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mpotechin   –  
Canada CA
Visited: June 2011 Reviewed: Aug 7, 2011

20-35 years of age

Overall rating

Lake Manyara is an interesting location that is very different from what one expects in East Africa. The lake provides year-round water, which makes Lake Manyara green and lush, and this location is one of the best for monkeys and baboons. We found, however, that the game drive here was a bit lacking compared to the other three locations we visited. The lake is full of flamingos, but there are no roads passing nearby (at least there were not when we did our game drive), so all we saw was a pink haze in the distance. We also saw small numbers of elephants, lions, giraffes... but after being spoiled by the amount of wildlife in the other parks, we were a wee bit disappointed. It is interesting to see this location, due to its dissimilarity from the other parks, but if you want to save money by cutting a day from the safari, this is the one to skip.

billt4sf   –  
United States US
Visited: June 2011 Reviewed: Aug 7, 2011

Email billt4sf  |  50-65 years of age

Overall rating

Few animals, hard to see the flamongoes

Rita Gazdag   –  
Hungary HU
Visited: January 2009 Reviewed: Aug 4, 2011

Email Rita Gazdag  |  35-50 years of age

Overall rating

I enjoyed meeting with the Maasai people and talking to them in Swahili about their customs. They were so friendly that they took me to one of their very traditional programs.

Dudley   –  
United Kingdom UK
Visited: June 2010 Reviewed: Jul 21, 2011

20-35 years of age

Overall rating

Lake Manyara was quieter than the other parks we went to in Tanzania. The bush vibe was more evident as a result. I really liked the terrain, which was far less open than the other reserves and led to a better chance of coming across animals unexpectedly, as we did with a group of elephants. It also has a great hippo pool.

Wildlife viewing wasn't quite as good as elsewhere, but in part that's down to luck. Had we seen a large cat or two it would probably have been my favourite of the parks.

mrdiggler   –  
Germany DE
Visited: June 2011 Reviewed: Jul 15, 2011

Email mrdiggler  |  20-35 years of age

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go and have a half-day excursion (hunting, "smoking") to the Hadzabe people!!

club60   –  
United States US
Visited: October 2010 Reviewed: May 9, 2011

50-65 years of age

Overall rating

It was our first stop so memorable for that. The elephants and flamingos are standouts here.

bruges00   –  
Belgium BE
Visited: August 2008 Reviewed: May 3, 2011

Email bruges00  |  35-50 years of age

Overall rating

Great scenaries around the lake. Cats, giraffes and elephants easily spotted while they go to the lake to drink at evening or inside the vegetation on the way to the lake. Rich also of hippos, flamingos and many other species of birds. Sunset is great moment to go, lovely colours on the horizon. On the way to the park, one may think to make a stop in the Mtowambu village: Very interesting the guided tour aroiund the village, organised by local people and with provents going to local population. One day is in my view enough.

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