Birds – Mapungubwe NP

With over 400 bird species recorded, Mapungubwe is a birder's paradise. The park opened in 2007 and is still relatively unexplored and no definitive bird list has been compiled yet. The Limpopo tree-top boardwalk allows visitors a view into the canopy of a stretch of riverine forest offering superb birding opportunities. At the end of the boardwalk is a well-positioned bird hide on the bank of the Limpopo River. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

Notable Birds in Mapungubwe
African fish eagle
Bronze-winged courser
Goliath heron
Grey crowned crane
Spotted eagle owl

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Birding Specials Treats for Avid Birders

  • African barred owlet
  • African pygmy goose
  • Allen's gallinule
  • Barred wren-warbler
  • Black stork
  • Black-backed puffback
  • Black-faced waxbill
  • Black-winged pratincole
  • Broad-billed roller
  • Burchell's sandgrouse
  • Caspian plover
  • Cinnamon-breasted bunting
  • Common cuckoo
  • Crimson-breasted shrike
  • Dusky lark
  • Dwarf bittern
  • Eurasian golden oriole
  • Greater painted snipe
  • Grey-headed kingfisher
  • Harlequin quail
  • Kori bustard
  • Lesser spotted eagle
  • Long-tailed paradise-whydah
  • Meves's starling
  • Meyer's parrot
  • Monotonous lark
  • Olive-tree warbler
  • Pel's fishing owl
  • Retz's helmet-shrike
  • Saddle-billed stork
  • Senegal coucal
  • Southern boubou
  • Southern carmine bee-eater
  • Southern ground hornbill
  • Southern pied babbler
  • Square-tailed nightjar
  • Striped pipit
  • Swallow-tailed bee-eater
  • Thick-billed cuckoo
  • Three banded courser
  • Tropical boubou
  • Verreaux's eagle
  • White-crested helmet-shrike
  • White-crowned lapwing

Best Time for Bird Watching

Since birds migrate to Mapungubwe throughout the months of November to April, this is the best time for bird watching, although birding is generally good year-round. Wildlife viewing is at its best during June to September.

Best Parks for Birding Including Birding Rating

Kruger is great for general birding, while Mkhuze is a real birding hotspot, offering almost as many species in a much smaller area with an incredible number of specials. The dry Kgalagadi is known for its raptors.

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Birds in Mapungubwe NP
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Migratory Birds
Nov to Apr