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An incredible once in a lifetime experience.
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The wildlife was incredible, to see animals in their natural habitat was a privilege and a once in a lifetime experience. The scenery was beautiful land the weather just the right temperature. The accommodation was good and the staff were always so helpful and friendly. Nothing was too much trouble and they were so polite. Our guide, Josh, was brilliant. Such a lovely man, he went out of his way to make our safari a success. He always made sure we had enough water, and even went to another park to ensure we could see zebras, after we didn't see any in Queen Elizabeth Park.
I couldn't recommend the safari and holidaying Uganda any higher. The people are so friendly and calm, and made us feel so welcome.

The safari was just fantastic.
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We went on a safari with Lifetime Experience and they organized for me a great safari, including the visit of the gorilla's which was a unique experience. Only sitting in the car and watch the scenery was a pleasure. We came in the 'rainy' season but the rain never really bothered us. Accomodations were clean, the staff was very friendly and the food excellent. Our guide was an excellent driver, was very friendly and made sure we had everything we needed. It was one of the best holidays we had. Beautiful country, wonderful people.

Loved it!
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We loved our Uganda adventure! Murchison Falls was stunning.

Exceeded all hopes, which were high
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I hadn’t realised the distances involved and the quality of the roads, so my chosen itinerary was challenging but am so exceptionally grateful to Yala Safaris for taking it on and their guide, Robert, who went to exceptional lengths to ensure we squeezed every opportunity from my limited time. So clearly proud of his country and exceptionally knowledgeable, I was in great hands. Game safari with elephants, giraffes, a pride of lions, warthog, antelope and in the presence of a Leopard was just the first morning. Afternoon on the Nile with hippos, crocodiles, numerous birds, finished by the fastest waterfall in the world at Murchison finishing Day 1. Day 2 walked near Rhino and her baby on the journey back to Kampala. Day 3, rafted a grade 5 on the Nile at Jinja. Day 4 journeyed to Bwindi Impenetrable National Park forest with lots of sights along the way arriving at Gorilla in the Mist Camp at dusk. Day 5, trecked the forest with local guides and trackers and had the privilege of spending an hour with Mountain Gorillas. Spotted monkeys on journey away and following morning allowed a quick peek at Mburu to see Empala and Zebras before arriving mid day at airport for flight home. I missed a few dinners and even more breakfasts to achieve this but there was never a word of complaint, Robert and Yala truly gave me an experience of a lifetime.

Stunning Kidepo
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It is about 10-11 hours from kampala, but it is totally worth it. The drive into Kidepo is absolutely stunning, incredible scenery all around.

The park is certainly the hidden gem of East Africa, with very few tourist it offers a unique and remote vibe. Wildlife numbers and diversity continue to recover, and whilst it hasn't got the same density of wildlife as some other parks, you will see plenty and usually when you do, you are on your own.

Sunrises and sunsets are epic, with the backdrop of the mountains surrounding the valley. An hour or so drive up to the south Sudan border and you will be sure to see some ostriches, the only ones in Uganda.

It really is a stunning place, that should be on everyone's wish list!

Great Safari Experience with close encounters of wild life
Overall rating

We had a great 3 days trip with Wamba Safaris, filled with impressions and experiences. The guides were experienced and knowledgeable. The Pakuba lodge had the right level of comfort after the days travel and tracking and the wild life seemed to overflow. Herds of giraffes, elefants, buffalos and other deer were seen all the time, a river cruise in the Nile seeing the large Mutchison waterfall crocodiles, hippos and elefants was another highlight. Additional we enjoyed a visit at the Rhino Sanctuary, which was absolutely amazing because of the close contact to these beautiful animals. Thanks to all for this great experience for us!

Experience of a lifetime
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We had a great time in Uganda as we saw a lot of wildlife and the gorilla trekking was absolutely amazing. The safari lodges by the national parks were fabulous. We didn't enjoy lake Bunyoni very much and the accommodation there was not great but our guide managed to change our itinerary so we only had to stay there one night and not two. If you're thinking of doing this trip be prepared for quite a lot of driving. Most of the roads do not have tarmac and are in bad shape so even a short distance can take some time. You do get to see a lot of Uganda's day to day life when driving through towns and villages which I found fascinating. Overall we had a brilliant time.

