A Lioness

One of my most memorable safari dinners was the night a lioness strolled into our camp restaurant. It’s not every night that a lioness strolls through the dining room, but that is exactly what happened one night in the Selous.

Look who's coming to dinner

My son and I were sitting in the outdoor terrace restaurant at our camp, enjoying the quiet and the sounds of the surrounding bush. Suddenly, one of the other diners said in a quiet voice, ‘Guys, I think we have a lion here tonight’. Sure enough, on the other side of the dining area just metres away, a lioness had climbed up the two or three steps to the restaurant deck.

She padded across the corner of the terrace, before disappearing silently into the night. She left all of us thinking what could have happened had she been a bit hungrier….

Close encounters of the wild kind - a word of caution

It is suffice to say that one must be cautious and diligent when on safari in Africa. Yes, we all want to see the wildlife. But you have to know when you should or should not get close to an animal. They are not domestic pets, they are wild. At SafariBookings we post a lot of articles on various wildlife species, including tips on what to do (and what not to do) on safari. We are safari experts so we know whereof we speak! If you want to book a safari tour, we'll be happy to help. Just contact us. And if you want to read up on Africa's wildlife, safari tips and tricks, please subscribe to our blog.

By Mary Fitzpatrick
United States US

Mary is an acclaimed travel writer and author of many Lonely Planet guidebooks, including South Africa, Tanzania, East Africa and Africa.

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