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Great trip to the oldest desert
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Location was good, accommodation is nice, guide was professional. Good place to calm my mind.

Astonishing scenery, a well-organised burgeoning tourist industry, and lovely, LOVELY people.
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The wildlife and scenery was amazing. There are so many miles of absolutely nothing. Elsewhere in Africa, if you need to go behind a bush, you will find 50 children waiting for you. In Namibia, you'll be lucky to find a bush! But if you do, there will not be 50 children. There won't be anyone. You can stand on top of a hill and see the road for 200 miles, in an almost straight line - with nothing. No village, hut, pylon. Nothing!

We did compact game drives with knowledgeable guides. The scenery from desert to dunes to game park with pans and rock art thrown in - is incredible.

As reasonably experienced travellers in East and West Africa, this was our first trip to southern Africa. I had expected to feel quite intrepid.
Far from it: we stayed almost entirely in Gondwana group hotels, with other B&B in Windhoek and one non-Gondwana tented camp on our itinerary. All were amazing - so varied and interesting, each in their own right. This is not chain-hotel experience. We don't normally do 5*, so perhaps I don't really know how to rate this, but it was way above what we would normally expect to do elsewhere in either Europe or Africa.
By way of example: I wished that I had started a "view from the loo" photo collection early on. From quirky bathroom fittings at Kalahari Anib Lodge (towel rail and loo roll holder all made of copper pipe) to an al fresco toilet experience at the Spitzkoppe tented camp, with the loo roll tucked into the stonewall; to sand dunes, passing rhino and oryx, viewed over our own private plunge pool and a pink fridge at the Desert Grace near Sossusvlei. (Please, PLEASE - if you go to Desert Grace, stop at the view point on the road in. It is well worth clamber up the rock!) ... Elsewhere - towel origami in shape of elephants; chocolates on the pillows ... I could go on.

Special mention: our game driver, Ronald, at Etosha, said we would be out for about 6 hours - but he knew where the animals might be, found them, spent the extra time, and delivered us home after 12 hours. He must have been exhausted, and had it all to do again the next day. But we were happy. And Etosha Safari Camp is just lovely, with its live music, idiosyncratic furniture, and relaxed atmosphere.

Above all, we never felt threatened anywhere. Wandering round Windhoek and Swakopmund was the closest we came to normal life - we didn't see local village life at all, I'm afraid. But everybody we met and talked to, even in the towns, was so very, very friendly and welcoming.

A small point: we would have appreciated better guidance on tyre pressures for different roads - the car hire company simply gave us the wrong figures!

Thank you, Namibia.

Beautiful scenery but specific tour was a disaster
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Scenery of dunes was amazing
Weather was not that cold for desert and for wintertime , warm during the day
We didn't receive lunch on first day, other days the food was very little, others bought food .The vegetarians and vegans had much more limited options too for barbeque
Guide was not informative and we hardly received any info about sights we visited.
Transportation was a broken down game drive vehicle , some bumping there heads on the roof when we visited Deadvlei .Our specific vehicle broke down in middle of the desert without a spare tyre .
Camping facilities basic and okay

Majestic sand dunes,hundreds of thousands of sea lions,diverse game viewing in Etosha and lots more
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We loved our Oshili Tour and Travel trip.Our guide,Granville, was very attentive to our needs.Food and accommodations were excellent!!
We saw an amazing diversity of wildlife especially in Etosha,and our son was ecstatic about quading amongst the dunes.The desert landscapes were stunning and we got some exposure to a some of the tribal cultures in the North. We were overwhelmed by the numbersof sea lions along the Skeleton Coast ..I could go on and on about our adventures!! Truly awesome!!!

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A beautiful country with spectacular vistas, wildlife, and especially birds! Weather was dry and pleasant in May/June 2017, and I suspect it is similar in many other years. Etosha NP is the largest NP in Africa, and is a prime location for viewing and photographing wildlife!

Amazing time in Namibia with a wide variety of activities - sand dunes, safari, World Heritage sites
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I was able to see 44 different species, not including the various birds. Elvis, my tour guide, was able to find animals everywhere! I was amazed by his skill. The dunes were amazing between the expanse and the colors. Food was good - just a few things I didn't enjoy. I was in awe of the many kilometers of dirt roads that were in good shape. The MOST beautiful sunrises and sunsets! However, the dryness of Namibia was intriguing - everything from how the animals and people survive to how thirsty I was. I would enjoy another trip back.

The safari was Amazing!
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The wildlife was great, our guide was great about spotting animals and pointing them out, the accommodations and food was good. We had a great time.

low budget
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First I want to say that our transfer driver, John, was great, as were our cook, David, and our driver, Marvin. This review should not reflect poorly on them in any way, as my complaints are out of their hands. Understanding and respecting that unforeseen circumstances do occur, the condition of our safari truck was ridiculous. The sides never stayed velcroed closed and we would have to stop and fix them continuously, and the bars they were wrapped around were rusty. One hour into our very first game drive the truck broke down. We were then sent separately and alone back to camp, with unknown tourists who stopped alongside us. Apparently the fuse box was broken. One of the other tourists in our group complained about the missed game drive and another company and driver, Oscar, came to our rescue and gave us our game drive. The next morning we needed to push start the truck and found out the starter was now broken. We again drove with another company and Oscar, thankfully! Aside from the inferior vehicle problems, I was so tired of eating porridge and beans that I will never consume them again! Out tour was only 3 days long and yet we ate the same thing over and over again. When I asked if we were having eggs I was informed no, because they hadn't been delivered. Oh great, more porridge! My idea of the "delicious brunch" that is advertised in my itinerary was not simply the bread, yogurt and Corn Flakes cereal, which was what was offered. I wondered if all of the African tours were like this, but after joining our Nomad tour and being given fresh fruit, juices, chicken, spaghetti, and a wide range of deliciously cooked foods I have concluded Wild Cherry Tours is an inferior company and we greatly overpaid for what we received. I am greatly disappointed but at least the wildlife we saw left us with some wonderful memories of Etosha camping.

our 8 days in etosha were fantastic!
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we are donna and larry kaplan, adventure travelers since the late 60s, who are reaping what we sowed by living very simply for many years. we now have the cash to book these pricey tours. was a great site to find. we wanted a week in etosha and nothing more. wild wind safaris was the only one doing a week in etosha so i reached out to them. david at wild wind handled our correspondence and booking and monitored our tour the entire week. you could not ask for a better person to do that for you. he was efficient, knowledgeable, professional and prompt with his responses. he tweaked wild wind's tour to provide us with our week in etosha. david delivered in everything he promised including providing a 40 gallon water tank to refill our reusable liters.

come on people. stop using single use plastic water bottles. it is immoral.

a tour organizer is crucial but the guide/driver is the main part of the tour. a great guide means a tour could be great. a so-so guide can really dim the luster. i hope namibians continue to pursue the guiding profession. i hope tour organizers compensate them well.

our guide was abel kuyonisa and we could not have asked for more. all the adjectives i used for david apply to abel. he was efficient, knowledgeable, and professional. abel was always early and always courteous to all we encountered. abel truly cares about his clients. he is personable and a good story teller. we highly recommend abel to guide you anywhere in namibia and beyond.


larry kaplan

Rustic, adventurous,fun and knowledge
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Namibia - unexplored widely, with its untouched beauty is certainly a offriders paradise. Photography and wild life are the prime attractions . Opting a self catered tour would be more beneficial but we cannot miss on the local delicacies.People are tourist friendly . Language no problem. A must visit place for every traveller. Opt for camping and have more fun.

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