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See the big five all in one amazing national park.
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The Serengeti National Park is amazing, even though we were only in a very small part of it there is definitely plenty to see. Make sure you get yourself a good guide as they are worth their weight in gold, making sure that they offer you the chance to see all you can within the time spent in the National Park is their top priority.
The scenery is gorgeous and it's absolutely amazing to see animals in their own natural habitat.
In July the temperatures were always around 25 degrees which was very pleasant. We stayed in tented camps which were excellent, nice big tents with proper beds and a working hot shower in your tent, in the Serengeti, amazing, and proper plumbed in toilets in the tent, hardly call it camping-more like glamping.
Lying awake in your tent at 3am in the morning listening to the roar of lions, and wondering how far away they were, is quite an experience.
A good set of binoculars are a must, although it's very easy to get very close to the wildlife in your off road vehicle, so don't worry about not seeing the animals up very close as an awful lot of the wildlife will be right in front of you walking right past your vehicle.
Seeing the big five in the Serengeti is extremely likely, although be prepared for a hunt around for the leopards and the cheetahs as they can sometimes be quite elusive.
It's also a very worthwhile experience taking a hot air balloon ride over the Serengeti to view the wildlife from above, but be prepared for roughly £400 per person. If you decide to spend the money you will not be disappointed as the balloon ride is amazing and the champagne breakfast at the end is a perfect way to finish off the morning.
Don't hesitate to visit the Serengeti National Park, it's an experience you won't forget.

Beyond Words.
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Serengeti National Park is truly a sight to behold. All of my previous years of watching National Geographic specials, Planet Earth, Wild Kingdom, etc. really did not prepare me for what was to unfold. I booked my safari through Augustine's Adventure Africa (AA Africa) whom I cannot recommend highly enough. Such a great experience with this outfit. Super nice and knowledgeable guides. They planned and executed everything on our itinerary to the letter for my 11-day safari. My itinerary included full lodging, meals and transportation. AA Africa took care of everything from the moment we arrived at Kilamanjaro International Airport to the minute we were dropped off on our return flights. We planned my safari to coincide with the great migration of wildebeest during the start of the dry season in the south Serengeti towards the Masai Marra in the north, with excursion to some of the other nearby parks. The weather was extremely nice; averaging in the mid 60's F to the 70's F. Luckily, the cooler weather kept the mosquitoes and tsetse flies away. The Serengeti's scenic vistas are just mind-boggling immense. There is no IMAX screen large enough to truly render how magnificent the scenery is. The varying terrain just added to the awe. We entered from the west and came through the Rift Valley to enter Serengeti National Park, drove through the vast short grasslands and into the forested habitat as we approached our lodging in the central Serengeti at Kubu Kubu Lodge. The lodge is really nice, clean and well maintained. Staff is super nice, attentive and helpful. The views from the lodge is breathtaking complete with an outdoor shower. I stayed 3 days in the Serengeti before visiting the other parks, but could easily have spent the whole trip here. The abundance of wildlife is astounding. As an avid photographer, I was flabbergasted by the shear amount of subjects to photograph. When we caught up with the migrating herd, it was just a mass of roaming fauna. The migration herds numbered in the tens of thousands. Standing up from our Landcruisers with the top open to see the panoramic vistas of the landscape amid a massive herd of wildebeest was pure insanity. I heard the theme song to "Dances with Wolves" playing in my head while Sir David Attenborough was narrating everything to me. The videos just pale in comparison to the real thing. Interspersed were herds of zebras, ostriches, warthogs, elephants, giraffes, etc. just mere inches away! My camera had it's work cut out for it to say the least. All-in-all, a truly astounding experience. One which I will gladly wish to repeat in the near future. I highly recommend putting Serengeti National Park on your Bucket List if want to create some remarkable memories.

Magical Wildlife Experience! Iconic Africa!
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The Wildlife is plentiful and the senerery is superb! As far as African safari's go, it does not get better than this, an untamed and vast wilderness, with breathtaking scenery and abundant wildlife! My only disappointment was not seeing the endangered African wild dog, which can be found in only the most remote parts of the park, I wasn't lucky enough to see one, but I will no doubt visit this park again for another try. It is a toss up between the Serengeti and the Maasai Mara for my favorite park in Africa, both have unbelievable wildlife viewing, but for pure grandeur and flawless natural beauty, this park has no equal when it comes to viewing wildlife in a more iconic and beautiful African setting!

