​Malaria & Safety – Simien Mountains NP

Philip Briggs
By Philip Briggs

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and author of many Bradt guidebooks to African destinations, including the guide to Ethiopia.

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and author of the Bradt guidebook to Ethiopia.

Philip is the author of the Bradt guidebook to Ethiopia.


Due to armed clashes, several areas in Ethiopia are presently unsafe for visitors. We recommend you check your government’s travel advice before booking a trip to Ethiopia.

Simien Mountains National Park is generally a safe place to visit in our opinion, especially if you’re on an organized tour. However, petty crime is a concern in Addis Ababa and other Ethiopian cities. Independent travelers should exercise basic precautions, such as catching taxis at night. More information can be found in ‘Cities & Urban Areas: Safety Precautions’ below.

For current information about traveling in Simien Mountains NP and Ethiopia in general, we recommend checking the travel advisories (see the ‘Safety & Security – Ethiopia’ link below).

Malaria & Vaccinations

Before coming to Ethiopia, check with your local doctor or travel clinic about which vaccinations are recommended.

Because of the high altitude there is no malaria in Simien Mountains National Park and in most of the Ethiopian highlands. However, low-lying areas of the country are considered high risk for malaria, so depending on your trip’s itinerary, taking antimalarials might be recommended. Other ways to protect yourself include covering up in the evening and putting on mosquito repellent (those containing DEET are most effective).

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife viewing in Simien Mountains is very safe. There is no dangerous wildlife in the Simien Mountains (not even snakes). One of the highlights is spending time in close proximity to the habituated gelada monkeys. Although inherently peaceful, it is important to listen to the instructions of your guide at all times. For more information, please read the ‘Wildlife Viewing Safety Precautions’ below.

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