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Christophe Younes   –  
France FR
Visited: November 2017 Reviewed: Nov 24, 2017

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Superb "à la carte" trip
Overall rating

I went alone to north East Tanzania in November 2017. I met a group of amazing US tourists there, I traveled with them to Tarangire national park, Serengeti and Ngorongoro Crater.
Amazing trip, with amazing people in an amazing region. I can only recommend it, just be careful of the tips you need to give on a daily basis to locals (driver, guide, cook... around $10/person/day), which can increase your budget travel quite significantly.
Before traveling, don't hesitate to ask for some pictures to the places where you will sleep, huge differences between public camp, private camp and lodges in terms of comfort.

Carolyn Widas   –  
Canada CA
Visited: October 2017 Reviewed: Nov 6, 2017

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Tanzania is far more diverse than I expected. Wonderful people and a multitude of things to do
Overall rating

What a gorgeous country and people. We had a spectacular and diverse trip which we enjoyed immeasurably. 3 girls travelled most of the country and had no issues, met amazing people and had spectacular encounters. Don't moss this country and definitely don't pass up on the Serengeti balloon ride!

Raoul   –  
Netherlands NL
Visited: September 2017 Reviewed: Oct 10, 2017

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Amazing country, more than just the big five
Overall rating

We went to Tarangire park, Lake Manyara, Serengeti park, Ngorongoro crater, (and we ended our trip in Zanzibar).

Every single places we visited has different features, each places amazed us. We never get bored from the sceneries. We saw a lot of beautiful animals, not only the big five.. but also many beautiful birds (small & big). We were surrounded by various mammals and birds. Animals walks around and do their usual activies and completely ignore the human. We were also so lucky to also spot reptiles (like agama lizard, monitor lizard, pink spitting cobra, leopard turtle).
We stayed in lodge, and camp/tent, were great. We ate very good food. The touristic places has good facilities. Clean toilet in all parks with running water. Nothing to complain! Guides are knowledgable and friendly.
Zanzibar is such a beautiful small island surrounded by torquise water. We did Blue Safari, worth to do! Doing walking tour in Stone Town is also recommended.
Tanzania has many beautiful souvenirs. But, most of the shops do not put the price tag, the seller decide the asking price (much overpriced) the time you ask for it. So, we personally found it irritating to bargain for a descent price (not too cheap, but also not a rip-off).

Overall, we have a beautiful unforgettable memory of Tanzania trip

J.A.   –  
Brazil BR
Visited: September 2017 Reviewed: Oct 10, 2017

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Overall rating

Fantastic Trip, Crew and Food. Everything was perfect. Lot of animals.

Sharon Thomas   –  
South Africa ZA
Visited: August 2017 Reviewed: Oct 9, 2017

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Overall rating

I highly recommend visiting Tanzania for an unforgettable safari experience, and to see the Big 5. The people are amazingly warm and friendly.
I booked through Kilislopes and found them to be professional and friendly. I travelled alone but felt completely looked after and safe. The guides were knowledgeable and accommodating and the accommodation they booked was perfect in terms of service, price, food and comfort.

Francois de Bruin   –  
South Africa ZA
Visited: August 2017 Reviewed: Sep 11, 2017

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Nice destination with lots of wildlife and variety of parks
Overall rating

We had a fantastic trip in Tanzania and will remember it for a life time. Travel is all about the "stories" that are created...and we have wonderful stories to tell our family and friends. We structured this trip in as if we would never be back - we wanted to see a variety of things in the time we had and not just zeroing in on one type of experience. That has now changed...we definitely want to go back to Tanzania for another adventure. The three very distinct stages of our trip (safari, beach and Stone Town) all offered unique views into Tanzanian culture, land and wildlife. The safari offered wildlife viewing that was beyond anything we expected. We saw loads of lion! Wonderful accommodation and the weather was very pleasant for that time of year and no where close to the temperatures recorded on the internet

Laura   –  
Switzerland CH
Visited: August 2017 Reviewed: Sep 11, 2017

Email Laura  |  20-35 years of age  |  Experience level: 2-5 safaris

beautiful landscape, lovely people, great beaches
Overall rating

Our trip was great. We have seen so many animals like giraffe, hippo, elephant, many beautiful birds, black mamba and other snakes, kudu, impala, buffalo, baboons, crocodile and big groups of lions on both days. One group was already at the place we have expected to have lunch...
We could tell the driver whenever we would like to stop to take pictures or to enjoy the landscape.
Also the food was delicious and the accomodation was very quiet, except the bush babys we could hear at night...
When we arrived after 6hours drive from dar es salam we could relax on the boat and see first animals like hippos, lizard, crocodiles and birds. Sunset on rufiji river was great.
The walking safari was very interesting and we could learn a lot about animals and plants.
We can really recommend doing this 4 days selous safari.

Aleksey Cheprasov   –  
Russia RU
Visited: August 2017 Reviewed: Aug 31, 2017

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A lot of activities, need to spend more time only for Serengeti
Overall rating

Very interesting trip to Serengeti. Very useless and timeless trip to Natron Lake - I do not advice to go to Natron at all. Ngorongoro is too rather boring - it is impossible to see the rhinos!(( If I knew I would prefer only Serengeti - full 7 day tour following from south to the north with great migration.

Dalfino Gerlando   –  
Italy IT
Visited: August 2017 Reviewed: Aug 27, 2017

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good safari
Overall rating

My wife and I had a nice safari.We were entrusted with Arusha Meru Slopes Tours & Safaris Agency.They organized everything perfect, with a great driver who also spoke Italian and a very good, very good chef preparing for us from breakfast to dinner. I highly recommend this agency.Also Mr. Geofrey is really available and for any doubt or problem just turn to him.Thank you for making us experience an exciting experience.

Stephen Pigott   –  
Australia AU
Visited: March 2017 Reviewed: Mar 25, 2017

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Saw the big 5 easy
Overall rating

Bring heeps of US dollars. Everybody wants payment in US$. I brought $3000us I should have brought $6000 for Kilimanjaro,safari,gorillas,Zanzibar,hotels,tips,day trips etc. I did 3 country's in east Africa. A stable currency is preferred over a fluctuating local currency. Foreign owned business have to pay tax in US$ I was told.

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