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Omot C   –  
Australia AU
Visited: July 2019 Reviewed: Aug 6, 2019

Email Omot C  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Overall rating

We were able to see the big 5 game drive was great. Especially our driver John. He was able to get us whereever there was a somthing to see.
We saw about 4-5 Lions and 3 leopards. We even spotted a hippo just waking in the bush.

Accommodation, food and weather were all great during our 5days tour.
Nothing to complain about. We had a Wonderful time.

Sandip Kumar Ghosh   –  
India IN
Visited: July 2019 Reviewed: Aug 2, 2019

Email Sandip Kumar Ghosh  |  50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

Good coverage with very good campsite with good food
Overall rating

Nairobi traffic can be controlled only by making some over bridges.Approach road to Masai mara can be made with a little more effort from government.Jungle roads are ok.

Rosemary Taylor   –  
United States US
Visited: July 2019 Reviewed: Aug 2, 2019

Email Rosemary Taylor  |  65+ years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Overall rating

The wildlife was absolutely fantastic, the diversity & numbers of animals & birds was astounding! Still trying to assimilate it all! We saw hundreds of elephants, zebras, Wildebeest, so many giraffes, birds etc. our guide Peter was so knowlegable, helpful, in every way! I just can't say enough! The accommodations were great, as was the food & all the staff in the resorts where very welcoming & personable, especially in Kibo.

It was very special for me, because I was traveling with my 2 grandchildren, ages 11 & 12 & all the places & activities where so well organized, all was smooth sailing! We will remember this trip forever! We loved going to the Masai village & interacting with the Masai, & watching them make fire & dancing with them.

The weather was great. Some of the highlights include seeing 10 lions @ once, just outside of our last compound, there were 3 males (with manes), & 4 females with 3 cubs. They were lying around, & the Cubs were covorting around the females, who were licking the Cubs. We watched them for quite a while, & they were right @ the side of the road. We also enjoyed the elephant orphanage, & adopted a baby. The giraffe sanctuary was really awesome too, to feed these gentle, beautiful creatures & view them so close was very cool! We had a great time inWatamu &"our accomation,right on the ocean was marvelous. We did some great stuff there too, took a tour of a snake farm & held big snakes (not my favorite, but the children loved it). We went on a tour of Mombasa, the spice market & Fort Jesus was well worth seeing. Also the ruins @ Gedes were spectacular, & there we had monkeys jump on our shoulders & fed them bananas!

Petter Børkeeiet   –  
Norway NO
Visited: July 2019 Reviewed: Jul 30, 2019

Email Petter Børkeeiet  |  50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris

Magnificant people and nature
Overall rating

Wildlife - especially in Masai Mara - is extraordenary compared to any other park I have visited.
Hell's gate and Longonot are hidden gems

Małgorzata Korban   –  
Poland PL
Visited: July 2019 Reviewed: Jul 24, 2019

Email Małgorzata Korban  |  under20 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Very unique place
Overall rating

I spent nearly 2 weeks in Kenya and was very happy about the holiday there. Even if it was cold season I had 30 Celsius degrees temperature and liked the nature and animals a lot (There were no snakes and many insects as some of you might think though).

Lew   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: June 2019 Reviewed: Jul 14, 2019

Email Lew  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Great experience with a sour end
Overall rating

The experience on the whole was incredible. We were met at the airport by a driver (as arranged) and taken swiftly to our tour operator’s (Seth) office. We paid Seth for what we agreed (there maybe more ‘tax’ costs on the day though so bring extra dollars as we did not have enough with ‘extra increments’). After that we were then taken to the hotel as arranged by Seth prior to our visit because our tour started early the next day. I would recommend staying elsewhere as this hotel is very basic with its amenities and food. My partner and I did not believe it was worth the $100 cost for two nights. It is based in the CBD of Kenya so leaving the hotel to explore the city was eerily at times - my partners necklace was actually snatched from around her neck even though it was hidden (luckily it was not expensive).

