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Mary is an acclaimed travel writer and author of many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including South Africa, Tanzania, East Africa and Africa.

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‘Safari’ doesn’t have to mean driving around in an open-topped or open-sided vehicle. Walking or boating lets you connect with the bush in a completely different way.

Not all parks offer the chance for walking or boating, but in those that do, be sure to take advantage of these opportunities. Experiencing the bush on foot or in a boat is an unparalleled experience.

You will hear more, smell more and see more – not necessarily large animals, but the subtleties of the bush. For walking safaris, being really out there, without a vehicle between you and the ground, lets you connect in a much more profound way with the wildlife and environment.

If you’re not sure about things, try a short two- or three-hour walk, and work your way up to multi-night walks. Boating safaris are wonderfully refreshing, dust-free and generally beautiful.

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