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Alan Murphy
By Alan Murphy

Alan is a renowned Africa expert and has authored many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including the Swaziland section of their 'South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland' guide.

Alan has authored many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including the Swaziland section of their 'South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland' guide.

Alan has authored the Swaziland section of Lonely Planet's 'South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland' guide.

Alan researched and wrote about Swaziland for Lonely Planet.

Climate Chart Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary

Climate Chart Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary – 680-1,474m / 2,231-4,836ft

* Averages based on 50 years of monthly climate data, taken from 1km² (0.39mi²) interpolated climate surfaces.
© chart & park data: SafariBookings. © climate grid data: WorldClim project. All rights reserved.

In Mlilwane Wildlife Sanctuary, winter and summer correspond to the Dry and Wet seasons respectively. Here, winter and summer are at the opposite times as Europe and North America. The wet summer months (October to April) are warm and often humid. Dry winters (May to September) are mild.

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Dry Season May to September – Winter

There is little rainfall during the winter months and the humidity is low. Animals are attracted to permanent water sources as water becomes scarce in the bush.

  • May – Marking the end of summer, May is a transitional month. Temperatures are typically dropping to a cool 10°C/50°F in the morning and 23°C/73°F in the afternoon.
  • June, July & August – Morning game drives in open vehicles will be very cold, so it's advisable to pack warm clothing. The average morning temperature is a paltry 8°C/46°F. Afternoons will warm up nicely with temperatures around 21°C/70°F, and cloudless skies.
  • September – It eventually warms up to about 24°C/75°F in the afternoon, and the first rains bring relief from very dry conditions. Don’t forget your jacket in the early mornings when the mercury only struggles up to 12°C/54°F.

Wet Season October to April – Summer

It rarely gets very hot in summer, although it is fairly warm. Average temperatures during the day reach 27°C/81°F with high humidity. Storms crash through in the afternoon.

  • October & November – Expect more warmth and more rain during these months. Temperatures range between 15°C/59°F in the morning and 26°C/79°F in the afternoon.
  • December, January & February – Known as the wettest and warmest months, characterized by torrential downpours in the afternoon (the humidity can be stifling). Afternoon temperatures are usually around 28°C/82°F but peak temperatures shoot much higher.
  • March & April – Rainfall drops off and it gets colder. The nights get a bit chilly at about 13°C/55°F, but daytime temperatures peak at around 27°C/81°F, with the humidity dropping off.

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