Malaria & Safety – Kgalagadi TP


Kgalagadi Transfrontier Park is virtually crime-free and in our opinion a safe destination for tourists. Rules and entry fees are in place to discourage criminals from conducting their activities here. Small thefts can still occur, as in any place.

Self-Drive Safaris

The South African side of the park is mainly a self-drive destination. Most of the roads there are accessible with an ordinary car, but an SUV or pick-up is preferred. Even then, it is still possible to get stuck on the sandy roads, so renting a 4x4 is a good idea. Visiting the Botswana side should only be attempted as part of an organized tour or by visitors with a great deal of experience in self-sufficient safaris in harsh environments.

Big Cities

Botswana is a safe country throughout, including its cities. South Africa is more dangerous, and caution needs to be exercised in cities such as Johannesburg or Cape Town. The chance of something bad happening is very small, especially if you stay aware of your surroundings and use common sense. Click on the ‘cities and other urban areas safety precautions’ link below for more.

Malaria-Free & Vaccinations

Kgalagadi is outside the malaria zone, so antimalarials aren't necessary. Malaria is only a concern if you combine Kgalagadi with the eastern part of South Africa (including Kruger) or the far north of Botswana. It is advisable you get several vaccinations before you travel to either South Africa or Botswana (consult your nearest travel clinic).

Wildlife Viewing

Although incidents are very rare, wildlife viewing always comes with certain risks. Listening to the direction of your guide is the best way to be safe and please take note of the 'wildlife viewing safety precautions' below.

Further advice on limiting dangers and annoyances when traveling:

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