The following morning we were picked up by another driver to meet the rest of the tour group. We met our driver Stanley who was fantastic and cannot recommend him enough. He took us to see every animal listed on the website and his knowledge of the areas he took us too was very good. He answered every question we asked and helped us if we were stuck with anything. He looked after us as a group and made sure we were all completely satisfied with our journey.

Accommodation at the campsites were as expected (because of the price you pay for the whole package). Food at all places are buffet but selection is not fantastic. The campsite next to the Maasai Mara was a great experience though.

Overall, the experience was great and it will hold brilliant memories for us forever. However, the trip we had went a bit sour towards the end as we had extras in our package which we paid for on arrival but were then changed. After much deliberation, we finally had what was agreed but this did take a lot of time when discussed with the tour operator. There were many messages back and forth which were needless. There had also been another instance on the tour where our driver had taken us to an excursion but our tour operator did not tell the driver my partner and I had paid already for it as part of our package. This could have become very tricky for one of us and someone could could have been out of pocket. This should have been discussed and organised prior to us. I do not feel the situation was necessary or my issue to fix but I was the one to fix this problem. It would have been extremely difficult if I did not have a SIM card (also recommended by the tour operator not to get beforehand).

I would recommend this experience to everyone as it was once in a lifetime opportunity. However, I have learnt a few lessons from this:
1) Make sure you get what you pay and you keep on top of what is offered so you are not swindled out of any money.
2) Be fluid and have a positive attitude as plans can change daily - detailed plans changed completely but we do what was listed.
3) Bring a high powered power bank and a SIM card at the airport as some places of stay do not have internet or working electricity all day.

Steven Levenson   –  
United States US
Visited: June 2019 Reviewed: Jul 4, 2019

Email Steven Levenson  |  50-65 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Amazing seeing so many animals up close - did not expect such long drive times to different reserves
Overall rating

Used Kenya Walking Survivors Safaris - chose a modified 10 day safari rather than the 12 day mid-priced, also upgraded to Luxury accommodations, and they were very accommodating - I did not recall an airport pickup - so I paid for transportation from another company - both were there even at 11:00pm. Used our tour company - Zachery - he told us he was with us for our 10 Day Safari. Dropped us off at hotel and told to be ready at 7:00 sharp - he would be there and ready, please be on time. I had to email our tour company at 7:25, because no one was there - about 5 minutes later another driver/guide was there, AL - I explained that Zachery was our guide - he made calls and said he was.

Started to Tsavo East - a little into the drive, stopped for about 90 minutes in a very dirty gas station where we believe he was trying to get money into his account, said needed a car charger for his cell. Another stop about an 1 1\2 later for what we were told as a potty stop - went used and wanted to leave - found Al eating and had to wait. Couple hours later stopped at a restaurant for lunch, we refused, well below our standards and supposed to eat at our 1st lodge, per itinerary. Got to 1st lodge after 8 hours - problems with reservations - had lunch and then were told we were being refused, tour company had not paid - went on a game drive on way to new lodge - really nice, lots of animals - got to lodge, standards well below that of the original one in our itinerary. No hot water, food very basic - lodge very rustic, but very clean and we could view many animals, up close. I did receive an email from tour company that Zachery was on way - was sent replying to my email at 7:30am - I do not understand how we ended up with Al.

Day 2 - Itinerary - not followed - did 2 game drives and did see lots of animals - missed Via Aruba Dam on itinerary.

Day 3 again Itinerary not followed - very long day 7am start - went to Mzima Springs, saw Hippos and Crocodiles, then to Rhino Sanctuary, struck out seeing either Rhinos or Leopards - got to lodge 6:30pm in Tsavo West. One of 2 guests at this very rustic lodge, did not get the expected Luxury upgrade - no hot water again- food very basic.

Day 4 early start to Amboseli - lunch at very nice Sopa Lodge, checked in - rested before afternoon game drive, lots of animals. There was a personal stop for our guide to get money - about 45 minutes while we sat in van with up to 30 kids surrounding our van begging for money - we were extremely uncomfortable and told him

Day 5 morning game drive - really nice. Lunch at lodge then a visit, without guide- extra cost, to a Maasai Tribal Village - very enjoyable.

