Malaria & Safety – Pilanesberg GR


Pilanesberg GR is, in our opinion, a safe place for tourists. South African parks have security personnel, and the entry fees discourage criminals from gaining admittance. Small thefts may still occur (since this can happen anywhere) so it is always wise to keep your valuables secure. Most other crimes, including violent crimes, hardly ever occur.


Large cities such as Johannesburg (the point of entry to South Africa for most visitors) are prone to various city-centric crimes, such as theft, mugging and carjackings. Although the chance of something bad happening is very small, it is important to be aware of your surroundings and use common sense. See ‘cities and other urban areas safety precautions’ below for further information.

Malaria-Free & Vaccinations

The Pilanesberg is outside the malaria zone, so antimalarial medication isn’t required. The eastern part of South Africa, including Kruger, does have a small malaria risk. Several vaccinations are advisable when traveling to South Africa (consult your local healthcare professional).

Wildlife Viewing

Despite the fact that incidents are very rare, wildlife viewing always comes with certain risks. Fortunately, they can be reduced greatly by following the instructions given by your guide. And please take note of the ‘Wildlife viewing safety precautions’, below.

Additional advice on limiting dangers and annoyances when traveling:

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