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Great experience - highly recommended
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We only had one week planned and it was enough to really get in the thick of it - we saw the big 5 and many many more animals. The wildlife and scenery were absolutely incredible! Great season to visit, chilly in the mornings but very warm when the sun comes up. Everyone we met and our driver was very polite and very welcoming - everyone is very friendly.

Splendid experience of seeing wild life in action
Overall rating

Overall excellent experience and I wish I had many more days. Need to have better food facilities and safe staying arrangements especially for night.

I will be visiting many more times

Necessary but tirying
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We went on the 6-day safari. Most of the animals we saw were in Masai Mara, we could see the big 5 in one day. However Amboseli and Lake Nakuru were more beautiful. I think you should go to see those too (the Kilimanjaro views are amazing). The big inconvenience is the distance between the parks cause it takes half a day to get from one to another and sitting in the car for so many days is exhausting and not comfortable. The other objection we had was our guide, Ali. He didnt explain anything, he was not very nice and when we talked to him about a problem he responded us in a bad way. These people have to know that we pay a lot and come from very far to enjoy that trip so we just want to enjoy what we paid for. He was unrespectful to me with the things he said. That was not nice and we didnt feel comfortable. The last days he changed and started explaining some things and being friendly. Accomodations in Masai Mara and Amboseli are tented camps, they say there's hot water but its cold, but the place itself is not bad (except Amboseli, cause there were many insects in the tent and the mosquito net was full of holes). Food is ok, buffet with some meat, rice or pasta and veggies and fruit.

That was an outstanding experience
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We stayed for an ever too short 11 days and we saw a real paradise for wildlife. Our driver Tony was a real friend to us and met our expectations in stopping the engine right in THE good spot giving us the precious information we needed to understand. He advised us so well as for the timing and the organization changes that every time we gained in watching the right animal at the right time.
That was the best holiday !!!

Overall rating

I can not talk highly enough about our experience. It was amazing. We choose a private 4X4 LandCruser safari. I would never do it any other way. It was not that much more and was an excellent experience. We had an outstanding guide and the accommodations at the SOPA lodges were perfect. We will never forgoer the experience of seeing the African wide-life up close and personal. It was not a vacation or a trip. It was a life changing experience. Thank you to Mufasa tours for a truly amazing experience.

The safari easily met my expectations of glamping , beauty and wildlife abundance.The wildlife sigh.
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The wildlife sightings were unbelievable, up close and breathtaking. Even though it rained extensively all 3 nights it did not deter or dampen our morning and afternoon game drives. The glamping experience was exceptional especially for our grandsons. The buffet style food was plentiful and very tasty for all meals. The mode of transportation in an 8 seat land cruiser was definitely a bonus with the wet muddy trail conditions. Without it we would have been stuck and denied certain trails to explore. Our guide was very knowledgeable and vigilant. How he could spot, see and point out animals and their habits was incredible. He made every effort for us to see as many of the big 5 close up as possible.

It was all about the cats this time!
Overall rating

Masai Mara is a beautiful area and we thouroughly enjoyed our time there. Our guide Joseph knew what he was doing and gave us a really excellent wildlife experience. We saw lots of all the big cats, 4 of the Big 5, beautiful nature, and had a lot of fun.
Seeing the young leopard was as exciting as seeing the big leopard carrying his/her remainderof kill of the previous day down from the tree.

Joseph was calm and knowledgeable, his driving skills were excellent and we always felt safe. He did get stuck in the mud once, but managed to get us out.
The breakfast picnic was another amazing experience.

Our stay at the Zebra Plains was lovely. Excellent food and the location is just amazing.

Fantastic experience with the incredible wildlife in both Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru National Parks
Overall rating

My daughter and I had the privilege to take a 'trip of a lifetime' at both Masai Mara and Lake Nakuru National Parks. Both parks had beautiful scenery and a abundance of wildlife. We saw elephants, giraffes, zebras, lions, cheetahs, warthogs, rhinos, hippos, crocodiles, etc. The weather was lovely and the accomodations were excellent. The food was delicious and the service by the Kenyans first class. Our guide, James, did an excellent job driving but more importantly was very knowledgeable about the animals. We definitely learned a lot from him. All and all it was a wonderful trip well worth the cost.

Great encounter with the wildlife
Overall rating

I saw lots of animals, the scenery was very beautiful and the weather was lovely too.The tent lodges were nice and comfortable.The foof was tasty and various.The guides were vey careful and attentive.Local people are friendly and curiuous about my country Bulgaria.
Kenya is a heaven on earth, keep your natural treasors for yourselfs and the next generations.

good animal viewing but roads and general environment poor
Overall rating

Wildlife - good viewing but most only visible on the roads, where they are almost "tame"
Guide was great. Indeed all Kenyans were nice to us.
Roads in the parks terrible limiting getting around and detracting from the pleasure of being there. A very rough ride!
Roads to get around also very crowded with terrible traffic jams, mainly due to large trucks.
Due to the inability to cross into Tanzania there were long drives to and from the parks, via Nairobi
Accommodations variable
Nairobi is a polluted crowded city with terrible traffic jams and no redeeming features
in terms of souvenirs, poor quality and very expensive with most not in ebony (although sold as ebony)

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