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Etosha National Park

- Birds Etosha Safaris

Birding Rating

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Bird Species


Migratory Birds


Birds of Etosha National Park

About one-third of the 340 bird species recorded in the park are migratory; including a good number of waders attracted to the Etosha pan in the Wet season. The pan is an important breeding ground for lesser and greater flamingos. The desert habitat is excellent for seeing a wide variety of birds of prey – up to 35 species, including many hawks, vultures, eagles and falcons. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

Notable birds
  • MonteiroMonteiro's hornbillLocally common & near-endemic
  • Lesser flamingoLesser flamingoSeasonally common
  • Northern black bustard (korhaan)Northern black bustard (korhaan)Locally common
  • Pale chanting goshawkPale chanting goshawkCommon
  • Double-banded courserDouble-banded courserCommon
  • Shaft-tailed whydahShaft-tailed whydahLocally common
Birding specials – Treats for avid birders
(E) = endemic to Namibia & (NE) = near endemic to Namibia
Best time for bird watching
Etosha is a very seasonal park. Drier months (May to October) are better for wildlife viewing; while the wetter climate during November to April makes for more successful bird-watching, mainly due to the arrival of summer migrants. Most birds of prey are resident and can be seen throughout the year.

Best parks for birding – including birding rating

Etosha National Park is home to 380 bird species and is one of Namibia’s birding hotspots. The parks in the Zambezi Region (Caprivi Strip) offer bird-rich habitats, including an impressive selection of Okavango specials.

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