​Malaria & Safety – Sehlabathebe NP

Philip Briggs
By Philip Briggs

Philip is a renowned Africa expert. He writes and updates content for many travel organizations, including the Lesotho Tourist Board.

Philip is a renowned Africa expert and writes for the Lesotho Tourist Board.

Philip is an Africa expert and writes for the Lesotho Tourist Board.


Lesotho and its parks, including Sehlabathebe National Park, are generally safe to visit in our opinion. The park is primarily visited on a self-drive trip. The access roads to the park are very bad, so get local advice on the current road conditions before heading off, especially in the rainy season. Once inside the park, most exploration is done on foot. Changing weather conditions and getting lost are the main concerns. We recommend employing a local guide to accompany you.

Malaria & Vaccinations

Due to the high elevation of the country, Lesotho is free of malaria and most other tropical diseases. You might, however, need several vaccinations before your visit. Ask your doctor or travel clinic for details.

Wildlife Viewing

There are no dangerous large animals in Sehlabathebe NP. There are snakes in the park, but they are rarely encountered. Keeping alert and staying on the hiking trails will help to minimize the risks.

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