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our safari group in ngorongoro crater

our safari group in ngorongoro crater

Dancing Simba Safaris

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Tanzania Tanzania
10-20 employees (Founded in 2017)
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Customizable private tours and fixed group tours
Tanzania TZ
our safari group in ngorongoro crater

our safari group in ngorongoro crater

Dancing simba is local owner company located in Arusha town which offers mountain Kilimanjaro trekking , wildlife safari , culture safari and historical site safari with Budget safari , Midrange safari and luxury safari from Solo safari , group safari and private safari


Unforgettable experience that will stay with forever! Thanks Simba Safaris ☺️

From the very beginning we felt very comfortable on the safari. This is especially thanks to our guide Mali. With a lot of specialist knowledge about the flora and fauna, care for the group and a good sense of where to go, he gave us a unique time all round.
Our food during the safari was also excellent. We have our chef Richard to thank for this, who prepared super delicious, freshly cooked food. Our expectations were absolutely exceeded by the large number of animals we saw👍🏼. On the second day we saw all of the Big 5. Since we also paid attention to the small animals and plants and received a lot of information from Mali about them, the safari was always exciting and never boring.
The group feeling was super familiar. The evenings ended in a convivial atmosphere with a glass of wine, good conversations and playing cards. Here too we would like to highlight the positive fact that our guide also enriched the group in the evening with further interesting information about the country and its people.

Fantastic 8 days Serengeti. Lost for superlatives to describe the package Dancing Simba presented.

The Dancing Simba Safari Co (run by David John) exceeded all expectations. The itinerary and organization of the Safari was absolutely superb. His driver/guide Prochase has been hosting Serengeti Safaris for 10 years and his knowledge of all the animals and environment was outstanding. His English language skills were very good. We saw animals by the thousands - elephants, zebras, hippos, lions, leopards and many more. Just for your information the estimated count of wildebeests in Serengeti 1.5 to 2 million. The Lodges, hotels and glamping sites we stayed were of a very high standard - king bed,s ensuites wifi! Would highly recommend Dancing Simbas - you won't be disappointed.


The vast plains of Tanzania unfolded before me, teeming with life, as I embarked on an unforgettable journey with Dancing Simba Safaris from June 28th to July 3rd, 2024. My adventure spanned the diverse landscapes of Tarangire National Park, with its towering baobab trees and vast herds of elephants. The serene beauty of Lake Manyara offered a glimpse of playful baboons silhouetted against the setting sun, their chatter echoing through the trees. Long-necked giraffes stretched their elegant forms to feed on leaves high in the canopy. The awe-inspiring Ngorongoro Crater, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, left me breathless. But it was the majestic Serengeti National Park that truly stole the show. Here, a seemingly endless sea of wildebeest thundered across the vast savanna, punctuated by the calls of gazelles and the watchful gaze of lions. The air vibrated with a symphony of bird calls, and the iconic wildebeest and zebra migrations painted a moving picture across the landscape.
With Dancing Simba's expert guides and comfortable accommodations, our diverse group from all corners of the globe (America, Africa - me from Ethiopia, Europe - Norway, Asia - China, and Australia) had an unforgettable safari experience. The shared thrill of encountering Tanzania's incredible wildlife fostered a sense of camaraderie that transcended cultural differences. Our safari jeep became a microcosm of the world, with six of us sharing stories and laughter. I, from Ethiopia, learned a lot from my fellows, while the thrill of spotting a pride of lions sparked lively discussions with our fellow travelers from Norway, America, and Australia.

A special thanks goes to Mr. David John, who ensured everything was perfectly organized, and to our incredible guide, Mr. Joseph. His knowledge and passion for Tanzanian wildlife made the experience truly unforgettable. He expertly explained the tour and the fascinating species of animals we encountered, bringing the wonders of the African savanna to life. This trip was more than just a good time; it was a transformative experience that deepened my appreciation for nature's wonders. From the vast plains teeming with life to the awe-inspiring heights of Kilimanjaro, where I challenged myself with a one-day hike to Mandara Hut, with a special thanks to my incredible guide who expertly paced me throughout the climb, Tanzania offered an unforgettable adventure.

Ali is the best guide anyone could’ve asked for. I rarely give 4 or 5 stars, but Ali gets all 5!

When booking please pick Dancing Simba! My wife and I flew from the states and did a 3 day tour with Dancing Simba. Ali is the most friendly guide you’ll meet. He’s very funny, and personable. If I lived closer, I probably would have a new best friend in Ali. He is a great dude! He’s veteran guide who knows the entire park like the back of his hand, he knows the history of the park, and we got to see some really rare wildlife because he seems to know their behaviors and habits. Ali has been a guide for many years and knows it well. You may be asking yourself why didn’t I give it 5 stars. It had nothing to do with David or Ali. They each earned 5 stars. The campsite was 3-4 stars. We didn’t have hot water the 2nd day, they said they’ll do our laundry for us. They didn’t mention we had to pay extra until we were checking out. 15 usd for 8 articles of clothing. 😑 Also the tents are very close to each other. It’s great to hear lions and hyenas making noises in the evening, but it wasn’t so great hearing all the other couples in the campsite making love. 🙄 We paid for the luxury tour and the luxury tent was right beside the dinner and breakfast hall which means we were the last ones asleep at night and the 1st ones awake. Bring ear plugs or a sound machine. The food at the campsite was some of the best food I have eaten! The chefs were on point, and made a delicious meal! The inside of the tents were comfortable and very clean! I would choose Dancing Simba every time! They are the best.


We had a lovely experience with Lungie thank you, he put in every effort to make sure we had the best angles to view the animals and get photos. He picked us up at the correct times and made effort to make sure we was prepared for the dust.

A very lovely man that gave us a wonderful experience who was very educated about the animals and the area, we learnt a lot from him. The camp was also very beautiful and clean.

Amazing value for money. But maybe need a new car soon

Make sure you read the full quote as sometimes the return flight isn’t included.
Many thanks

Joe & Lauren

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