Wonderful safari trip with GoExplore with varied wildlife sightings and great primate focus
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My trip to Uganda with my daughters was a great experience. We saw lots of wildlife with the big 5 focus in Murchison Falls (which would have been my favorite park for wildlife excluding primate viewing). The weather was hot and very little rain until we were in Bwindi (which is a rainforest so to be expected). We stayed in "moderate" accommodations which were much nicer than we expected. We traveled with GoExplore Safaris, which I can not recommend highly enough. This is a relatively young company with a very professional owner/guide, Brian, who will tailor the trip to suit your interests and needs. Our guide/driver, Moses was knowledgeable about his country, the people, culture and the wildlife. He was also very attentive to our safety and comfort. In 9 days, we went on many game drives, did rhino trekking, chimp trekking and gorilla trekking and visited communities and schools - amazing amount of experiences in that amount of time. We saw a lot of the country and I will say it was a trip of a lifetime for me and my daughters. Travel with GoExplore and you will not be disappointed.

A very successful 16 days wildlife super safari for one person
Overall rating

The result of wildlife rating should be very much better if I would have taken part on gorilla or chimpanzee tracking. Without the mentioned
animals you can`` t compare the wildlife with countries as in Kenya, Tanzania, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Namibia or South Africa. But also with a smaller animal kingdom you can have wonderful experiences. So I had the possibility to watch in Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary my smallest rhino
I have ever seen before in Africa, in one of the lakes or channels my smallest hippo, without the mother you could carry the cup away with
both hands, a fish eagle with a too tall fish just in front of our car, not more than three metres away, twice the fish fell down in front of our car
when the eagle started to safe the fish and in Rwakobo camp I had the luck to watch a two months old waterbuck, found from the manager of
the camp in a age of 1,5 weeks without a mother. Two times a day the little buck came to the manager of the camp and was asking for bottles
of milk. Because you could touch the cup and give to the animal some milk, it was one of the main attractions.
The safari was organized with one of the best, perhaps even the best travel agency in Uganda. For nearly a year, the manager Jackie was
planning with me together my tour of Uganda. Jackie was a amazing and patient, with unusual prompt replies to my emails and with her help
I booked the best safari to suit my needs. With one of the best cars, a 4x4 wheel driven Toyota Landcruiser, we - the driver and safari guide
Martin - started our safari, when he picked me up at the airport around midnight. For road conditions, which I haven` t seen before during
nearly fifty years in Africa the car and the driver was the best what could had happened to me. Very often without any signs Martin found
without any difficulties his way and brought us without any breakdowns back to Kampala and Entebbe. Under no circumstances I felt unwell
or there was a fear of not enough security. Wether for lunch or dinner I had to eat meat, with his help I could always pick up a piece of fried
fish with chips.
The accommodations, with Jackie I had agreed with "moderate", were always very clean and comfortable, but only the accommodations in
Ziwa Rhino Sanctuary and Rwakobo camp where a little bit more simple and older.
The mountains and lakes of the southwestern part of Uganda are postcard perfect. Katona Tours and Travel is a very experienced Tour Opera-
tortor and travel expert for East Africa. I would definitely use Katona Tours again.

Amazing in the dry season..... stark beauty amazing wildlife
Overall rating

Uganda is literally the best kept secret in Africa, all the parks you travel to give you an extra-ordinary personal experience and you have some amazing close encounters. The raw power of Murchison Falls is something to behold, a drive on the delta and you will see massive herds of Giraffe, Elephant and Buffalo and of course Lions. We were also fortunate to see a Leopard up close and personal...... AMAZING.

Once you head down south, you see the remarkable change in environment that exists, from the game viewing and climbing lions of Ishasha, to natural beauty of the Bwindi and the mountain gorillas, the diversity is simply extra-ordinary. Without doubt the absolute best part of any safri trip to Uganda, is the small numbers of tourist, you feel like you really are having an individual experience with nature, very rarely shared with other tourists.

Next up is Kidepo in October....... True wilderness.

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