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Kenya Safari- Masai Mara and Amboseli- January 2020
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Went on two 3 day safari's in Kenya, first to the Masai Mara and the second to Amboseli. All in all the two trips were good value given the low price, I've listed the pros and cons below.

-Amazing scenery and wildlife, you cannot get any wilder than the Masai Mara! You will more or less be guaranteed to see at least 3/4 of the big 5!
-Amboseli is one of the most scenic safari parks in the world with the Kilimanjaro backdrop! It really is a photographers dream!
-Food is good given the facilities (used to cook the food)- have a broad mind and enjoy the flavours!

-For 3 days there is just too much driving from Nairobi to the Masai Mara and back. Amboseli and back is manageable because the distance is considerably less. And the roads are absolutely terrible in places, choose a more expensive vehicle- anything other than a 4x4 is not suitable!
-Wildlife is heavily dependent on the season- better in the dry season. We saw lots of wildlife in the Mara, but didn't see hardly any wildlife in Amboseli except lots of elephants and the general assortment of other smaller animals like antelope etc.
-Be prepared to eat the food, it wont be what you are used to at home!

Great experience with one exception
Overall rating

I had a great time on my trip to Kenya. I will start with the negative and then go with the positive. I became dehydrated on the trip. The first day we travelled over 8 hours and were not given any water, nor were we allowed to buy any. We made several stops, one over 30 minutes, and our driver just talked to people. Nothing, just chilling with his friends. Then we ask to get out and he refused to get out. Then would not give us any water. Being someone how has leg cramps and an athlete, water is VERY important. It was told on our trip that all water would be given to is. It was not. Also on the last two days we were not given any water either. So three dya we went without any water in the hot place. We had to buy the water, after we were told it would be free.

That part aside, it was one of the best vacations of my life. I enjoy seeing the animals and I was able to see all of the big five except for the leopard. The animals were very fun and it was good to experience life in Africa. I never knew there were that many animals out there. We also, one day, saw the elusive and highly endangered black rhino. Our guide told us that he usually only sees them about every 100 days. So that was super exciting. Being a teacher, I have to travel cheap and this was a great value for the trip. The food was the same every meal, but there was plenty of it. The places you stay are good, if you remember it is a budget experience. I did not mind it at all and met some really cool people. I used Safari Line Defender and Rose was the one who set it up for me. It was all very professional.....with the exception of the water.

I would highly suggest using this safari Line Defender and work with Rose. It was a GREAT time!!

Necessary but tirying
Overall rating

We went on the 6-day safari. Most of the animals we saw were in Masai Mara, we could see the big 5 in one day. However Amboseli and Lake Nakuru were more beautiful. I think you should go to see those too (the Kilimanjaro views are amazing). The big inconvenience is the distance between the parks cause it takes half a day to get from one to another and sitting in the car for so many days is exhausting and not comfortable. The other objection we had was our guide, Ali. He didnt explain anything, he was not very nice and when we talked to him about a problem he responded us in a bad way. These people have to know that we pay a lot and come from very far to enjoy that trip so we just want to enjoy what we paid for. He was unrespectful to me with the things he said. That was not nice and we didnt feel comfortable. The last days he changed and started explaining some things and being friendly. Accomodations in Masai Mara and Amboseli are tented camps, they say there's hot water but its cold, but the place itself is not bad (except Amboseli, cause there were many insects in the tent and the mosquito net was full of holes). Food is ok, buffet with some meat, rice or pasta and veggies and fruit.

Overall rating

All perfect
Only hotel en MasaiMara Manyatta Camp is terrible

It was amazing experience in my life.
Overall rating

It was great chance to see the lions. I could see total 6 lions at Nairobi national park. I cannot forget that spectacles as long as I live.

it was stunnung , over what we expected
Overall rating

we stayed in intercontinental Nairobi first night which was good, then we started our journey and road trip through agent called Mufasa the tour guide ( Wilson ) was super professional and was very helpful for the 6 days with us , we stayed in Entim in Masai Mara the service was great and the place is amazing then we went to the cliff in Nakuru which was suppose to be a higher quality camp but the actually the service was so bad and staff there is rude, we went to Fairmont mount Kenya hotel it was very nice but the receptionist was also rude and un supportive I had to complain 3 times in one day about three different reasons. Mufasa was good agent except for one point we agreed that the cliff was all inclusive same as Entim and we paid for that but what we got was Meals only package and the agent told me it depends on the hotel they decide on arrival if we get AL or FB which makes no sense as I work in tourism and know how it works . please note we were honeymooners and didn't get the expected service from the cliff or Fairmont mount Kenya but in general Kenya is amazing and we will definitely come back but with a different agent

Very nice vacation
Overall rating

Masai mara was perfect.
No rhinos but lots of other animals.
Long drive to see lake naivasha.
Kilimanjaro was covered in cloud but amboseli was still nice.
Nice guide.

Great guide, ok lodge and excellent experience of wildlife
Overall rating

Terrible roads into the Masai Mara NR, but stunning wildlife and acceptable roads and tracks inside.
Simon the guide and driver was very knowledgeable and and excellent driver.
The Miti Mingi Eco lodge had food and lodging that gave good value for money.

Overall rating

I saw 4 of the Big 5 here in Kenya, the tour guides were very well versed on the wildlife there. The Lodges were excellent.

Mixed bag.
Overall rating

I already passed this onto our tour rep at mufasa tours.

The trip was mostly good.

Read on:

I note there's no star rating above for accommodation?

The driver (Joe) was great. No complaints there, he did a fantastic job, very happy with him.

AA Lodge Amboseli was not good. Badly run. So many things wrong with the place, mostly at the restaurant such as
- starting one meal an hr late with no excuse or apology given
-bones in the pork stir fry
- running out of food (specifically bacon and pancakes) 20 minutes before the end of breakfast service
-napkins always damp
- sometimes we had napkins, sometimes not. I saw one table with 7 places have one napkin in the table
- cutlery laid out randomly, I once had 2 knives 3 spoons and one fork.
-swimming pool not nice at all
- WiFi available only at cheetah bar, and very slow
-in our packed lunch there was a sandwich with one Slice of cucumber.
-no butter anywhere, only blue band
-OK selection of food but no chapatis or kachumbari
-waiters were often slow to ask us for drinks and to clear our table
-the layout of the restaurant meant it was difficult to get from our table to the food stations, as we had to squeeze through tables
-poor level of English spoken

On the plus side, the room was big and the bed comfortable.

I would recommend new management or remove them from your package tours.

In one game drive we stopped at serena lodge to use the bathroom and have a coffee. And the difference between the 2 places is simply _ridiculous_ .

Amboseli Park itself was great. Very enjoyable.

In Tsavo east the hotel we stayed in (name? ) is a bit old but the service and staff were MUCH better, and the restaurant was much better run.
Despite being older, and needing some refurbishment, this place was simply better in every way. And we managed to see a leopard.

The manager (Dennis) and all the staff were attentive and spoke good English.

Only recommendation for this place, other than refurbishment, is to use insecticide more liberally, as the insects are numerous. Not a problem for me but my partner hates insects. Also, new mosquito nets.

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