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Exhilarating, exciting and very beautiful safari adventure
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Namibia is a beautiful ,safe and clean country.The safari is beyond my expectation, it is amazing, Landscape will blow your mind away especially the sand dunes.Beautiful is an u derstatement.

Rich in beauty, wildlife and people.
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While there are a lot of gaming farms and national parks to see the rich Namibian wildlife, going into the more arid areas of the country will show you as well many animals (Oryx, Baboons, etc.). November the right period to see seals off the coast of Walvish bay, it's some kind of show!
Namibians are generous, positive and welcoming. There are some prejudice between some tribes, but don't listen to nay-sayers: even if some other Namibians would warn you for their aggressive selling techniques, listen to what the Himbas have to say. Their culture is rich and the price not as expensive as in other "tourist friendly" shops.
I have stayed in Townships in both Swakopmund and Windhoek. They are not so as unsafe as what you might hear concerning South Africa, and the taxi drivers are fine. Just do as the locals and all will be fine.

unforgettable adventure
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We had a safari for the first time ever and we didn't expect that it would be so much fascinating. The tour was very well organized (thanks a lot to ChameleonSafaris and our guide) and we managed to see the whole country for one week. We saw three absolutely different regions: see shore (Swakopmund), desert (Namib and Sossusvlei) and savanna (Etosha National park). It's not enough, of course, to enjoy every spot properly, but if you're limited in time it is the best choice. We were lucky to see all animals possible in Etosha, climbed the dune in Sossusvlei, did shopping in Swakopmund and lot more. The lodges where we stayed were amazing, we would spend a week in each of them. Very cozy and comfortable with excellent views from the windows to bushes and sunset, wild animals in the close vicinity to lodges (springboks, wildebeests, lots of birds etc). In Namib desert was quite cold at nights and very windy (which is a rarity), but view of night sky with miriads of stars and milkyway are worth it. Overall it was unforgettable adventure which makes us wish to experience it more and more.

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I can’t say enough positive things about my tour of Namibia. The nature, intinerary, food, and accommodations were all splendid! And Alvin Chanakira is probably the best tour guide a traveler could ever ask for. He’s funny, smart, and incredibly engaging with all of his guest. Moses (our driver) was also excellent! I will certainly recommend this tour to all of my friends.

Stunningly different
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Namibia is a spectacular country of amazing contrasts in scenery, wildlife and historical culture.

The people are lovely. Thoroughly enjoyed our entire visit.

8 day Namibia highlights
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Wild Wind safaris are highly recommended. Very professional, excellent guide.

Namibia is such a stunning place to visit. Dramatic, ever-changing landscapes, friendly people and incredible wildlife - mainly at Etosha m, but also just throughout the country.

Be prepared for long days spent in the back of a jeep as the distances are big.

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the country is well organized, the country receives the tourists very well. The landscapes are fantastic and the wildlife is very beautiful

As my first safari everything amazed me. I can say my dream to see african wildlife became true
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Contrast feelings. In my opinion local people is plundered of their birthrights. The certitude of being in a totally wild territory flew away by the fact that allmost all the country is fenced and packaged and most of the wildlife intensely managed, although I do not deny this is, in some cases and for certain species, the best way to assure conservation.

Anyway, this is not true for the main place we visit (4 days, 3 nigths), etosha. Here the only artificial elements are the man made waterholes (some are natural) and the roads, but this is why you can see the animals here. As it was my first safari ever, everything was amazing. We even saw many rhinos (both) and lions in our self drives. After Etosha we went to Okonjima for leopards and cheetahs. The first are free born radiocallared animals and they guarantee you good observations, but the rescued cheetahs are semi-domesticated animals. Also here brown hyaena, ardwolf, mountain zebra, elephant shrew and white rhino. As birders we enjoyed tracking in this reserve. The guides were superb and the standard rooms were actually luxury: you could see a lot of life lying in the bed.

Etosha is vey good for raptors (martial eagle, bateleur and secretary, but we missed pygmy falcon) and steppe-land birds, but not so much for passerines, as you can not leave the car. For photographers: the most of the day the light is too bright and the sky leaden
The surrealistic vision of game, seemingly floating over the salt plan, seems a sweet alutination. The only night we spent camping at okaukuejo I will never forget: 7 black rhinos, including cubs playfully approaching elephant bulls (until a blast of water from his trunk made the cub run to mother's shelter), a genets and a hyaena (with a jackal as squire) in the waterhole. When I went to sleep the roar of lyons made my marrows shake.
The best place for lions where Nebrownii and Okondeka waterholes. We tried a lot with cheetah, but no luck in 4 days.

