Chobe National Park is a southern African classic, a vast and superbly varied protected area with some of the best wildlife in Africa. Chobe stretches from the Chobe Riverfront area close to the gateway town of Kasane to the wild and wonderful Savuti (also spelled Savute), which is known for its predator sightings. It is accessible within a couple of hours from Victoria Falls. And wherever you are in the park, it’s the elephants that dominate: Chobe and the surrounding area have more elephants than anywhere else in Africa.

Choosing where to stay is an undoubted highlight of a visit here. Luxury lodges and tented camps occupy prime locations along the Chobe River, in Kasane or close to the waterholes of Savuti. To help you make this all-important choice, here’s our selection of the best luxury Chobe lodges and camps.

The accommodations below are not ranked in a specific quality order. 

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1. Chobe Game Lodge

Chobe Game Lodge Chobe Game Lodge has a fantastic riverside position, as well as great rooms and activities

Occupying one of the most sought-after patches of safari real estate in Botswana, Chobe Game Lodge spreads along the banks of the Chobe River. It’s close enough to Kasane to be convenient, but far enough away to feel like you’re in the wilderness.

With more years of experience than any other five-star lodge in the area, Chobe Game Lodge has perfected the art of putting guests in the right place at the right time. Apart from the large and luxurious rooms that are filled with light and color, the lodge offers guided game drives and excursions in solar-powered boats. Both will take you to where the animals (elephants, predators and so much more) come down to the water’s edge.

The public areas have gorgeous African masks and statues and colorful throws, you can dine on a deck overlooking the river, and the pool is lovely for those moments when you just need to cool off.

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2. Chobe Bakwena Lodge

Chobe Bakwena Lodge Chobe Bakwena Lodge in Kasane is just outside Chobe National Park, with lovely rooms by the river

Along the Chobe River in Kasane, Chobe Bakwena Lodge places you in a fine position with all the services and supplies of the city close by, even though you’ll feel a world away by the riverbank. Rooms here have a white-linen-and-wicker-chair look, with big windows, supremely comfortable beds and high thatched ceilings. Enjoy a meal overlooking the river, go for a swim, or nurse a drink as the late afternoon light softens. And then, when it’s time to head out into the peerless wilds of Chobe National Park, you can be surrounded by elephants and lions within minutes of leaving the lodge.

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3. Savute Safari Lodge

Savute Safari Lodge Savute Safari Lodge offers excellent wildlife viewing, paired with beautiful rooms and facilities

Now here’s something really special. Deep within Chobe National Park, in the fabulous wildlife country of Savuti, Savute Safari Lodge overlooks a waterhole that draws a nonstop procession of elephants. Lion prides and packs of African wild dogs are also common in the area, and you’re perfectly placed for exploring the banks of the Savuti Channel.

Aside from the views, the camp itself consists of stunning public areas, with stylish contemporary decor and open-air everything that lets in the breeze and views of this remarkable place. The rooms follow a similar pattern, with chic earth colors, polished wood floors and a recurring sense of light and space. Lie in bed at night and listen to elephants at the waterhole, zebras barking in alarm and lions roaring nearby.

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4. Ngoma Safari Lodge

Ngoma Safari Lodge Riverside Ngoma Safari Lodge is a Chobe classic with bungalow rooms and big views

Along a stretch of Chobe riverbank that very few travelers (and certainly none of the day-trippers from Kasane) ever see, Ngoma Safari Lodge is a wonderful place to stay and an ideal base from which to explore. The lodge is handy for the riverfront, for excursions to Savuti and even for a cross-border foray into Namibia. Or you can just stay in camp and enjoy the views, the cooling shade from the property’s many trees, or your large and luxurious room with a private plunge pool. The thatched bungalows are well spaced and perfectly positioned for you to feel as if this remarkable place is yours alone to enjoy. You’ll also eat well here, and you’re guaranteed a warm welcome.

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5. Muchenje Safari Lodge

Muchenje Safari Lodge Muchenje Safari Lodge occupies a rise above the Chobe River with attractive rooms, views and amenities

Nicely removed from the activity of Kasane, Muchenje Safari Lodge has a fabulous position on a rise that looks out over the Chobe River and its floodplains. Everything here has a view, from the swimming pool, restaurant and lounge terrace to most of the rooms. With not many other lodges in the area, you can enjoy peaceful game drives with very few other safari vehicles around, or head out onto a quiet stretch of the river for more safari highlights. The tented rooms have private terraces, cooling slate floors and big-sky views. Keep an eye out for elephants crossing the horizon and try to count a million stars at night.

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6. Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge

Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge promises the best Savuti experiences with great wildlife and top accommodations

There’s lots to like about Ghoha Hills Savuti Lodge, but we love it, especially for its location in a prime wildlife area of Savuti, deep inside Chobe. Furthermore it is nicely removed from other lodges and camps. The accommodations here capture all the romance of being on safari. The big and beautifully decorated safari tents are on elevated wooden platforms and have fine views of the surrounding area. It’s not unusual for a curious elephant to wander right past your tent flap, or for lions to roar in unison just outside your window. With a swimming pool, lounge, dining area, fire pit and a real open-to-the-wilderness outlook to go with the wildlife and excellent accommodations, Ghoha Hills is a fine choice.

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7. Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero

Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero has a good location, and even better rooms and facilities in a pretty garden

As we’ve come to expect from the Sanctuary portfolio of properties, Sanctuary Chobe Chilwero is sophisticated and has rooms that take a contemporary look at the whole safari experience. Rooms are five-star in every way, with space, luxury and designer touches to go with safari mainstays such as thatched roofs and four-poster beds. The secluded position is one of the closest of the Chobe lodges and camps to the park entrance. The property also has an array of swimming pools, delightful gardens, fine service and some of the best meals in the Chobe region. They also know how to pamper you in the spa.

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8. Chobe River Lodge

Chobe River Lodge Chobe River Lodge is a four-star gem in Kasane, with superb rooms and public areas

Like so many high-end Chobe lodges, Chobe River Lodge lines up along the riverbank in Kasane. Conveniently positioned for both town and Chobe itself, the lodge can have you out on the river and looking for animals in no time at all. The modern decor makes stylish use of cool concrete walls and floors, as well as contemporary designer furnishings. The lodge has also made fine dining a part of its offerings with innovative, seasonal menus. There’s a pool and excellent service too.

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9. Zambezi Queen by Mantis

Zambezi Queen by Mantis Zambezi Queen by Mantis is an outstanding safari houseboat ideal for exploring Chobe from the river

Zambezi Queen by Mantis takes the idea of a boat safari to a whole new level. This safari houseboat is like an indulgent mini-cruise, one that will have you passing by one of the prettiest and most wildlife-filled stretches of riverbank in Africa. Every time you open the curtains of your luxury cabin, you’re almost sure to see wildlife on show: an elephant bathing, hippos and crocodiles lurking just below the river’s surface, or lions on the hunt along the shore. The captains here are experts in taking you where other boats don’t go, and with the big windows, ample terraces and views even from the restaurant, you’ll never miss a thing.

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10. Chobe Marina Lodge

Chobe Marina Lodge Chobe Marina Lodge is right by the river in Kasane, and has luxury rooms and river views

By the riverbank in Kasane, Chobe Marina Lodge is another unforgettable in-town choice. If you want to head for Chobe, it’s a short drive to the world-famous Chobe Riverfront section of the park, with all the amazing wildlife possibilities that such an excursion brings. If instead you decide to stay at the lodge and relax, you’re also in for a treat, with warm personal service, excellent four-star rooms, river views from the pool, bar and restaurant, and an experience that perfectly combines casual with classy.

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