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Kim is a travel writer who authored and updated over 15 guidebooks, including Lonely Planet's South Africa and Bradt's Tanzania guides.

Category: Amazing Wildlife Encounters

If you, like me, are the type of person to oh and ah at the mere sight of baby animals, then you won’t want to miss the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust ’s Elephant Orphanage in Nairobi, Kenya, where you can get really close to the oversized baby elephants as they feed and play.

Located near Nairobi National Park and overseen by Dame Daphne Sheldrick, the widow of one of Kenya's best known Game Wardens David Sheldrick after whom the trust is named, the orphanage offers hope for orphaned elephants.

After being granted the pleasure of interviewing Dame Sheldrick, I was shown around the orphanage by one of the keepers who told me more about the orphan elephants, where they came from and how they are progressing.

I then joined a small group of tourists and watched the playful baby elephants as they were fed milk from bottles, given a dust bath and chased around a soccer ball. One particular baby elephant caused no end of amusement as it played with a shovel.

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