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This park has a beauty of its own with the rocky outcrops that look so prehistoric.

A wild and spectacular landscape with a superb variety of wildlife and stunning sunrises and sunsets
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We arrived in the evening to witness a superb sunset over the Augrabies Falls and each day an unforgettable sunrise, one morning from the summit of the Moon Rock. Accommodation and food at the guest houses was excellent. Although you won't see the big five in Augrabies the wildlife is none the less diverse and interesting. We had sightings of Giraffe, Springbok the delicate Klipspringer and a host of other mammals and birds. Augrabies is a wild untamed landscape and we left with many fine memories.

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Very good and safe walkways to the falls, lit up at Night , and road network to Look outs, along the Orange River canyon

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Augrabies Falls National Park contains the Augrabies falls where the Orange (Gariep) River carves it path through scenic gorges. The falls are spectacular after periods of high rainfall. A number of animals including Black Rhino can be seen in this arid park.

It has been a great experience so much to go back to visit again
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I was at the Augrabies National Park twice already and I would definitely go back.
The park offers some hiking trails also unguided and you can enetr with your own vehicle on the tar and gravel roads visiting different parts of the park.
You can do night safari and it's possible the overnight stay in a lodge inside the park and campgrounds.
In the park there is an excellent restaurant and a supermarket with a bookshop.
The special feature of this park are the waterfalls of Orange River, that you can visit by yourself from the reception. There are also specially trails for disabled people to reach the waterfall.
The waterfall show is exciting and definitely worth to be also seen at sunset.
The park has many animals including oryx and giraffes, but not large carnivores, except for the leopard that is anyway very rare.
The environment is characterized by the presence of wonderful Aloe dichotomous found in lunar landscapes and incredible valleys. Of these plants it’s often possible find the nests of weavers who frantically build large apartment buildings where they live in dozens of individuals.
Visitors to the park will remain fascinated by the spectacular views of rocky deserts scattered by a particular vegetation full of colorful flowers and thorny plants.
The facilities where you sleep are beautiful and well maintained and all the others facilities offered by the park are excellent. I highly recommend the excellent restaurant where it’s possible to taste very good food.

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A beautiful park with much more than just the falls and the canyons. We saw many mammals and bird species on our long drives.

Unique (semi-dessert), beautifull, majestic (the canion and falls) and a must.
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Scenery: Absolutely beautiful. It is unique - a must see. The falls and canyon is majestic.
Weather: In December it is quite warm (45 Celsius degrees), but this allows for different activities such as swimming. Although warm the weather was pleasant.
Wildlife: Unique to other parts in South Africa. You really have to search for wildlife in this semi-dessert area, but when you find something it is worth the search.
Accommodation: We went camping. The facilities were good for camping and every evening we enjoyed sitting next to a camp fire, feeling part of nature. Baboons, "dassies" various and kinds of less dangerous wildlife strolled through the camp site. There are 2-3 swimming pools and every morning and evening we watched the sun coming up or setting over the canyon. The colours at this time of the morning or evening are beautiful.
Transportation: We had our own transportation. I would recommend traveling in groups, because when you get engine problems or a puncture, it might be a problem to be alone in the semi-dessert and almost deserted area. Also have enough water with you in the heat. We got a slow puncture - luckily at the camp staff assisted us to change the wheel and recommended places where we could fix the tyre.
Food: Decent. There is a small shop in which you can buy all the necessities. Don't expect a supermarket, but the shop is clean, neat and the food is good. The shop have all the basic household, food, magazines and cleaning stuff. There is also sweets and cold drinks. everything that you could expect.
Restaurant: Not 5 star, but excellent. You will not be disappointed. There is also a bar in the restaurant if the heat gets to much. We spend all our afternoons either in the bar, having light drinks or in the swimming pool cooling down.
Highlights: The canyon and the falls (scenery), the unique wildlife that you can only expect in these area and the numerous hiking trails and viewpoints looking out over this beautiful scenery. The swimming pools in this warm weather were also a high light. A place to really get rest for your soul.

