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Augrabies primary claim to fame is the scenic beauty of the Augrabies Falls and the Orange river as well as the fascinatingly rugged desert landscapes of the surrounding countryside. Wildlife sightings are likely to be limited to a few small antelope, rock rabbits, brightly coloured lizards and intensely annoying midges (commonly referred to 'miggies’).

Accommodation it typical National Parks style Chalets and cottages.

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This park has a beauty of its own with the rocky outcrops that look so prehistoric.

A wild and spectacular landscape with a superb variety of wildlife and stunning sunrises and sunsets
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We arrived in the evening to witness a superb sunset over the Augrabies Falls and each day an unforgettable sunrise, one morning from the summit of the Moon Rock. Accommodation and food at the guest houses was excellent. Although you won't see the big five in Augrabies the wildlife is none the less diverse and interesting. We had sightings of Giraffe, Springbok the delicate Klipspringer and a host of other mammals and birds. Augrabies is a wild untamed landscape and we left with many fine memories.

Great experience
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Augrabies Falls National Park is not the most well Know National Park, bit it is very nice. The canyon si incredible. And the falls also. Even if there is not a lot of water when we were there

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Very good and safe walkways to the falls, lit up at Night , and road network to Look outs, along the Orange River canyon

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Augrabies Falls National Park contains the Augrabies falls where the Orange (Gariep) River carves it path through scenic gorges. The falls are spectacular after periods of high rainfall. A number of animals including Black Rhino can be seen in this arid park.

It has been a great experience so much to go back to visit again
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I was at the Augrabies National Park twice already and I would definitely go back.
The park offers some hiking trails also unguided and you can enetr with your own vehicle on the tar and gravel roads visiting different parts of the park.
You can do night safari and it's possible the overnight stay in a lodge inside the park and campgrounds.
In the park there is an excellent restaurant and a supermarket with a bookshop.
The special feature of this park are the waterfalls of Orange River, that you can visit by yourself from the reception. There are also specially trails for disabled people to reach the waterfall.
The waterfall show is exciting and definitely worth to be also seen at sunset.
The park has many animals including oryx and giraffes, but not large carnivores, except for the leopard that is anyway very rare.
The environment is characterized by the presence of wonderful Aloe dichotomous found in lunar landscapes and incredible valleys. Of these plants it’s often possible find the nests of weavers who frantically build large apartment buildings where they live in dozens of individuals.
Visitors to the park will remain fascinated by the spectacular views of rocky deserts scattered by a particular vegetation full of colorful flowers and thorny plants.
The facilities where you sleep are beautiful and well maintained and all the others facilities offered by the park are excellent. I highly recommend the excellent restaurant where it’s possible to taste very good food.

Beautiful scenery park with easy to find wildlife
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Augrabies Falls National Park is a beautiful smaller park with fantastic scenery around the falls and the gorge. There is a lot of wildlife which is pretty easy to find and can be seen and photographed at close distance. Game such as giraffe, zebra, springbok, kudu, oryx, baboon, monkey can be found.
The accommodation in the park is good with comfortable cabins and a nice restaurant and shop. The weather in the winter time is good with nice temperatures without extreme heat. In the winter time not a lot of tourists are in the park creating some additional bush vibe
The night game drive is fun with some challenge to find animals, but is rewarding if nocturnal animals turn up under an amazing starry sky.

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A beautiful park with much more than just the falls and the canyons. We saw many mammals and bird species on our long drives.

Unique (semi-dessert), beautifull, majestic (the canion and falls) and a must.
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Scenery: Absolutely beautiful. It is unique - a must see. The falls and canyon is majestic.
Weather: In December it is quite warm (45 Celsius degrees), but this allows for different activities such as swimming. Although warm the weather was pleasant.
Wildlife: Unique to other parts in South Africa. You really have to search for wildlife in this semi-dessert area, but when you find something it is worth the search.
Accommodation: We went camping. The facilities were good for camping and every evening we enjoyed sitting next to a camp fire, feeling part of nature. Baboons, "dassies" various and kinds of less dangerous wildlife strolled through the camp site. There are 2-3 swimming pools and every morning and evening we watched the sun coming up or setting over the canyon. The colours at this time of the morning or evening are beautiful.
Transportation: We had our own transportation. I would recommend traveling in groups, because when you get engine problems or a puncture, it might be a problem to be alone in the semi-dessert and almost deserted area. Also have enough water with you in the heat. We got a slow puncture - luckily at the camp staff assisted us to change the wheel and recommended places where we could fix the tyre.
Food: Decent. There is a small shop in which you can buy all the necessities. Don't expect a supermarket, but the shop is clean, neat and the food is good. The shop have all the basic household, food, magazines and cleaning stuff. There is also sweets and cold drinks. everything that you could expect.
Restaurant: Not 5 star, but excellent. You will not be disappointed. There is also a bar in the restaurant if the heat gets to much. We spend all our afternoons either in the bar, having light drinks or in the swimming pool cooling down.
Highlights: The canyon and the falls (scenery), the unique wildlife that you can only expect in these area and the numerous hiking trails and viewpoints looking out over this beautiful scenery. The swimming pools in this warm weather were also a high light. A place to really get rest for your soul.

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