​Malaria & Safety – North Luangwa NP

Philip Briggs
By Philip Briggs

Philip has travelled through Zambia several times and is the author of more than 20 guidebooks to various African destinations.

Philip is the Zambia expert for SafariBookings and author of more than 20 guidebooks to Africa.

Philip is our Zambia expert and author of more than 20 guidebooks to Africa.

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The national parks are the primary attraction of Zambia, and all are considered safe destinations to visit, including North Luangwa National Park.

North Luangwa is seldom visited as a self-drive destination. When flying in, you’ll be picked up at the airstrip and driven to your lodge. You’ll be taken care of and very safe.

The park is very remote, and there are very few facilities. Only people with a lot of experience should even consider driving here independently. It is recommended to seek advice on road conditions before heading off.

Malaria & Vaccinations

Your local doctor or travel clinic is in the best position to advise you of appropriate vaccinations before your trip to Zambia. Malaria is present in North Luangwa, so precautions need to be taken. These include covering up in the evening and applying mosquito repellent (those containing DEET are most effective). Antimalarial medication is also recommended. Please check with your doctor which antimalarials are available and most effective.

Wildlife Viewing

Wildlife viewing is generally very safe. Walking safaris are the specialty in North Luangwa and you’ll be fine as long as you listen to your guide and stay close together in a group. Also listen to the safety briefing provided by your lodge. Please take note of the ‘Wildlife Viewing Safety Precautions’ below.

Further advice on limiting dangers and annoyances when traveling:

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