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Once in a lifetime experience
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The Okavango Delta is unlike anywhere else on earth. I did the camping experience, which was very back to nature - toilets were a hole dug in the ground, and there were no showers or ways of getting properly clean. However, it was made worth it by the early morning bush walks, where we got extremely close to a variety of animals including elephants, birds and zebra, and the beautiful scenery where there wasn't a building or road in sight. Another highlight was the boat trips, especially at sunset, where we explored the delta in small boats with very knowledgeable guides and got very close to wild hippos. The weather was beautiful - sunny all day, and the food was also amazing, and there was plenty of it. Our guides also made lovely bracelets and gifts which you could buy for a small price and which served as a lovely keepsake or present.

Wild Africa at its best
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We visited Xigera Camp (pronounced Key-jeer-a) in August 2015. We flew into the airstrip from where we were welcomed and driven to the boat landing by our guide, Rueben. We then took a boat ride to the camp built on poles and under thatch on a remote island in the Delta. The rustic but very comfortable tent cabins are connected to the main buildings by an elevated boardwalk.

The game viewing can be done by boat, by mokoro (traditional dugout canoe) or by land rover. Rueben was a great guide being very knowledgeable, very well spoken with excellent English and a deep understanding of the animals and the eco-system. His professionalism made us feel safe when we had several very close encounters with elephant and hippo, an unforgettable experience.

The staff were very friendly and extremely helpful. Food was always very good, well introduced and matched with good quality wines.

Our tent/cabin had its own private veranda overlooking a hippo pool. Each morning, before sunrise, we watched the hippos come out to graze as the sun rose with the incredible colors of an African sunrise.

An unforgettable experience we look forward to doing again.

For my part it wasn't just a Safari because I also do ecovoluntering.
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The weather in Botswana is very sunny and sometimes very hot. My wildlife guide was the director of the ecovoluntering project, it was a bushman so he had a lot experience with the wildlife, we saw beautiful animal like elephant and hippo.
Concerning the transportation we was in a land rover defender or a land cruiser this vehicules was great to move into the bush.

Unbelievable experience seeing wide variety of animals and meeting wonderful fellow travelers.
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Unbelievable experience starting with arriving in a bush plane, viewing a wide a variety of animals including wild dogs, lions, cheetahs and leopards and enjoying our stay at Kwara. Tracking the animals was exciting and our guides were fantastic.

Stunningly beautiful. Tranquil and unspoiled.
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Canoe (mokoro) trip into the Okavango Delta is a mandatory experience in a visit to Botswana. Even with not-so-good weather as we had (light showers, cloudy sky) it is still an experience like no other. Close contact with nothing but nature - sounds, smells and sights. No motors, no blabbing tourists, very, very relaxing!
Accomodation in Maun was OK, and we were sorry that a fly-in safari to a luxury lodge inside the Park was out of our budget-range (but it must be stunning!).

Not the Africa I was expecting. Awesomely suprised.
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The Okavango Delta was a location that we had heard a lot about, but had seen little of. So when we decided to head to Botswana, we put the Delta on our must do list. Was one of the best decisions we made.

From the flight from Kasane airport into the campgrounds, to the drive from the bush runway to our tented site it was spectacular. Three days of seeing all types of animals, Lions and Leopards, to Elephants and Painted Dogs.

I would highly recommend the Delta to anyone who wants to experience ALL of Africa. Also, with the introduction of Rhinos, you can't go wrong!

Excellent variety and quantity of wildlife.
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We used lodges varying from primitive and rustic to 4-star class. A guided kayak trip out of Maun was based in ordinary 2-person tents. The Footsteps lodge was cabin-sized tents with plumbing, but the Little Kwara lodge was much better appointed. The food at both lodges was very good. The guided game drives produced many great close-up wildlife sightings and the guides were usually well trained and very friendly. Our weather in May was unusually cool, getting down to near freezing some nights. The days were comfortable, but the temps for dawn game drives required a jacket on top of a sweater. The clothes that we took were not quite warm enough for comfort in these conditions. The upside of the low temperatures was that we had no trouble at all with bugs.
Our favorite memories came from dawn and sunset game-tracking walks with the local native guide on our kayak trip north of Maun.

Driving holiday in Botswana
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We started our holiday in Victoria Falls and drove through Botswana and Namibia to get to Windhoek. We hired a Nissan Pickup with a roof tent, which is the perfect way to explore this part of the world at your own pace. The part of the Okavango Delta that we saw was beautiful, we stayed at Swamp Stop and Drotsky's camp. Both come highly recommended, but watch out for the cheeky vervet monkeys - they steal anything.

An Okavango highlight was going on a river cruise where we saw many interesting birds such as fish eagles, Jesus birds, bee-eaters as well as reptiles including monitor lizards and crocodiles. At the time of year we went, there can be heavy rainfall, so we visited a world heritage site at Tsodilo Hills where we saw ancient cave paintings. The heavy rain meant that the road/track was very muddy and it was necessary to have a 4x4 in order to access the site.

This part of Botswana is certainly off the beaten track with hundreds of kilometers between food and fuel stops, so make sure you go prepared! Highly recommended. Check out some of my photos here:

Spectacular encounters with beautiful animals in unspoilt surroundings.
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If you are interested in seeing animals and birds in their natural surroundings, unspoiled by a constant stream of trucks passing by, then this is the place to come. Because many areas are concessions, it means that fewer people are "out on safari" at any one time and the guides coordinate with each other so that their vehicles only converge if something extra special is spotted.
We stayed in two places in the Delta, Sango Safari Camp in the Kwai Concession and Pom Pom Camp.
Sango was our favourite stop of all the places we visited throughout Zambia and Botswana, with the staff being so friendly and the food out of this world, especially considering how isolated it is. The highlight here were the African Painted Dogs which we saw on three separate occasions at close quarters. We saw a large family of 20 resting under some bushes and then one night we were surrounded by them playing and frolicking. The most memorable, though, was a smaller family of six cornering a large spotted hyena and giving it a good seeing to before letting it go, bloodied and bowed but able to slink away to fight another day.
Pom Pom was very different and because the water was low, it probably wasn't at its best. After saying that, however, we had some wonderful and very close encounters with lions and leopards, with a 1 year old leopard probably the most beautiful animal I have ever seen in my life. It was waiting for its mother to come back with food but in the meanwhile, entertained us with acrobatics in its tree. The birdlife was great but sporadic. We saw 2 Pels Fishing Owls and lots of water birds plus the usual variety of kingfishers , babblers, coucals etc but perhaps not quite the abundance that we saw in Chobe and around Victoria Falls.
I would definitely return to either camp as you do get the impression that things can change very quickly and new birds and animals are just around the corner.
A spectacular holiday in all respects.

Overall rating

In april 2015 i enjoyed two night in a mobile bush camp in the Okavango Delta. Local people brought us with a mokoro, a small canoe with two guests and a poler, to our camp site in the delta. They had put up ten tents under the trees on a island in the delta. There were two bush toilets, two bush showers and a big party tent for breakfast, lunch and diner.
We did two bush walks with guides. Topgun, our main guide at the head of the line, then six tourists and a guide at the back of the line. Topgun told us a lot about wildlife in the delta. We had a close encounter with a herd of elephants. We saw lion foot prints. An lot of wildebeest and zebra.
The last night in the camp, the guides and polers performed for us. They danced and sang local songs. Camping in a mobile camp in the Okavango Delta is a wonderful experience!

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