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Birds of Hwange National Park

With over 420 species recorded, and its good infrastructure, Hwange is Zimbabwe’s birder’s hotspot. Hwange is probably best known for its huge population of raptors.

There are two main birding areas: the one around Main Camp and one to the north of the park, around Robins and Sinamatella Rest Camps. Both areas are linked by a network of roads that take visitors through a variety of habitats, including many waterholes that attract large numbers of animals and birds. Migratory birds are present from November to April.

Notable birds
  • BradfieldBradfield's hornbill Locally Common
  • Bronze-winged courserBronze-winged courserMigrant
  • BurchellBurchell's sandgrouseLocally Common
  • Red-billed spurfowlRed-billed spurfowlCommon
  • Rufous-naped larkRufous-naped larkCommon
  • Spur-winged gooseSpur-winged gooseCommon
Birding specials – Treats for avid birders
Zimbabwe doesn't have endemic birds, although several near-endemics can be found in the Eastern Zimbabwe Mountains Bird Area (EBA), which includes Nyanga NP.
Best time for bird watching
Birdlife is plentiful year-round, but at its very best from November to April when migratory birds from Europe and northern Africa are present. Resident birds can be seen nesting and in their bright breeding plumage as well. June to October (the Dry season) is the best time for wildlife viewing.

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The eastern highlands, including Nyanga NP, are well-known birding hotspots. Hwange has over 420 species recorded and the parks in the Zambezi valley have rich birdlife as well.

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