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Spain   –  
Spain ES
Visited: September 2023 Reviewed: Oct 7, 2023

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Purity was the operator that I was talking to by email. At the beginning she was answering quickly to my questions so I decided to book and pay the amount she told me. Once I paid I had to wait since 31st May to 29th June to have my confirmation. I had to send several emails (without answer) and that was feeling like a scam. After that, I had to write her a few days before to make sure everything was fine and that was when she told me the planning had changed “because the government increased the price of the entrance fee”, so we had 1 day of 5 without visit to any park. Even that happened and I was informed two days before arrival, the price stayed the same. When we arrived there hopefully we met the best driver ever, Ken, who was working for another company and took care of us with all his love. The last day he informed us that we were going to change into another car to arrive at Namanga border where we were supposed to take a bus that would bring us to our hotel in Arusha (final destination). We met that second driver at Amboseli’a date. He came driving his van very fast and shouting at us and at Ken. We couldn’t understand anything but finally he left us there without explanation and left driving unsafe. That was a nightmare for us, that were about to lose our shuttle bus and were scared. We had to change into a third van and arrived at Namanga border where we met Abbas, the man that was going to “help” us within there. He asked us the name of the hotel in Arusha and said Arusha wasn’t safe so they will going to bring us our hotel. Finally we took the bus but our destination changed again without explanation as he left us somewhere in Arusha. We had to take a taxi after being in the middle of 20-30 men trying to force us to go with them on their “taxis”, in a very unsafe area. When I reached Purity on WhatsApp she seemed surprised and worried but when I asked for the amount of the taxi she turned the same: no answer, no help, so I had to talk to my lawyer to start a process against the company. Sometimes you go for the cheapest and that turns into the most expensive experience. Think twice before booking…

John   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: August 2023 Reviewed: Aug 17, 2023

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They reduced program without warning

After we paid them, they told us they would not do the game drive in the morning of the last day, because 2 months ago the government increased the price of the park entrances. It feels like a scam.

Dusan   –  
Germany DE
Visited: March 2023 Reviewed: Mar 25, 2023

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Don’t go please with them! SCAMMERS !

Please skip this agency!! SCAMMERS !
My worst experience. I booked 5 days Masai Mara with Amboseli, and when i arrive in Nairobi they pick me up then said that they don’t have that tour now ( day before they said that they have).. and they didn’t care about that mistake, I didn't even get an apology, so I was forced to agree to go to something I didn't book , different 5 days trip. When we finish that conversation i sat in the car to start that tour, on the way to safari, after 1 hour i got weird messages and calls on my kenyan number from local numbers and messages like “f*ck yourself, stupid” they called me next two days when i was on my safari trip, and i block them, and just people from this agency know my number! Because i bought my sim card on airport on same date, when i arrived in Kenya! I felt unsafe as a tourist, because you don’t know who to ask because the same Agency organize that to me! When we finish that tour after 5 days they were supposed to drive me back to my hotel/airport for free. When we arrive back to Nairobi the girl who told me that “i have included transport, because if i book 5,6,7 days safari i have included transport” and now when we arrived she told me “no its not included (with laughing)” i have screenshots of our chat if someone don’t believe me. So i was very angry and i went alone back to my hotel with some street taxi because i saw that this agency is playing with tourist. Also for example “Naivasha” its just transport to the place, you have to pay 35-50$ for boat tour or walking, without paying that you cannot enter. Aware that they made a big mistake at the beginning (because i paid expensive ticket to kenya and i didnt see Amboseli what i wanted) and instead of correcting it, in the end they turn out to be even bigger scammers until the end , and I didn’t get a single apology for all of that. I really like Kenya and it was my dream place to visit but this is very sad, if you want to enjoy in beautiful Kenya skip them and find a serious agency who respect their guests.
(Driver James was very nice and kind and i recommend him) but agency is horrible, they don’t deserve more tourists. I have a proof for all of that what i wrote. I booked with this “Bienvenido tours” and when i text the number from email they said “Purity” is name of agency, so they are maybe connected. Be careful.

Reply from Bienvenido Kenya Tours and Safaris
Reply from Bienvenido Kenya Tours and Safaris
Posted on Mar 29, 2023

Hi Dusan,
Thank you so much for your safari feedback and thanks again for choosing to travel with us.
We are very sorry to hear this from you and its very unfortunate. Our mission is always to offer a memorable safari to all our customers regardless of their budget. As we normally don't offer 5 days group safari covering Masai mara and Amboseli only (unless on a special request in which the safari will be customized to private) For 5 days group joining safari it covers Masai Mara Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha and this was the available option which we gave you, but you said your budget was too low or be offered the safari as complimentary which was not possible to us.
For the messages remember, you didn't share your local number with our team we only had your international telephone number, but you received the messages in your local number, kindly share the numbers which were sending you the messages for the further action.
We look forward to host you in future.

Ron   –  
Kenya KE
Visited: November 2021 Reviewed: Nov 6, 2021

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Money makers only profit oriented

These guys are just money makers. Did the one night safari trip and it was ridiculous. Arrived way too late at the park so we had only 2h game drive. Slept in a tent which doesn’t even has a light switch. You had to screw the bulb to switch on/off the light. Then morning game drive was also just 2h saying the driver needs to be on the road back to Nairobi by 9am. Maybe for unexperienced Tourists fun but I have lived in EA for more than 4 years and did many safari before. This was mos def the worst of all. They just make a lot of profit saving every shilling they can regarding service. Food was cheap local food (rice, beans, posho, goats meat) and all other services also ridiculous. The game drive was also only very semi professional. Anyway if you want local African experience, go for it but the price is definitely way to high for what you get.

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