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Mariana Pereira   –  
Spain ES
Visited: January 2020 Reviewed: Jan 25, 2020

Email Mariana Pereira  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Amazing experience watching the gorillas in their natural habitat
Overall rating

The accommodation, the food and the guides were pretty good! We had a great time!

Josephine   –  
Italy IT
Visited: March 2019 Reviewed: Mar 26, 2019

Email Josephine  |  65+ years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

excellent experience
Overall rating

the country - which is called the "Pearl of Africa" is a gem, the western areas in particular.
I had a 4 day safari starting from Jinja in the east and including Lake Mburo, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Lake Bunyonyi. The places are wonderful and they deserve visiting.
I booked my trip through Tourist Centre Safaris' agency in Jinja and the program they submitted was simply super.
The accommodation chosen were great, all set in wonderful places with magnificent views.
I recommend Tourist Centre Safaris in Jinja for their skills and care with customers

Prathima   –  
United States US
Visited: January 2019 Reviewed: Feb 21, 2019

Email Prathima  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Overall rating

This trip was exactly what we were looking for. Someone to take care of all the logistics and an incredibly guide to take us along the way. We still talk about this part of the trip and our guide.

Kyle   –  
United States US
Visited: January 2018 Reviewed: Feb 11, 2019

Email Kyle  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Great for Rainforest. Not as great for typical safari.
Overall rating

The tour was fantastic.! Not as good as other east Africa countries but still a wonderful place to visit

Douglas   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: November 2018 Reviewed: Dec 7, 2018

Email Douglas  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

It was the best safari ever
Overall rating

Africa has the best wildlife especially Uganda, i visited Murchison falls and would strongly remmend it
Entebbe Zoo is also another good place to vist as there also very nice resort hotel beaches if you want to spend a nite
The weather in the tropics is fantastic .Accomodation-we stayed serena hotel which is just in the middel of the capital kampala
40 miles away from international Airport.serena provided us the best 5 star service one could dream of.
food(most hospital provide english breakfast served with fruits so you can't go wrong
Transport is cheap and there is Uber realiable
I recommend any one to visit safaribooking.com Hails Tours Uganda

Andrea S   –  
Switzerland CH
Visited: November 2018 Reviewed: Dec 7, 2018

Email Andrea S  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

great program, not the best guide ever
Overall rating

The service provided a great plan. Kidepo valley in November is great for the nature and wildlife. Sipi was nice too. They tailored the program following my need. Locations and activities were great. The management of the holiday was not the best: they booked one month before doing a mistake (if it would have been 1 month later, it would have been a great problem), and they did not help with a problem of delayed luggage. The guide was not the best, not knowing well where to go, what to see and where to stop. He was just a driver with scarce ability and not funny at all.
The company has a great plan, and uganda is beautiful, but the staff is not at same level.

Ulrich   –  
Germany DE
Visited: September 2018 Reviewed: Sep 28, 2018

Email Ulrich  |  65+ years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris

A very successful 16 days wildlife super safari for one person
Overall rating

The result of wildlife rating should be very much better if I would have taken part on gorilla or chimpanzee tracking. Without the mentioned
animals you can`` t compare the wildlife with countries as in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia or South Africa. But also with a smaller animal kingdom you can have wonderful experiences. So I had the possibility to watch in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary my smallest rhino
I have ever seen before in Africa, in one of the lakes or channels my smallest hippo, without the mother you could carry the cup away with
both hands, a fish eagle with a too tall fish just in front of our car, not more than three metres away, twice the fish fell down in front of our car
when the eagle started to safe the fish and in Rwakobo camp I had the luck to watch a two months old waterbuck, found from the manager of
the camp in a age of 1,5 weeks without a mother. Two times a day the little buck came to the manager of the camp and was asking for bottles
of milk. Because you could touch the cup and give to the animal some milk, it was one of the main attractions.
The safari was organized with one of the best, perhaps even the best travel agency in Uganda. For nearly a year, the manager Jackie was
planning with me together my tour of Uganda. Jackie was a amazing and patient, with unusual prompt replies to my emails and with her help
I booked the best safari to suit my needs. With one of the best cars, a 4x4 wheel driven Toyota Landcruiser, we - the driver and safari guide
Martin - started our safari, when he picked me up at the airport around midnight. For road conditions, which I haven` t seen before during
nearly fifty years in Africa the car and the driver was the best what could had happened to me. Very often without any signs Martin found
without any difficulties his way and brought us without any breakdowns back to Kampala and Entebbe. Under no circumstances I felt unwell
or there was a fear of not enough security. Wether for lunch or dinner I had to eat meat, with his help I could always pick up a piece of fried
fish with chips.
The accommodations, with Jackie I had agreed with "moderate", were always very clean and comfortable, but only the accommodations in
Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Rwakobo camp where a little bit more simple and older.
The mountains and lakes of the southwestern part of Uganda are postcard perfect. Katona Tours and Travel is a very experienced Tour Opera-
tortor and travel expert for East Africa. I would definitely use Katona Tours again.

Diego Higuera   –  
Colombia CO
Visited: July 2018 Reviewed: Aug 10, 2018

Email Diego Higuera  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Uganda is a place full of contrasts, sometimes in a positive way other times in negative
Overall rating

In Uganda you can live many experiences, some incredibles others not so much, sometimes there are certain social dynamics that make it difficult to move quietly in certain areas so you should always be well informed about safety. Public transport is not so easy, but it is a great adventure. The food often does not have a salad and soft drinks are sweet, sweet.

Ryan Mays   –  
Uganda UG
Visited: April 2018 Reviewed: Jul 31, 2018

Email Ryan Mays  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

If I went again, I'd use a different guide company.
Overall rating

The scenery was nice and we saw a few animals but overall the trip was less enjoyable than I would have liked. Kibale Tours didn't do a great job with planning. They used a car that wasn't advertised and that was really uncomfortable. We had to stop numerous times when we were in a rush to do various things that should have been done beforehand. On the trip home, the guide put the wrong type of gas in the car and we had to wait for 3 hours on the side of the road while the tank was drained and the battery changed.

Eric Krissek   –  
United States US
Visited: June 2018 Reviewed: Jul 7, 2018

Email Eric Krissek  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

The trip to trek for gorillas is completely worth the time and money to go!
Overall rating

We had a quick trip with Africa Tours Adventure to go Gorilla Trekking in Bwindi Forest. We had a very good guide who drove us from Entebbe to Bwindi, which is an 8 hour trip. We stopped at the equator and shopped (which is a great place to barter). We had outstanding lodging arranged for us at Bakiga Lodge and at Birdnest Resort and loved the experience hiking with the gorillas. We were glad to take this trip while we were in shape since the hiking is very challenging.

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