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Life,and is rich in water in a wild subway fare from a good place
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Murchison Falls National Park.
And you ship out. Victoria enjoying murchison falls and evening time the ecological environment.The park has grasslands, marshes, rivers, such as a variety of terrain, with the wildlife in the hippopotamus, giraffe and crocodile is the most famous.

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Incredibly beautiful with so much wildlife! I would absolutely come back to Murchison!

Very beautiful place, enjoyed every bit of my Safari tour with my family
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The safari was well coordinated from the time we made the booking, leaving Kampala to the time we came back.

The detailed planning which was done by Adventure Expeditions Uganda to ensure we maximized our game drives was very impressive.

Jeff (our Tour guide) was on time and very polite. He made us feel comfortable during the safari tour, and his known of the wildlife – both the animal and bird species was brilliant. He did everything possible to ensure we get to see the different animals upclose but still within the UWA rules and he knew which routes to take at the different times to find the animals we desired to see.

The safari lived up to expectations and will sure plan another one with Adventure Expeditions Uganda.

Its one of the top national parks of Uganda and its always a pleasure to go there!
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Murchison National Park is my favourite national park in Uganda. I have been there at least five time in the last 10 years. There are many hotels in the area. We like to stay at the one inside the park across the river. The boat ride to the falls is a unique feature of this park. As you go up the river Nile gently chugging along in a private boat or a public one you can see a lot of wild life on your right. From Elephants coming up for a drink to Nile crocodiles and hippos spread out in the swamp and the waters. You can see a wide range of animals indigenous to this park. Occasionally you will come across a crocodile sunning itself quite close to you with a gaping mouth. Multitudes of Hippos frolicking around you, ducking into the water as your boat draws close. Little ones staying close to their mothers. Bush bucks, antelopes warthogs can be seen foraging in the bushes. Uganda is one of the richest bird watching destinations of Africa with over a thousand species recorded and also home to the rare Shoe bill stork.
Along the river you will see various water birds as well land. The ranger accompanying you will help identify many species as you make your way towards the falls. As you reach closer you are rewarded by the sight of a gushing fall and you can stop to take photos.
When you return to your hotel you can enjoy a peaceful sunset and sometimes you can hear the elephants and Hippos close by. The early morning game drives are breathtaking, beautiful sunrise Lions with their kill, Giraffes, many species of antelopes and many other animals can be seen. The knowledgeable ranger will guide you to the right places.
The weather is perfect, and the Ugandan staff are very polite and friendly. Murchison falls National park is not to be missed.

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An undescribable, awesome experience.
The most beautiful scenery, changing in color en details each moment the sun shines (or even not shines)
Not enough eyes to see all the wildlife on the borders, in the bush, in the sky...
Very friendly and professional guides.
The total experience was 1 big highlight!!!
Recommend it to all!!!

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The falls were incredibly impressive. Quite a sight! We enjoyed the wildlife both on safari and on the boat ride beneath the falls - though I was told that there were a lot fewer animals to see than in other visits by people who'd been more than once. It may be luck-of-the-draw because I had a friend visit the week before I did and saw 11 lions close up right after a kill and we only saw a few lions far away with binoculars. The nature of nature! :-)

big four spoted in one day
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We sported the big 4 in one day, this includes the Lion, elephant, buffalo and a leopard it was exciting. This park makes Uganda really the pearl of Africa, the river Nile, Lake Albert and Budongo forest makes Uganda a true African beauty. Activities in this park are highly recommended.

Birdwatching In Murchison Falls
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We visited Murchison falls as part of a 12 day bird trek with a firm "Avian Safaris" Overall this was an excellent safari and we both enjoyed ourselves immensely. Crammy was an excellent bird guide and taught us a lot.
We stayed 2 nights in the Paraa Safari lodge.
On the way into the park we visited the top of the Murchison waterfall. The power of the water as it plunges down the narrow gorge is breath taking. As I was gazing down the abyss a black and white colobus monkey was gazing at me from the other side.
We caught the ferry over the river at around sunset to arrive at the lodge in the evening. The accommodation was comfortable and the buffet style meals, including a range of traditional East African dishes, were filling.
The following morning we did a game drive through the park. Crammy was stopping continually for birds. The other drivers drove straight past, showing no interest, looking for the big five. I can't believe that there are only 5 animals to see in Africa! In the end we saw a heap of birds, plus a lion, Rothshild's giraffe, Elephants, Buffalo, various buck and antelope, wart hogs, a monkey. The sighting board at the lodge did not indicate any other sightings for that day. We had seen it all and the birds as well. Perhaps the birding highlights were a Griffon vulture that alighted in a tree right above our heads, the African Grey and ground hornbills, 3 species of bee-eater, and various Goshawks and Kestrels.
In the afternoon we took the boat ride to the falls. We were treated to a feast of hippos, including babys that would fit in our bathtub at home. In the earthen embankments of the river were nesting holes for bee-eaters and the pied kingfishers. Elephants were grazing on the floodplains as were a lot of the larger animals from the park. Crocodiles rested on sandbanks with their wide yellow mouths open. Purple and Goliath Herons waded in the shallows. The passage up the river to the falls is blocked by a small island which the boat berths against. The boat operator motioned me forward to photograph a pair of rack pratincoles on the rock before the other passengers climbed off to take photos with the falls in the background.
We were sorry to leave the following day. On the trip out of the park we spotted a couple of saddle billed stork in a small road side swamp.
I would thoroughly recommend a stay at Murchison Falls. (Not to mention that it is the historic meeting place of Stanley and Livingston).

Great Safari with plenty wildlife
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Not crowded, none commercial very private Safari experience. Plenty animals to see. Although this park lacks number of predators. Not many lions, no hyenas, no cheetahs. There were leopards, but did not see them.
However, many giraffes, elephants, buffaloes and other grazing game. Variety of birds were amazing. The scenery and change of vegetation was remarkable.

Unique experience in Murchison Falls
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This is a beautiful park, which is crossed by the River Nile. There are lots of wild animals and and an abundance of birds. The boat trip on the Nile, towards the Falls is unforgettable.

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