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Dellago Tours organized the trip very well. Our driver, Joshua was exceptional. Juliette, the tour organizer was very wonderful, flexible and easy to contact. This was by far the best trip of my life to date. So many wonderful memories. We saw so many animals with their babies. We came home optimistic, happy and overwhelmed with the beauty of the world.

Lived Simba's dream!
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Kenya was one of the best holidays we had. My wife Nikki and I love to travel and we have always been to the mountains and beaches. Masai Mara was a whole new experience and we loved every bit of it, the bushes, savannah, animal planet, travel, tent stay and hotels, food, hospitality, friendly people and best of all.. our "game master" - driver - guide: Khalifa from Jocky Tours!
Everything was perfectly organized, time-watched over, food and water in plenty, clean and comfortable-safe accomodation.
The weather in Kenya is perfect, if you thought Africa is hot and dry, you're in for a treat in Kenya. Nairobi has the perfect weather to walk around wearing your jacket, be greeted "Jambo" or "Habari" by friendly people!!
The game drives are amazing if you're a nature lover, have watched Nat Geo, Animal Planet as a kid. The experienced and professional drivers will take you in the "newly created" routes in the bushes and show you a magical world. We were lucky to get Khalifa's service as he's very passionate about the wildlife and knowledgable about their life. Also the group tours were a great time to meet interesting people, make new friends and have a great time. Kenya/Masai Mara is a lifetime experience one shouldn't miss.

Alright but too touristic
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Our guide did not even introduced himself when we met him. Basically I would say that he was a driver more than a guide. We didn't lean anything about the wildlife of the reserve and the communication was very poor.
the guides went out of the road to see the lions closer, which is forbidden. We didn't appreciate that at all since it was very disrespectful of the wildlife and of the animals.
The food was alright.
A bit disappointed to do the same as all the tourists in the reserve.

6 day tour of Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha
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Considering we booked a ‘budget safari’ and were a little sceptical about how it would be; it was absolutely fantastic! The communication beforehand with Robert (the email correspondent) was great, he gave fast and thorough replies. Our guide for the 6 days was Aruni and he was amazing; so good that we were able to see all of the big 5 in two days! He was a great guy, very experienced, with a great sense of humour and his knowledge of all the animals was incredible .
The accommodation was basic but clean and fully fitted with mosquito nets; the staff in all places we stayed were very friendly and helpful.
The food, although nice, was often the same and after a while got a little boring, lots of rice, beef and spinach.
My recommendation would be to bring lots of snacks, as some days we would have breakfast at 6:00 and then lunch was not until 14:00.
Another great thing about the safari was that as we booked in advance and are a family of 5, we were able to get a private tour for no extra cost! This was really great especially as talking to other travellers through different companies, they said that often the logistics with van sharing was complicated and meant time was wasted helping people to swap vans.
Thought it was worth a mention, currently you cannot enter the gorge at Hell’s Gate, Lake Navaisha. However we thought the boat trip on the lake was amazing and a fantastic way to spend Christmas Day morning.

Great safari in beautiful landscape
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We loved Kenya. The country is beautiful, the people are really nice and the safari we have had for 4 days were amongs the best days of our life!

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the wildlife was beyond belief; was very scenic. Accommodations with respect to the tent could be a little better; also, the food at the site could be improved. Also, luckily our drive, Aron, was not only a very friendly but answered all our questions and went beyond the call of duty to accommodate everybody in the van. We were so blessed to have him around. We have referred his to all our friends visiting Kenya Safari in the next couple of years.

Great Safari experience, lots of animals, great accomodations, good food
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My experience with Kenyasafariarcade was first class. I chose the fly in safari with two nights as the Entim Maasai Mara Bush Camp. The driver picked me up from my hotel in the AM and took me to Wilson airport, the flight is about 45 min to an hour depending on what stop you are (they do 3-4 stops). The Entim camp was great, its is right along the river where zebras and wildebeest cross. Hippos come up and forage at night and you can here them grunting at night. We also has lions near the camp as well, very cool. The camp have Maasai guards to keep watch at night, so everyone is safe. Our driver John was awesome, he is very knowledgeable and knows where to find the animals. We saw everything we wanted to see except for Rhino which are very scarce in the Masa Mara anyway. But we saw lots of lions, cheetah, elephants, zebra, giraffe, hyena, serval, etc. We saw 4 cheetahs on the hunt up close and watched them take down a new born fawn. Hard to watch, but its life in the wild. We had front row seats on the hunt and the kill. John said we got to see something that most don't get to see. Very cool. The Entim tents are very nice, more like a hotel. They do shut off the power from 11 to 5 am to save power, but wasn't a problem since we were all asleep anyway. Wine, beer and well drinks were included which was nice to unwind with a beer or glass of wine at night. The food was delicious and gourmet like. I am really not a person that sits down for gourmet meals, but they do that at Entim, it would be great for couples and families that like to have sit down meals. As a solo traveler, I really wasn't looking for that, just quick meals, but the food was delicious nonetheless. The safari vehicles where 4wd land cruisers which I definitely recommend. It was very wet and a 4wd van would not have been a good choice. In fact, I would definitely recommend getting a package where the guides are local to the camps and not from Nairobi. The local guides know the areas much better and the local camps use the land cruisers. I also did the visit to the Maasai village, it was okay, but I probably wouldn't do it again. It cost $30 and at the end they take you to their trinket stands to buy stuff. Its optional, but I felt sort of obligated to buy something. Make sure you haggle, the starting prices are way too high. You should get it for at least half of what they start at. After my safari, I had a half day in Nairobi so I paid $70 extra to be driven to the Giraffe Center and Blixon house. The Giraffe center was fun, but its a quick trip. You can feed the giraffes up close and take pictures, its fun. I found the Karen Blixon house interesting since I am a fan of the movie Out of Africa, but if you aren't a fan, you might find it a little boring, but I really liked the tour. Overall, it was a great trip. I was going to do the driving tour from Nairobi, to Masa Mara for 2 nights, and then 1 night at Lake Nakura, but I changed to the 2 night fly in trip to Masa Mara at the last minute. One recommendation I would make is to bring small denominations of US dollars on the trip. I was able to use the ATM in Kenya but they only give you 100 bills. Its hard to find change in country, so plan ahead and bring a lot of 1, 5 and 10 with you. Much easier for tipping and haggling at the markets, etc. By the way, the only reason I gave birding a 4 is that we really weren't looking for birds, we saw a lot, but its not really what I was looking for.

Amazing. Dream come true. With axis safaris
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This was absoluut,a dream come , true for my .
Kenya you not a visitor , you become part of the culture ,scenery and the wildlife
5 days 4 night was amazing with the standard visiting points , with an high light around every corner

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4 days Masai Mara-Lake Nakuru and Lake Naivasha. We choose this safari experience between many others and we were incredibly lucky. We saw the big 5 and a lot of other animals, most of the times from a close view surrounded by this incredible nature! Our guide was perfect , he had always found the best spots, explained us many things and menaging all the other aspects of the tour.

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Nairobi is nice, well developed. The road to Massai Mara was difficult because of traffic and rain. Massai Mara is amazing, beautiful land escape and perfect to see the cats.
The safari package was good for the price. Good enough accommodation, food and car for the price. The staff was very friendly and helpful. Because of the rain the lodge tent had mold and I am very allergic, so I advice to bring medicine. Several safari guides from different companies did not respect the park rules to leave the animal quiet and harasses them getting to close or making noise with the car engine to awake them. I hope this behavior from several guides from different companies improves in the future.

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