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Anthony Ham
By Anthony Ham

Anthony is a renowned Africa expert and author of many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including the guide to Kenya.

Anthony is a renowned Africa expert and author of the Lonely Planet guide to Kenya.

Anthony is the author of the Lonely Planet guide to Kenya.

Wildlife viewing in Marsabit is rather restricted through lack of facilities. The biggest highlight is the herd of elephants that usually walk around the crater lake in front of Marsabit Lodge in the afternoon. Other animals that can be spotted coming to drink at the lake are buffalo and bushbuck. Black-and-white colobus and blue monkey are often around as well.

Black RhinoVery Rare
LionVery Rare
CheetahVery Rare
Wild DogRare to none

Wildlife Highlights

Marsabit is renowned as the habitat of one of the most regal of antelopes, the greater kudu. On the other side of the spectrum, the tiny suni antelope can sometimes be spotted dashing off into the undergrowth. Other forest antelopes to look out for are three species of duiker: the common, red and grey duiker. The park also shelters the rare Peters’ gazelle (a local species of Grant's gazelle).

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

Marsabit can be visited throughout the year, but the best wildlife viewing is in the Dry season from June to September. At this time, the vegetation is less thick and animals congregate around the crater lakes. April is the wettest month and wildlife viewing can be difficult at this time.

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