​Malaria & Safety – Masoala NP

Philip Briggs
By Philip Briggs

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and author of many guidebooks to African destinations, including the Insight guide to Madagascar.

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and author of the Insight Guide to Madagascar.

Philip is the author of the Insight Guide to Madagascar.


In our opinion, the parks and reserves in Madagascar, including Masoala National Park, are safe to visit. It would be very rare to encounter any crime in Masoala, especially if you’re on a guided tour. Independent travelers visiting towns between parks should follow normal safety procedures. Read ‘Cities & Urban Areas: Safety Precautions’ below for more information.

For up-to-date information about safety in Madagascar in general, it is worth checking the government travel advisories (see the ‘Safety & Security – Madagascar’ link below).

Malaria & Vaccinations

Several vaccinations are recommended before coming to Madagascar. Malaria is present in the country and as Masoala is a very wet destination, malaria is a concern throughout the year. Aside from taking antimalarials, mosquito repellent (those using DEET as the active ingredient are most effective) and covering up with long sleeves, trousers and socks in the evening are highly recommended.

Wildlife Viewing

There are no dangerous mammals in Masoala or in Madagascar in general. There are some venomous spiders and scorpions on the island, but bites are very rare. You are likely to come in contact with leeches in the rainforest and although unpleasant, they are totally harmless. Wearing closed shoes, tucking trousers into your socks and using insect repellent on your trousers and shoes all help to keep them away.

For more information, please read the ‘Wildlife Viewing Safety Precautions’ below.

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