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Beautiful country, amazing wildlife; helpful and friendly people
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The 3 day safari to Murchison Falls with Simba Tours was great, as part of a two week trip to Uganda for a wedding. In addition to the safari I loved Lake Bunyonyi in the Southwest (especially Byoona Amagara Eco-Resort); and Jinga. Kampala is stressful with all the traffic. I appreciated the 3 different drivers I had and their navigation of sometimes challenging roads. Uganda is a good value for the budget-minded tourist, but probably not the place for those who want a lot of luxury. Great cell phone reception throughout the country - better than where I live in the USA.

great service!
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Great tour company! Great accomodation, great guide.

Amazing wildlife in beautiful surroundings
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We had a fantastic tour in Uganda. Our guide and driver was great. He went the extra mile for us. We stayed at good lodges in nice surroundings. It wasn’t any fancy but with really nice wibes wherever we stayed. The sceneries around the country were amazing, soo green and beautiful up and down the hills with all plantations of tea, coffee and matoke. Absolutely fabulous! We also had the previlege of seeing both chimpanzees and the absolute gorgeous gorillas. We liked every minute of our ten days in Uganda.

Great country to see wildlife
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Murchison Falls National Park, Impenetrable Forest and the Vitunga Mountains offer great opportunities to see wildlife. People are very friendly and travelling is quite easy. Outside the national parks there is, however, not too much to see or do from a tourist perspective.

Unforgettable experience, no wonder why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa!
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This was my first safari experience and I am really happy to have chosen Uganda. I don't like too much crowded touristic areas and Uganda was perfect for this. we had the chance to observe a lot of wildlife and enjoy it without crowds of tourists. The scenery was amazing, we moved from savanna to rain forest and back to savanna an,d even if the distance were quite long, the scenery was really amazing , no wonder why Uganda is called the Pearl of Africa!
We changed three different accommodations in 6 days and they were all very high quality standards, while the price were correct and the staff always very helpful and nice. Our guide was really perfect, and the different rangers that we met during our activities were professional and knowledgeable.

excellent experience
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the country - which is called the "Pearl of Africa" is a gem, the western areas in particular.
I had a 4 day safari starting from Jinja in the east and including Lake Mburo, Bwindi Impenetrable Forest, Lake Bunyonyi. The places are wonderful and they deserve visiting.
I booked my trip through Tourist Centre Safaris' agency in Jinja and the program they submitted was simply super.
The accommodation chosen were great, all set in wonderful places with magnificent views.
I recommend Tourist Centre Safaris in Jinja for their skills and care with customers

I got what I paid for for booking last minute!
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AMAZING scenery, especially at sunrise and sunset! The weather was perfect at this time of year (dry season). Got to see a pack/herd? of giraffes, elephants, buffaloes...etc. We were able to see everything except Lions!

We booked very last minute and so we had quite a few disappointments...
- no park ranger as a tour guide - which would have helped us see lions! we were so disappointed to miss the lions!
- our guide spoke poor English and barely explained things to us
- did not go in a 4x4 land cruiser as stated...ended up in a very old van with broken A/C and extremely shaky
- Stayed at Bwana Tembo, which is outisde of the park. Good food, nice manager, but not exactly worth the mid-range price. No electricity in the rooms! Just a fan to help keep cool at night, and our driver was put in a room with NO fan at all and it was boiling hot all night. Very unfair treatment for him.

Great safari !
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We went with Kajie Safaris for 12 days... Everything was amazing ! Our guide Onesmus was the best !! Very knowledgeable he was also very flexible and accommodating. We felt safe and knew that we could trust him all the way ! Ronald was great to book the trip and was very quick and available for any questions.

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We booked a 10-day safari in Uganda with Crystal Safari - and were not disappointed: Joseph, our daily guide, guide & driver was nice, funny, knew a lot to talk about & was always punctual (even too early in part).
He also responded to spontaneous special requests, which was great to see more of the local life.
The car and accommodations were great - especially the accommodations were excellent, from free laundry service, to food, hand massage etc.

We had a wonderful trip to Uganda, a beautiful country
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We had a 12 day trip to Uganda with Gorilla Link Tours. Uganda has beautiful green scenery, quite different from other African countries we visited. The wildlife is unique as well, due to the presence of gorillas and chimpanzees, although other wildlife was also abundant and beautiful. The roads are quite bad, maintenance missing to make them even decent dirt roads. We recommend to take a jeep if possible since the safary vans are not so comfortable. The accomodations were all fine. Our guide, Mike, was very good and narrated Uganda to us, making also the long drives on bad roads part of the experience. The highlight of the trip was gorrila tracking in Bwindi impenetrable forest. We got very close to 4 gorrilas (silverback, female, a 2 year old and a 2 month old) and spent 1 hour with them, an outstanding experience. The hike to the gorillas is difficult, up hill off trail in a dense, damp forest. In our case the 1.5 hours to reach the gorillas were a good part of the experience, but glad it was not much longer. We recommend very highly hiring a porter. They are really helpful in the difficult parts of the hike, which people tend to underestimate before going. It also provides economic incentive for supporting conservation by the local, very poor, communities.

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