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Safari Reviews

Sort By: Date Most Helpful Rating 11-20 of 79,833 Reviews
Petra and Bruno   –  
Germany DE
Visited: October 2016 Reviewed: Dec 1, 2016

50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

It was a wonderful time with our driver Frank an now he is our friend...

Frank was our driver and he is very TOP !!
His knowlage about his country is great, hi is a perfect driver and also the best tour-guide.
His attainment of the Akagera-Park, about animals und the terrain is very good.
We were on tour with him from sunrise till sunset every day. He was always funny.
We would like to take a lot of fotostops and it was never too much for him.
Also at the trip through the country, along the Kiwu-Lake, Frank knows a lot of beautiful
places and restaurants. We hope we can come back soon to this wonderful country and back to
our friend Frank. We were so said when we left Ruanda, also we left our driver and friend Frank.

Emmanuel   –  
United States US
Visited: March 2016 Reviewed: Apr 5, 2016

35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Unforgettable Safari in Rwanda

I booked a 7-Day tour of Rwanda with International Golden Tours and Travel Agency. Frank contacted me with additional information and the booking process was fairly straightforward. The proposed itinerary included trips to the Kigali Genocide Memorial Center, the Volcano National Park, a Gorillas safari, a trek up to the Bisoke Crater Lake at 3,711 m, as well as a hike in the Nyungue Forest Park and its Canopy. I loved it! Rwanda offers a great diversity of landscapes from breathtaking hills and valleys to stunningly beautiful lakes and dense forests. This involved traveling from the center of the country all the way north and then all the way south. Thanks to Frank's great logistical arrangements, the trip went without a hitch. It was very comfortable with great guides and security arrangements. Overall, I was very impressed with the organization of International Golden Tours and Travel Agency and very happy with my trip. I highly recommend this tour to anyone considering a safari in Rwanda.

Zhanar   –  
United States US
Visited: October 2016 Reviewed: Nov 16, 2016

20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

One day safari tour - Akagera National Park

I had one day safari tour in Akagera National Park in October. I was visiting Kigali, Rwanda for work and had one free day with a 8pm flight back home. When I sent an email with inquiry, I explained my situation with returning flight in the evening, and I was very happy to know that the company could take me to airport right after safari drive. Frank was extremely helpful by meeting with me a day before at my hotel and going over the logistics of the tour. He showed me a photo of the car and explained that it would be a half day tour because of my flight. Also, he recommended to check out from the hotel early in the morning and go to the tour with my luggage. My driver was very professional, he provided water and made sure I was comfortable. The drive to the park was about two hours on a very good condition road. The scenery outside of Kigali is absolutely breathtaking! It is a land of thousand hills and beautiful. The park's visitor center is very nice and has an exhibit. The park has lots of animals and my driver made sure I saw most of the animals and was able to make videos/take pictures. Also, my driver recommended to pack lunch to eat in the park's picnic area which is an open space with a view of animals. We returned to Kigali early, I had plenty of time in the airport to shop, etc. This company is very responsible and provides great service to its customers.

John   –  
Canada CA
Visited: November 2016 Reviewed: Dec 12, 2016

35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Great 4 Day Gorilla Tour

We did the 4 day gorilla and golden monkeys tour with Golden Rwanda. During this holiday we also did other tours with other operators in Kenya/Tanzania as well as Morocco. All of them were on the budget range of the tour price scales, but this one was by far the best of them.

Right from the time of booking, the communication was very good with Frank. He asked us about our expectations for the trip and we obviously said that we wanted to see the gorillas and the monkeys and we left the rest up to him and I'm glad we did. Being a private tour, we had some flexibility and managed to see some optional things like the twin lakes and Lake Kivu as well as a little village that has a setup where they teach you about their history and traditions (contrasted to a village we visited in Kenya where they let you look around and then try and sell you a bunch of Chinese toys they claim they made there).

The Genocide Memorial is by no means a happy place, but it is a must visit if you are in the area. If you are like almost every other North American, your knowledge of the genocide is limited to what you've seen in movies like Hotel Rwanda and the memorial gives does a really good job explaining the history of the country and how things built up to it. Really disturbing, but really interesting and important.

All of the accommodations we stayed in were basic, but clean and had very good service. One change to the itinerary was on our third night we ended up at Lake Kivu and that was actually a really nice little lakefront cabin and I would highly recommend it.

Frank was very friendly and knowledgeable and he drives a nice big newer Landcruiser, so the trip was comfortable. He definitely took the time to ask what we were interested in and personalized our tour accordingly.

When we first decided to go to Rwanda (we chose it over Zanzibar due to limited time) we thought we would just want to get in, see some gorillas and get out. I can honestly say that it was my favorite place we visited, the people were so friendly and it was really green and clean. Our only regret about our trip to Rwanda was that I wish it was a couple of days longer.