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Before there is any miscommunication caused by my title, I will simply say that my trip with Wild Cherry Safaris was outstanding. It was more than a dream come true; it was like a dream that was occurring in front of me.

Chad seemed to have the magic touch, because we managed to see all the animals we could have expected and some we didn't. He was patient, helpful and was a really good listener. He truly loves this country and this geography; as he said, Namibia makes sense to him, and that realization really enhanced the tour. He loved seeing these wonders unfold as much as we did.

Desmond was awesome. He remained in the camp, prepared the meals and the sleeping arrangements, and had wonderful localized advice. If there was a mysterious noise in the middle of the night, he would tell you exactly what it was in the morning. I really liked him, and was invaluable to our experience.

The park was both expansive and compact. I will explain. The permanent campground (Wild Cherry is the only tour company that offers this) is surrounded with everything one would need. A charging station for your camera batteries and electronics. A food vendor, bathroom facilities, a restaurant, and for the hotter afternoons a swimming pool. But for me what made the location incredible, were the vantage points at perimeter of the camp. Firstly, at the southwest corner of the camp is a hidden and unmarked observational gem. Basically you are standing in shaded bush, but you can watch very closely as all the animals pass only metres in front of you on their way to the water hole. If you are patient and quiet, they won't even notice you. Of course, the Water Hole is a sight too. At any given moment, 24 hours a day, you will see a parade of coexisting animals quenching their thirst. The elephants were the big showboats, and the rhinos seemed to be nocturnal.

So that is the element of the 'Etosha Dream' that is in your control. Once you get in the back of the truck, Chad had a pretty instinctual sense of where to go. A viewing platform above the truck sits nine people, and comes with comfortable seating and blankets for the cold mornings (we went in August). The roads wind endlessly through the massive park, and from your vantage point you can observe from higher up. This allows you to see giraffes poke their heads up curiously, and Gnus, Zebras, Impala, and Springboks weaving through the landscape.

With Wild Cherry's 3D/2N tour you get to have two morning and two evening game rides. We seemed to see more animals in the evening, but our rarer sightings (lions, hyenas, and leopards) were all in the morning. And in between, the water hole is always at your disposal in camp. Basically, if you really wanted to, you could be observing animals 24 hours a day. Just don't miss Desmond's meals. He has mastered hearty food on the barbeque.

Final Thoughts

My experience with Wild Cherry was wonderful. Things were done at a very comfortable pace and the itinerary was ideal. Etosha is a quiet and epic place, and the employees at this company embrace that spirit on the game rides. A little information is given, but there is a joy in the quiet wonder shared by everyone. Chad, Sydney, and Desmond really want you to enjoy your experience. And with Chad at the wheel you are going to find unbelievable moments.


-Bring a tripod on the game rides. If you are using a phone or digital camera, bring a bean bag or a resting pad (a beanie works well too) to test your camera on for smoother shots

- To capture intimate moments of animals who are closer to the car, remember that you often have a better vantage point than Chad does at the wheel. Just knock on the roof and he will happily stop. Remember, it's your safari and it may be your only one.

- Don't try and take selfies with the animals behind you. You will be shaded and they will be in bright light and the image will be awkward and disjointed. Take the best photo possible of the animals in their habitat. That's what your friends and family will want to see.

- Start some conversations with strangers at the water hole. Too often, these camps become really independent; many of the people around you have rather amazing stories and backgrounds. Yet, you happen to be in the same spot at the same time. That is neat.

- I recommend bringing about 800-1000 Namibian currency.

- You have to pay for WiFi. But really, just put it away. It was so enjoyable to be away from it all, watching and hearing animals; also the sunrise, sunset, and night time sky is far more impressive than anything on your phone.

I had an unforgettable experience. I will be sure to recommend Wild Cherry if any friends or family end up in Namibia.

a trip through the desert country
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i booked our trip with a company, through the safaribookings website, there is a wide range of tours available on the website, so it was easy to find a tour which suited us perfectly. Unfortunately a lot of the accomodation had already been taken because we booked fairly late, but the travelagent managed to get us adequate and similar accomodations. We found the overall standard to be very good, all accomodation was in excellent condition, well cared for.The dining was also very good in general, although we found a few places where the menu we were given was not really up to standard. The tour was very well organized, and the guide very knowledgeable. The roads are well mantained and easy to drive on. We managed to see a lot of wildlife- very often just alongside the road, and the scenery was impressive: wide open spaces, few people or traffic.The semi desert and desert views were awesome especially.

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