Trully unforgettable experience
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In February 2017 I took part in 4 days long safari starting in Tarangire National Park with driver Frederick Julius. This was like a delicious starter before the proper feast started. Famous Serengeti about which I have read so much and longed to go for a very long time lived up to all my expectations. The abundance of wildlife was overwhelming and the scenery stunning, especially at dawn with the sunrise above the baobabs. During two days in Serengeti we have managed to see all BIG FIVE and probably every animal, which lives there. Mating lions, cheetahs tearing the antelope or leopard climbing down the tree. I can’t even remember how many times we had to stop to let the herd of elephants to pass the road. Zebras running in front of the car, hippos bathing in ponds or giraffes nibbling on the high trees leaves.
We were very lucky with the weather, as it was sunny for the whole length of the safari. The accommodation was basic, but comfortable enough and personally in national park I would rather stay in tent than in the lodge, food was always freshly cooked for our dinners and once for our lunch as well.
It was mostly thanks to our guide Frederick ( + 255 753 433 313) that our safari turned out to be such a success. He was knowledgeable, highly professional and extremely patient, he always made sure that all of us had enough time to take photos or just admire and enjoy the scenery, so we never felt rushed.
Pleasant person to be with (it’s crucial as you spend most of the day in the car with your guide) with sense of humor and good English, he should also be praised for his considerate and careful driving.
There were so many memorable moments during our safari, probably the one most engraved in my memory was a wildbeest giving a birth. The dramatic events followed: hyenas trying to attack the newborn, the wildbeests heroic defence and glorious victory.

Beautiful Park
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The wildlife in this park is plentiful from the time we entered into the gate. The weather was hot and dry with no rain. The scenery was stunning and the accommodations we had were excellent. Going through the gate can take a little bit of time, but it gave us time to get out and stretch out legs from the drive and just enjoy being there. We saw many lions, we lost track of the count. It is like someone placed me in a storybook. I would surely revisit it all over again.

Amazing Experiance
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I spend 3 Days in Serengeti to discover the Wildlife. It's amazing, so see this animals that close. We had a great driver and he explane all the things happen in de Serengeti. We truly can recommend the Serengeti as one of the best Destination for Safari.

Brings you closer to the Almightys creations and leaves you mesmerised in the beauty of nature
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serengetti is an unforgettable experience
we visited it with our kids and were mesmerised by parks beauty its abundance of wildlife and its diverse ecosystem..
some of the highlights of our trip
saw a pride of 15 lions.. lioness and cubs roaming in their natural habitat like kings .. they walked towards our vehicle, we were holding our breaths tight, and then crossee the road in front of us absolutely unfazed by our presence as if we hardly matter to them.
we saw a cheetah pounce on a dear and then as we went near him we saw him feast on his catch
we saw millions of wild beasts and zebras and gazelles .. the landscape dotted with them .. from the small hill (near the entrance gate) we can see the whole landscape dotted with these amazing animals.. we even saw herds of zebras roaming around a group of lions as lions were resting after they had devoured on a wildbeast.
saw leopards resting on tree branches and giraffes roaming aroung carefree .. we got so near to giraffes that we could literally touch them.
over all .. if someone wants to go on a safari and see animals from close by in their natural habitat living their normal lives serengetti should be their first choice
its absolutely magical and no one will ever forget the experience.

can't believe the experience of the animals in the wild
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Dont miss any game drives on your safari as you Will always see and experience New Animal sightings,Private tour over group tour everytime,weather in september was clear and cool after the sun went down,Lions very cooperative as they would lay down right next to the roads for great photos

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The Serengeti was more than I imagined and everything I hoped for. 2 days in Namiri Plains and 3 days at Nat Hab's private mobile camp allowed us to witness the Great Migration numerous times. Up close access to lions, cheetahs and leopards was a life-changer as they looked into my eyes. The vast endless golden grass gave cover to predators looking for the next meal. As a photographer, I was able to "take only memories" and share them with others.

The experience was nothing short of superb.
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Our third photo safari to Tanzania took place in May 2011. Of the three, this was the most spectacular trip. Besides the scenic splendor of the location we spent more intimate time with the wildlife than previous trips including two leopard cubs frolicking on their own a few meters from our vehicle for two hours and ours was the only vehicle in sight. We also spent over two hours with a pride of 37+ lions, 17 of which were small cubs. The accommodations were exceptional. Our guide had been involved in rhino research at Serengeti National Park for 13 years prior to becoming a guide and was beyond belief in his knowledge and experience. Other than a rain storm that made the dirt roads slippery and almost impassable, the weather was just what we expected for that time of year, NICE! Will we go back? The next trip is already planned for 2013.

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