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Great for Rainforest. Not as great for typical safari.
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The tour was fantastic.! Not as good as other east Africa countries but still a wonderful place to visit

Gorilla trekking and safari in Uganda
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We spent 13 days in Uganda and 3 days in Rwanda doing safari, chimpanzee trekking, gorilla trekking, bird watching and cultural tours and visits, all with the travel agency Home To Africa.

We have previously visited Tanzania for a safari trip. Although the safari parks of Uganda are not of the same vast size as those in Tanzania, the low number of tourists in Uganda made our visit feel like a VIP tour. We spotted many animals, including all of the big five. The Ziwa rhino sanctuary is currently working on reintroducing white rhino to the national parks of Uganda. Here we got to get up-close on foot with a number of rhinos.

Our driver and guide Sam was extremely knowledgeable about the parks we visited and the animals living there. He also told us a lot about the history of Uganda and the culture of people living in different parts of the country. We had a great time together, and we really felt that he did his very best to give us an unforgettable holiday.

The highlight of the trip was the gorilla trekking in Bwindi NP. It was an amazing experience visiting a gorilla family in their natural habitat. We got to spend one hour watching them eat and interact with each other, before we had to head back to the civilization.

Uganda is also a great travel destination for birding. We photographed a number of exotic birds during our visit.

We were positively surprised by the quality of the food, which was excellent at all hotels we stayed at. We enjoyed a mix of local dishes and traditional tourist dishes. The hotels that Home To Africa recomended were all amazing boutique inspirerande lodges.

Overall, we are very happy with our trip and we recommend Uganda as an excellent travel destination off the beaten track. Home To Africa made it possible for us to see different aspects of this beautiful country!

Must visit.
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Uganda is realy the Pearl of África. Safe country, warm people, excelent landscape and wild life. Not very touristic yet.

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Uganda is a wonderful country. This is my fist time to visit Africa. I truly enjoyed time there and would love to visit there again. I highly recommend it!

My safari in Uganda was simply fantastic! Every aspect was amazing!
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My trip with Home to Africa was everything I had hoped for! I traveled to Uganda as a single women, on a solo trip and I didn't know what to expect. Home to Africa tours and Karim in particular were just perfect. Of course, the gorillas are amazing (you may be 6 feet away from them! Be aware, the trek to see them is not in shape and USE A PORTER!) Everywhere you look, wildlife abounds and this place is a birders paradise. My treks were everything I had hoped for. The accommodations were also very unique and special...and I mean this is a very positive way. I LOVED the variety of accommodations and the attention to detail. Ugandan coffee overlooking the game reserve as elephants walk by...does it get any better? Majestic hills, beautiful lakes where wildlife gather, crested cranes and towering trees surround you. Your dinner, served to you by candlelight many times, is superb. Every day on my safari was unique. You will travel far and wide to see all of Uganda, but it well worth the trek. After 6 days, I still felt there was so much to see and do. Home to Africa tours made my trip so special! They are responsive and are very good at adjusting the schedules if travel plans change suddenly. Ask for KARIM for sure! He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Truly, this trip was such a good time and I felt relaxed the entire time.

Experience of a Lifetime!
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Uganda was so much more than I ever anticipated. The wildlife was so abundant. I used Lifetime Safari. Eddie was my driver. He was amazing!!! So patient and was so concerned that I was getting the experience that I was hoping for.

As far as the Safari Bookings website. So user friendly! I loved it and have already recommended to many.


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The main reason for us to go to Uganda were the mountain gorillas. And we can say that the trip was only worth it. But we were very positively surprised how much more the country has to offer! Fortunately we also decided for a five day trip to the Rwenzori Mountains, at our special request HomeToAfrica adapted the offer accordingly. The landscape was really fantastic, it was often like in Avatar, so beautiful and strange were the plants and mountains to us in this area and we took countless photos on the way to Weismann Peak. The view from up there on Margherita Peak, the highest mountain of Uganda, was really impressive and as a moderately fit mountaineer you could feel the height of 4620m on the last meters of the ascent.

In general one can say that on the "normal" safaris there are unfortunately less animals than in some other African countries, but with increasing tendency the populations are obviously growing. In the past civil wars many animals either fled or were killed. The current rigorous protective measures are already bearing fruit. But the chimpanzees in Kibale and Gorillas in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest were very impressive and could be admired and photographed at close range.

Despite his young age, our guide seemed very experienced, calm and confident. Like all the people we met in Uganda he was always very friendly and cheerful. We felt very comfortable with him, were a team.

The food was always very tasty, both in the luxurious lodges and in the sometimes somewhat rudimentary huts in the mountains - everyone tried hard to make this experience unforgettable for us.

As far as accommodation is concerned, our travel agency has really chosen very carefully selected spots for us, we find it very difficult to name a favourite.

We were lucky with the weather for the most part. Since we were on our way towards the end of the rainy season, it rained again and again, but often only in the evening late and at night. But we would travel again at this time of the year, because we met practically no tourists, and in the mountains none at all.

We were very happy that we were on the way with an off-road vehicle. There were always some places where four-wheel drive alone would not have been sufficient.

Finally, we would say that the holidays were very worthwhile even if they were very expensive for us. Full of beautiful memories and with a great collection of animal and landscape photos we could enthusiastically share our adventures with our family and friends.

Lifetime experience at gorrilas
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I went to Uganda for gorrilas and I got much more. The beauty of Bwindi forest is breth taking. I loved there everything. I spent two nights in a lodge Bakinga. Unforgetable chats in front of open fire place, we had so much fun. A small group of strangers, met for a first time in life and spent wonderfull time together laughing.
We even saw active volcano from Bakiga terrace on Kong site.
I liked chimpanze trekking as well. Very well organized. Although it is supposed low seazon in December, it was a lot people there.
My guide and driver Gerard from Lifetime safari one of best guids in my life. I am experienced traveller, Uganda was my country no. 53. Gerard is very intelligent, nice a sensitive person. We talked a lot many things. I was very confident sitting in the car next to him. One day was full day rain, we were driving Ishasha. The road because of rain became very very bad but Gerard managed it. He planned our time well with a big experience and confience. Thanks a lot Gerard and Lifetime safari company!
Female solo traveller with a good guide can manage Uganda. My advice- Take profesionals local company and you will safe your time, money. I met guys who broke the car because of terible bumpy roads driving like at home in UK, others who spent all night driving themselves to gorillas park gate, because of not having experience on planing time in Uganda. Then the most incredible experience to see gorrilas becames blurry of tiredness and disapontment.

It was the best safari ever
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Africa has the best wildlife especially Uganda, i visited Murchison falls and would strongly remmend it
Entebbe Zoo is also another good place to vist as there also very nice resort hotel beaches if you want to spend a nite
The weather in the tropics is fantastic .Accomodation-we stayed serena hotel which is just in the middel of the capital kampala
40 miles away from international Airport.serena provided us the best 5 star service one could dream of.
food(most hospital provide english breakfast served with fruits so you can't go wrong
Transport is cheap and there is Uber realiable
I recommend any one to visit Hails Tours Uganda

great program, not the best guide ever
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The service provided a great plan. Kidepo valley in November is great for the nature and wildlife. Sipi was nice too. They tailored the program following my need. Locations and activities were great. The management of the holiday was not the best: they booked one month before doing a mistake (if it would have been 1 month later, it would have been a great problem), and they did not help with a problem of delayed luggage. The guide was not the best, not knowing well where to go, what to see and where to stop. He was just a driver with scarce ability and not funny at all.
The company has a great plan, and uganda is beautiful, but the staff is not at same level.

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