A superb venue for dramatic landscapes, scenic hikes, and superb birding.
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My wife and I recently camped for two nights at Augrabies Falls National Park, whilst on a three week road trip in South Africa. The campsite has a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere with excellent facilities. Lots of Rock Dassies and birds made for some fun and easy photography. Apart from the Dassies, I got great close-up photographs, in the campsite, of the Village Weaver, Red-eyed Bulbul, ad Glossy Starling, but saw plenty more birds while out walking. A troupe of monkeys kept us entertained in the campsite - the youngster's antics often hilarious to watch. We did a very early morning walk to the falls, which was great - especially as no one else was around. That morning was a solar semi-eclipse - and I had great fun photographing the sun: a bright orange disc, but like a biscuit with a bite taken out. The light was superb and I got great photos of the gorge and waterfall. Another walk later that day took us to Moon rock. This spectacular granite whale-back hill rises out of a lunar landscape carved with jagged rocks - as far as the eye can see - and was one of the great highlights of the entire road-trip for me. The park has a lovely swimming pool and a wide range of accommodation options. There are also several long drives through the park, and some dedicated 4x4 trails as well. Take your camera and binoculars, and whether you walk or drive, you'll wish you had more time at Augrabies!

Augrabies Falls NP always worth a visit
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Our six days stay in Augrabies Falls National Park was the fourth visit to that fantastic wilderness area. It was in winter 1990 when we explored the park the first time with our kids. We were overwhelmed by the beauty of this arid, moon like desert region. Only two years in 1992 later we returned once more with our kids. Our two sons travelling alone at this time paid the park a visit again in 1996. My wife's and my third visit was in October 2011. The many attractions of the park had not lost their appeal to us. So we decided to come back again in April 2015. When we had to leave we were as satisfied with our experiences as ever. The autumn weather was perfect, warm, but not too hot, at night cool, but not yet extremely chilly like in winter. Our chalet with a view (a little bit more expensive) and the outside fireplace for the braai were cleaned every day by the friendly staff. We were a bit disappointed at first that there was no shadow roof over our stoep, so we had to retreat into our air-conditioned chalet during the day at full sunlight. But in the end this did not annoy us very much because on most days we left the chalet after breakfast early in the morning and returned only in the late afternoon just in time to light the braai-fire. Apart from the torching sun there is another good reason to enjoy the meals inside the chalet. There are a lot of baboons wandering around the restcamp always in search of food and the opportunity to steal. They are not at all afraid of humans, are extremely fast to grab what they can find on a table and run away leaving the cursing victims helplessly behind. Especially people on the campsite are at risk as we have witnessed. The restaurant is good although we prefer self-catering, the store next to the restaurant is well equipped, prices of course a bit higher than in an ordinary supermarket. Access boardwalks to the various viewpoints along the Orange River Gorge and the waterfall are well kept and safe, even for smaller children. People who like hiking are recommended to explore the park on foot (with sturdy hiking boots !) on the 6 km long Dassie Trail, normally an easy path, but on quite a few sections one has to climb over rocks which can be tricky. At the age of 70 we did well but had to be very cautious not to do a false step. The trail on which we had hiked every stay since 1990 rewards you with awesome views into the gorge, the landscape and Moon Rock. Totally different but also fascinating is Ebony Trail, a 3 km circle trail along small creeks through dense forest where Vervet Monkeys will watch all your movements. To walk on top of Moon Rock is also a must.
The Park has an extensive net of gravel roads, suited for sedans especially when travelling to Moon Rock, the exceptional viewpoints Ararat and Oranjekom, Swartrante and Echo Corner above the shore of the Orange River. People who want to see more of the park are recommended to take the circle road westward from Swartrante to the most remote picnic site of the park Af en Toe. The whole additional trip is about 70 km. It can be done by Sedan but I would prefer a 4x4 or at least a vehicle with high clearance. You will see Giraffes, Gemsbok, Klipspringer, Eland, Zebra, Dassies, Baboons, Ostrich, Martial Eagles, Fish Eagles, weaver birds, the rare Nile Monitor (if you are very lucky), nice flowers not only in spring, but also in autumn. Wildlife of course cannot be compared with Parks like Kruger, but the lack of the really dangerous animals allows you to leave the vehicle without taking the risk of getting mauled to death by a hungry lion. I would like to add a remark on Giraffes and Quiver Trees:
Trees in the arid Kalahari are rather small. Giraffes obviously prefer larger ones. They have become a problem in Augrabies Falls NP because they used to browse a lot on the Quiver Trees which do not tolerate this and die. That's why the Park management has fenced in a large area in the remote western part of the Park to protect this beautiful succulent species. So the giraffes had to move to other places in the park where they can find only smaller trees. Some bigger trees grow near permanent water streams like the ones on the Ebony Hiking Trail in an area which is not suited for giraffes.
Augrabies Falls NP offers far more than a quick look at the Waterfall. Take your time and stay a couple of days. You will not be disappointed.

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Another world of outstanding beauty and richness.

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