Day 6 very early morning start on way to Lake Naivasha - another very long drive for late lunch at the Sopa Lodge - an extremely nice resort/lodge - many animals walking around. Afternoon game drive at Hell Gate - not many animals, but did see the Geo Thermo Power Plant.
Our favorite accommodations - many animals wandering around grounds - Hippos wandering around at night - really cool - food was fantastic.

Day 7 - a day at "Crescent Island Sanctuary" - supposed to be an included, guided tour - charged $60 for tour - Al was our guide, but there was no tour - just walked for about an hour seeing animals and birds. Did not see or do anything per our itinerary - again supposed to be included, but charged $60.

Day 8 - very early start to Maasai Mara - another very long drive - late lunch at Azure Mara Haven - a Tented Camp, then a late afternoon game drive - lots of animals. Dinner, family style, no choices - food OK at best - had a nice tribal show during dinner.

Day 9 - Very early start - 5:30 for a Hot Air Balloon ride then outside breakfast - highly recommend - really nice and fun. After a morning game drive with the balloon operator - our guide did not show up at meeting place - so he took us to try and see Leopards - no luck - but did see lots of animals. After many attempts to contact Al - he was going to take us back to hotel but Al finally contacted him for a meeting place - continued drive with Al to border of Kenya and Tanzania - had box lunch and continued game drive - lots of Lions this day.

Day 10 - After breakfast - anther extremely long drive back to Nairobi - I paid for box lunches for all because would not eat at the restaurant Al chose - finally in Nairobi, dinner at 6 at a very nice restaurant - Al instructed waitress to give me bill - no problem - then to Airport.

There were many personal stops for our guide. Many of the roads taken were very questionable. The seat-belts were not working in van.

Al was very knowledgeable about the animals and birds - really enjoyed listening to him. Also, he ate every meal with us - the only guide to do so.

We are still very puzzled by the confusion regarding guides and the non payment of the original lodge. The original lodge was very nice and we ended up at a far inferior lodge - not the Luxury upgrade that we paid for.

All in all we really enjoyed our tour.

David   –  
South Africa ZA
Visited: June 2019 Reviewed: Jul 3, 2019

Email David  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: over 5 safaris

Wonderful country, amazing wildlife, but shocking infrastructure
Overall rating

We really enjoyed the parks and wildlife, but getting there proved a challenge - the roads are appalling, especially the road into the Masai Mara - I would have thought such a busy park would be better served. The number of trucks on the roads is crazy, they should all be on the new railway, not clogging up traffic. If Kenya can fix this it will go a long way into making it an outstanding destination.

Kristiana   –  
France FR
Visited: June 2019 Reviewed: Jun 24, 2019

Email Kristiana  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Magical Migration and overall good experience in Kenya
Overall rating

We did some safaris (Masai Mara, Amboseli, Hell's Gate by bike) and some hiking (Mount Longonot). They were all very magical. We saw the great migration (1 month early!) and did a self drive in Amboseli (totally worth it!). The only thing that we regret was the absence of communication with the locals. Every time we talked with somebody at the end it was all about money. We could not even walk alone on Diani Beach. The beach boys were over us trying to sell us all sorts of things.
Also we did not enjoy the Masai Village visit (next to Lenchada Tourist Camp in Masai Mara). It was such a tourist trap! They were all about money and money and trying all the time to sell you different things and on a very high prices. Avoid it if you can, really.

Makotonald   –  
Japan JP
Visited: April 2019 Reviewed: Jun 7, 2019

Email Makotonald  |  35-50 years of age  |  Experience level: first safari

Wild kingdom exist!
Overall rating

Mostly our experiences are extraordinary and good in Kenya. Our game drive which was provided by Ewamanns Safaris should included drop off to our hotel, but we ended up to pay the fee to a driver. According to the driver and associates, Ewamanns Safaris
had not clear the payment to them, and I told them that I have nothing to do with their issue since I had pay the total due in advance. Well, it was totally upsetting.

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