Dieter   –  
Germany DE
Visited: October 2016 Reviewed: Nov 27, 2016

35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Unforgettable tour to Akagera and Nyungwe NP

After being in Rwanda for one week in a bigger group with friends and at first additionally with students and teachers we three of us wanted to see Akagera and Nyungwe National Parks. We needed transport and chose Golden Rwanda Tours & Travel Agency. Frank, the owner, picked us up in Kayonza where we stayed in an ecolodge led by a women's association and drove us in his air-conditioned car with all amenities (e.g. music videos) to Akagera NP. From the beginning he told us so many details about his country and in the park he showed us all the different landscapes and didn't mind working extra time to show us as many animals as possible. Except for the lions who had babies and were therefore hidden in the bush we saw almost everything. Only the hippos were not at "hippo pool" and didn't want to come out from other lakes, but finally we experienced them in a very impressive way on a boat trip on Lake Ihema. On our way to the south we did some extra stops, Frank led us to one of his favourite restaurants in Kigali, and we stopped at Nyanza Kings Palace and the graves of king and queen. After the mountain forest in Nyanza we went to see the border to DR Congo as a bonus which was also very interesting, and went back north on the new road along Kivu Lake with many nice views of the lake and a big afternoon meal at a lakeside restaurant so that we could not eat that much in a restaurant with splendid view of Kigali at night. Completely unexpected, we experienced American-Irish-somehow international "pre-halloween" in the heart of Africa. At last, Frank enabled us to take pictures of colourful Convention Centre at night. Frank was very helpful, friendly, flexible and knowledgeable. We enjoyed the trip a lot and so did Frank apparently. It's obvious that he loves his job, he's a tour guide with heart and soul, but nevertheless professional and we can recommend his company without any restriction. Also, our tour was very well organized and at a fair and reasonable price. Golden Rwanda Tours offers also tours to neighbouring countries. If we happen to go on a tour maybe in Congo or Tanzania, we will do so with Frank and Golden Rwanda Tours.

Rucha   –  
Nigeria NG
Visited: November 2016 Reviewed: Nov 29, 2016

20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Fantastic first Safari experience

I really enjoyed my one-day safari with Frank to the Akagera National Park. Frank was very knowledgeable, sociable and gave me some great insights into Rwanda and its culture. It was my first safari and I really enjoyed the experience. Highlight for me was seeing elephants and giraffes! Our tour guide from the park was really great too - had lots of fun facts and stories to share. Overall, I would highly recommend this tour and Frank as a guide. It was my first time as a solo traveller in East Africa and Golden Rwanda Tours set a very high standard for quality of service!

Tetyana Dotsenko   –  
Ukraine UA
Visited: January 2017 Reviewed: Jan 26, 2017

50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris

Unforgettable experience, excellent Guide

We are extremely happy that we visited the website and booked the tour with the tour operator "Golden Rwanda Tour".
Enjoyed everything:

· Frank, the owner of Travel Agency , was ready to answer all of our questions in a jiffy since the phase of booking,

· Frank was very punctual, there wasn't a single time of him being late, although we were supposed to take off early almost every day

· A very good car and Frank was a very careful driver, always with a fair water supply

· Along the way, we've been offered to visit additional excursions that we really enjoyed

· Dinners at restaurants with beautiful views and at reasonable prices

· The hotels on route were all with good living conditions and high-quality service

· "Photo" stops in very interesting places

· We've learned much about Rwanda and loved this country. There are a lot of national parks with a completely different nature, many animals and plants, good roads and worthy hotels on a relatively small territory

· Frank accompanied us during most of hiking excursions (special thank for the help during the difficult Bisoke volcano hike)

· Complex follow-up support from the moment of arrival to the Kigali airport till our departure

All points of program were accomplished and we got more than we expected. Thank you a lot!

chiaka   –  
Nigeria NG
Visited: January 2017 Reviewed: Feb 3, 2017

35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Memorable One day safari to Akagera

Frank picked me up from my hotel in a timely courteous way & the drive from kigali to Akagera national park was filled with melodious music from the radio in the background & hopeful stories of Rwanda. My safari trip in the park started off on a lucky find of elephant family & kept getting better with sightings of zebra's, impalas, baboons, hippos, crocodiles, giraffes, Hogwarts & more. We stopped for a short tea break & a relaxed lunch picnic in the park. Thankfully i accepted to use an air-conditioned SUV for this safari trip of over 6 hours as advised by frank to escape the heat. Had a very informed park guide along this trip as well. And to conclude this memorable adventure frank stopped on our way back to Kigali, for me to buy fresh corn to my fill. He played my favorite artist Bob Marley on the drive back and with the green country side floating past me i knew this memory would stay with me forever.

Gabriela Freitas   –  
Brazil BR
Visited: February 2017 Reviewed: Mar 12, 2017

20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

3 days around Rwanda

I had only 3 days in Rwanda and I wanted to the most of it. I contacted some agencies prior to my departure, and Golden Rwanda Tours was the one that offered me more things to do in such a short time for a very reasonable price. In 3 days we went to Akagera National Park, Gorilla Trekking, Lake Kivu and we did a Kigali city tour. They were very nice, communication was very good, they all speak very good english and told us about Rwanda history and culture. It was an amazing time we spent there and I would recommend their services to anyone. They were always on time and in a good mood. Also, in our last night there, while waiting to go to the airport they took us to dinner in a very nice restaurant with a great view of Kigali's city. Thank you so much, Michael and Frank!! We loved our visit and we hope to see you again!

Katelijn De Queecker   –  
Belgium BE
Visited: April 2017 Reviewed: Apr 19, 2017

20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

perfect experience

When I stayed for 3 months in Rwanda, my parents came to visit. I booked their trip with Golden Rwanda tours, and I am very thankful for this experience. We travelled to Nyungwe and Akagera with Jean-Marie. Jean-marie was a perfect guide, with extensive knowledge on the country and its nature. You could see that even for him it was a pleasure to take us on this trip.
Price quality was perfect.

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