a safari: in the airports, in the lodges, and even on game drives. Make sure you have something to keep the little ones entertained. Maybe an Africa-themed book or coloring book, a favorite game or anything else that will keep them occupied when things go a bit slow. Although most lodges will go out of their way to cook child-friendly dishes, it might help to take some snacks along, especially if your kids are picky eaters. There is no reason to kit your kids out with an ‘Out of Africa’ outfit, but choose some easy-wear cotton clothing with muted colors. Also make sure you bring some basic medicines, especially antihistamines for insect bites and mosquito repellent.”


Is it safe to bring my children on a family safari in Botswana?

“Botswana is a safe and stable country. From the moment that you are picked up from the airport, your guide will look out for your safety at all times. Some activities, such as walking safaris, are not allowed for children under a certain age. These restrictions are put in place to keep your children safe. It’s a good idea to monitor your kids and keep an eye on them at all times while on safari. Choosing your accommodation carefully is a great way to reduce any risks associated with the locations. Many camps in Botswana are unfenced. Choosing a fenced lodge without river access might be a better choice when traveling with children.”


Botswana Reviews

4.8/5 314 Reviews
Stuart Butler  –  
United Kingdom UK

Stuart is a travel writer and author of numerous Lonely Planet guidebooks, including Kenya, Rwanda and Tanzania.

Africa at its Best

First a confession. I love Kenya. It’s by far and away my favourite African country and I refuse to accept that there might be an even better African safari destination. But then I went to Botswana and nothing could wipe the smile off my...

Full Review

Mark Eveleigh  –  
United Kingdom UK

Mark is a travel writer who grew up in Africa and has written over 700 titles for CNN Traveller, Travel Africa, BBC Wildlife and others.

Desert and Delta diversity...and leopards galore!

If – as many will feel – leopard sightings are your last great Big 5 aim, then Botswana is leopard country par excellence! I have made 5 visits to Botswana and, by some bizarre coincidence, have seen 6 leopards every time I have been...

Full Review

Evelin Milev  –  
Bulgaria BG
Reviewed: Mar 13, 2023
My new most favourite place in the world!

We went to Botswana with no expectations whatsoever, only knowing that the safari at Chobe could be a good experience. It turned out to be one of the most amazing trips we have ever done. The park, the nature, the animals - everything was...

Full Review

Anouk de Sloovere  –  
Belgium BE
Reviewed: Jan 23, 2023
the beauty of Nature

Botswana is a beautifull place, we loved every minute. Our trip was well organized. The locations were perfect. People very friendly and helpfull. Amazing wilflife, private safaris. Not over touristic, but calm settings. Really worth...

Full Review

Evtushevskii Yuri  –  
Russia RU
Reviewed: Jan 21, 2023
Extremely rich wildlife, unbelievable diversity and number of exotic animals, kind, generous people

It was great, never forgettable experience! First, the company “Kalahari Tours” and its personnel in the office. Open, friendly, obliging. We entered the office, not particularly knowing what we actually want and how they can be...

Full Review

Elsa Tchicanha  –  
Angola AO
Reviewed: Jan 9, 2023
A glimpse of paradise!

In 2022 I decided to spend the festive season in Botswana, and after a few google searches and email exchanges, I decided to stay at the Boteti Tented Safari. My decision led to the best festive season that I have had in my adult life....

Full Review