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Excellent safaritour and holiday in Kenya with KingTomondo Safaris
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When we booked our travel to Kenya and asked for offers from different safari providers the reception from KingTomondo was exceptionally welcoming. The contact person Lisa was very nice and accommodating and took into account our specific wishes. She prepared a great trip for us! She also helped us with the logistics from and to the airport and to book a private snorkeling trip to Wasini Island. With KingTomondo we felt very secure from the very first contact. Our Safari guide and driver Hassan had exceptional knowledge about the wildlife animals and the nature as well as the history and culture of Kenya. This made our safari tour into something much more than just a drive in the parks, and made our experience of Kenya a very pleasant one. Hassan's very good driving skills, knowledge about the surroundings and pleasant manners made us feel safe and well taken care of during the whole trip. We highly recommend KingTomondo Safaris. This is a company you can trust to make the best of your trip.

Mind Blowing!
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Everything from this booking was great, from the food, accommodation and transportation.

Stephen the guy who dealt with my excursions him & his team were amazing!

Took great care of my needs, honest and reliable.

I cannot complain about anything as being in nature was luxury for me being in the wilderness and heart of mother Africa. I was honored to be apart of this journey. My expectations were low at first but as soon as I arrived in Kenya & started my safari with Raymond I just couldn't believe the things and experiences I went through. Literally had the best time of my life! Saw all the top 5's except for the black Rhino, we also saw lions plenty of them and feeding on their kill, a vulture nesting with her child and a leopard, how remarkable.

Raymond he went beyond the extra mile for us making sure we saw all the animals up close and personal we even got stuck in the mud a few times but that was fun the adrenaline of it all was impeccable. I cannot express how grateful I am and I want to let everyone know that it was a beautiful experience. The weather was amazing surprisingly after the safari it was raining quite a lot so I was blessed.

Thank you God bless the team and Kenya.

I can't wait to visit Kenya again :)

Amazing experience, Masai Mara Safari is an immersion into nature’s wildlife
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We went to Kenya during Christmas/nye period and it was an amazing experience; safari was great, We saw a lot of animals thanks to our guide, food was ok and accomodation was better then expected even in the low-budget tents. We were quite lucky with the weather because it did rain only one night and some days before our arrival (this can cause issues with the streets).
The highlight of the safari was a scene between leo and hyenas fighting for the prey, interrupted by a huge group of baboons

Very nice vacation
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Masai mara was perfect.
No rhinos but lots of other animals.
Long drive to see lake naivasha.
Kilimanjaro was covered in cloud but amboseli was still nice.
Nice guide.

The thrill of a lifetime
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Some people have the notion that if you pay more you get more, that you get what you pay for. I'm here to assure you that with Jocky Tours at the helm, you get more than you paid for, much more.

Let me give you the backstory so you can understand the true value of Jocky Tours.
When I first contacted them, Minneh did her best to give me tailored options. Most clients seeking a Masai Mara safari experience want to go on a 3 day platform: 1st day drive to Masai and have afternoon game drive, 2nd day full day in Mara and 3rd day a short game drive or visit to village and then back to Nairobi by late afternoon on the third day.
For most this fits perfectly because they will see a good deal of the Mara and have memories of a lifetime.
Yet I wasn't going to be a "usual" customer. I was there to try and specifically get images of cheetah: images of "the gang of five" ( 5 male cheetah who hunt together) and a mom who had cubs ( 2 of the original 7 were still alive and doing well).
I was staying for several days, not just 3.
So, Minneh explained that to do it on my prefered budget, I would be with a different group and different drivers after day 2.
Not to worry. That is precisely why and how I can write a review which has greater insights into how YOUR trip may go. I saw different drivers and got a feel for the entirety of Jocky's services.

That being said, I can assure you that no matter who ends up being your guide for the trip to Masai Mara, you will have the best possible experience one can have.

The trip itself is one which takes expertise. Driving the roads going to the Masai Mara, and inside the park is very tedious. It is extremely difficult at times and requires attentiveness. The drivers all did exemplary jobs in that regard.
That may not sound like such a big deal, but trust me, it is. You won't want to spend time stuck in the mud, or turned over. One day, a driver (from another company) of a land cruiser ( and thus a much more costly safari) flipped the car on its side while negotiating the muddy roads.
The drivers I had, Isaac, John, and Albert all did OUTSTANDING jobs of navigating and keeping us from being stuck in the mud.

That is only half the equation. The other half that contributes greatly to your safari is their abilities as guides. All the drivers have radios and are vigilant to listen to, and act upon, intel as it happens.

