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Alan Murphy
By Alan Murphy

Alan is a renowned Africa expert and has authored many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including a guide to Zambia.

Alan is a renowned Africa expert and has authored the Lonely Planet guide to Zambia.

Alan has authored the Lonely Planet guide to Zambia.

North Luangwa has mostly the same habitat and animal populations as its more popular sister park, South Luangwa. There are, however, a few differences. There is no giraffe in the north, but there is more eland, which can often be seen in big herds. Elephant and buffalo are very common, and leopard and lion are around, but are a bit shyer, as they are not used to seeing many people.

Black RhinoOccasional

Wildlife Highlights

North Luangwa is home to Zambia’s only black rhino population. The re-introduction program has been hugely successful and the population is growing steadily. Crawshay's zebra, the endemic sub-species common in South Luangwa, is as common in the north. The rare Cookson's wildebeest, which is seldom seen in the south, is, however, quite common in the north. Lichtenstein's hartebeest is another unusual herbivore, which is quite easily spotted.

Best Time for Wildlife Viewing

The last half of the Dry season, from July to October, is the best time for wildlife viewing in the park. Animals congregate around the waterways, and vegetation is thinner, which makes spotting easier. North Luangwa only operates fully from June to October, with lodges closing the rest of the year.

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