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Alan Murphy
By Alan Murphy

Alan is a renowned Africa expert and has authored many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including the Swaziland section of their 'South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland' guide.

Alan has authored many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including the Swaziland section of their 'South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland' guide.

Alan has authored the Swaziland section of Lonely Planet's 'South Africa, Lesotho & Swaziland' guide.

Alan researched and wrote about Swaziland for Lonely Planet.


Swaziland’s main parks offer wildlife viewing throughout the year. In Hlane and Mkhaya many of the flagship species are kept in large drive-through enclosures, making them easy to find. Traditionally, the best wildlife viewing is during the dry winter months, from May to September. At this time the bush thins out and the animals congregate around predictable water sources. While this isn’t so important in Swaziland, it will still give you the edge for seeing some of the smaller animals. You might also want to consider this if you are visiting other parks in the region, such as Kruger, where the seasons make a big difference to wildlife viewing. The wettest months, from November to February, are not ideal as the rain might interfere with your afternoon safari and it tends to be very hot and humid.

Best Time May to September (Dry season)
High Season December to January and July to August (It never gets very busy)
Low Season April to mid-June and September to November (Low season rates may apply)
Best Weather April to May and September to October (Mild weather and little rain)
Worst Weather June to August (Chilly mornings and nights) and December to February (Hot and humid)

May to September Dry Season – Winter

  • Wildlife viewing at its best as animals gather around water, and vegetation thins out
  • Blue, blue skies and no rain
  • Mild daytime temperatures and low humidity
  • Very dry and dusty
  • Early morning game drives in open vehicles are cold; warm clothing is required

October to April Wet Season – Summer

  • The scenery is green and fresh
  • Wildlife viewing is still good
  • There are many baby animals
  • Birding is excellent with migratory birds present
  • Wildlife viewing is not as good as during the Dry season
  • It is hot and humid in the middle of the day

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Best Time to go to Swaziland by Major Park

Most parks can be visited throughout the year, but wildlife viewing is best during the Dry season when animals are easier to spot. Malolotja is more a hiking destination than a place to see wildlife. Here, the balance lies between beautiful scenery and hot, wet weather during the summer months, or cold nights but pleasant daytime temperatures during the winter months. Perhaps the best time in Malolotja is during spring and autumn, around April, May, September and October. These are also lovely months in the wildlife reserves.


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