This aspect is very important.

While no one can guarantee that you will see any animal specifically, like all the Big 5, having drivers like Isaac and John will make a world of difference in your enjoyment of the days drive.
One day, for example, John managed to put us in position to see 4 out the 5 big five. He also got us up close and personal with the gang of five cheetah males. WOW! Believe me when I tell you he does his absolute best to ensure EVERYONE in the group has the best day possible. I was fortunate enough to have two seperate days with him.
Isaac was my initial driver and he too does an OUTSTANDING job. His goal is to try and make everyone in the group HAPPY. And there is no doubt that he does just that.
One day, Isaac managed to get our group right up to the mom cheetah with her two very energetic and playful cubs. He did this TWICE in one day, in the early morning and again in the evening. I was in heaven! And judging from the rest in the group, so was everybody. We had Isaac to thank dirrectly.
On another day, Rhaheem got intel on the illusive black rhino. He managed to get us in a position to spot it, before it "wandered off" out of sight. That was the only day "we" spotted the exremely hard to spot, black rhino. So kudos to Rhaheem.
The other driver I had was Albert. His skills navigating the muddy and treacherous roads are unmatched. He like all the drivers for Jockey did his level best to have you "take it all in"....and with a glimpse of a leopard, he got us 4 out of the big 5 too.

Now, as to the accomodations. I stayed in a tented campground Lenchada Tented Campground.
This is a budget accomodation. Yet it suited my needs purfectly. It was spartan in terms of amenities, however I am there for the safari drives, not a mint on my pillow or 600 thread count satin sheets.
There was always hot water available for showering and the electric is on from 530 to 930 and again from 1830 to 2200. There are AMPLE outlets in the dining hall for you to charge camera batteries and your phone.
The food there was basic homey fare. Not fancy but DELICIOUS and plentiful.
And I mean absolutely delicious!!!
Helen and her staff does an excellent job and is "Johnny on the spot" if you need any help with your room or have dietary concerns ( like you are vegetarian, etc). They also pack the picnic lunches for your day in the Masai.

However, if you need a more "high end" accomodation, not to worry, Jocky can provide you with those type accomodations too. And you will seemlessly intigrate with a tour group.

The bottom line, though, is no matter where you stay or how much you pay, it always comes down to the knowledge and skill(s) of your driver/guide. You will be assured that with the guides/drivers from Jocky you WILL have the best possible experience one can have in the Mara. Bet on it.

I can't thank Minneh enough for all the efforts she had to put into making a tailor made experience for me, at a cost so reasonable it would make your jaw drop. Nor can I amply thank the drivers, especially Isaac and John. ( although tips do help show dont forget to tip your guide)

Do yourself a favour and look no further. Truly, when it comes to touring in Kenya, nobody does it better than Jocky Tours, nobody!

Amazing experience
Overall rating

Everything was perfect ! Especially the Guide Moses !!!!

Great guide, ok lodge and excellent experience of wildlife
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Terrible roads into the Masai Mara NR, but stunning wildlife and acceptable roads and tracks inside.
Simon the guide and driver was very knowledgeable and and excellent driver.
The Miti Mingi Eco lodge had food and lodging that gave good value for money.

It was really amazing. We have never experienced such an exciting trip.
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We really enjoyed spending time in Kenya. The tour was arranged well as we had expected. We could see all of Big 5 in national parks, scenery was wonderful, weather was mostly nice, accommodations and food were as expected. Regarding the transportation, the driver John was very gentle, drove perfectly, without any stuck even on very muddy road.

Definitely worth it!
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My experience was awesome. I saw the 4 of 5 "Big Five". I didn't see the Leopard, but we saw the cheetah so either way it was wonderful. The landscape is beautiful, unforgettable. Weather was nice, during the day with the temperatures around 25 and during the night around 15.
The picnic could be improved. The sandwich wasn't very tasty. All the meals eaten in route were delicious, simple but tasty.
Our driver / guide Jeoffrey (I do apologise if the spelling is wrong) was the best driver ever. Always taking us to the best spots. He is nice and funny!

beautiful nature, excellent organization.
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The safari was very eventful and varied. We supplemented Masai Mara’s visit with lakes Naivasha and Nakura and did not regret it. The travel agency took into account all our wishes. The guide Kikitu knew the national parks, wildlife, animals and all inhabitants of the Masai village, supported the good mood of the group and overcame all difficulties (rain and bad roads) . Respect and gratitude for him and his team (Nelson and others).

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